RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoEllison O/1/1/105
Extent239 ff.
TitleRoman Catholics
Date23 May 1973-6 Nov 1980
DescriptionCorrespondence deriving from Ellison's relationships with Roman Catholic clergy and lay people. The file includes letters and messages of greeting to and from foreign prelates and church leaders, such as André Fabre, founder of 'Les Avents', an ecumenical association based at Peyrégoux, Tarn, France, and Claude Dupuy, archbishop of Albi, who visited Ellison in 1976 and who had earlier helped arrange a twinning of the dioceses of Albi and Chester when Ellison was bishop there. Also included is material on visits from the archabbot of Pannonhalma, Hungary, Leo-Joseph Suenens, cardinal archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels (invited to preach in St. Paul's Cathedral during the week of Christian Unity, 1976), and Laszlo Lekai, cardinal archbishop of Esztergom, primate of Hungary; Ellison's representation of the archbishop of Canterbury at the funerals of Pope Paul VI and John Paul I (1978), including Ellison' detailed official reports; the election of Pope John Paul II; relations with the Catholic Church in England, including Ellison's statement on behalf of the Church of England following the death of John Heenan, cardinal archbishop of Westminster (1975) and subsequent correspondence with his successor, George Basil Hume.
ArrangementThe file contains subfiles as follows: ff. 1-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, 29-37, 38-45, 46-65, 67-103 (including 73-76 and 81-82), 104-112, 114-116, 117-124, 129-132, 135-144, 145-148, 156-172, 178-180, 183-189, 190-194, 196-199, 207-208, 211-219 and 237-239.
LanguageSome letters in French.

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