RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoF I
Extent60 volumes
DescriptionIn these volumes are registered all instruments issued by the Faculty Office, with the exception of marriage licences which became a separate group after 1575. The muniment books also include records of the appointment of officials, some memoranda on changes in procedure, and royal marriage licences until the mid-nineteenth century.
The entries are in chronological order except in the earlier volumes where registration is at random and where a study of the original fiats has shown that some omissions have been made. By 1800 the entries are complete and a strict chronological order is maintained. The sixteenth century volumes are in a summarised form: in the remainder, up till 1845, the instrument is written out in full. After this date the volumes consist of bound draft faculties on printed forms.
Note gap between 1679 and 1691.
LanguageIn Latin to 1733; thereafter in English
FindingAidsF I/Vv, F I/A: published calendar [D.S. Chambers, Faculty Office registers, 1534-1549. A calendar of the first two registers of the Archbishop of Canterbury's faculty office (1966) (includes dispensations to the ex-religious to live as secular priests and to hold benefices, and for to various impediments to marriage)]. This (pp. xi-lxv) includes an introduction to the records; the Papal background to dispensations; the faculty administration; dispensations issued by the Faculty Office (including marriage, benefices - plurality and non-residence, ordination, eating in Lent, capacities for the regular clergy to hold benefices or leave religion); financial aspects of the Faculty Office.

F I/A-B: manuscript index (W. Harvey, 1847) [muniment books 1543-9 and 1567-91]

F I/B-Z: card indexes [muniment books 1567-1593, 1660-1835]. TThe card indexes were apparently created by volunteers perhaps in the 1960s, and there are seemingly some omissions from the card index and therefore from the electronic catalogue. Data has been checked to 1700 and should be complete, but there may be entries missing thereafter. But the volumes also have their own internal indexes. Another list covered 1838-1843, now in electronic catalogue.

References to F I entries appear occasionally in other finding aids e.g. directories of medical licences; typescript list (covering c. 1539-1755) and card index to proctors and advocates.

The following sources contain information on medical licensing, and were used in Melanie Barber, 'Directory of medical licences issued by the archbishop of Canterbury, 1535-1775, in Lambeth Palace Library, part 2: Faculty Office Series Licences, 1535-1764' (typescript, 2000):
F I/Vv (1534-41), F I/A (1543-49), F I/C-M (1660-1765) [F I/B, covering the period 1567-1593, contains no recorded licences]
RelatedMaterialThe related F II series, where there are associated documents, may be more informative than an entry in the F I registers. Not all F II documents have a catalogue entry, but having found an F I entry, it should usually be possible to locate the associated F II documents.
PublnNoteWilliam Gibson, The history of Lambeth Degrees The Burgon Society (2019)
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