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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 8

-Letter dated 4 Jan 1897 from W. D Caroe to Sec ECE estimating cost of works at £4,550 and that £4,000 will be borrowed.” The works comprise entire re-drainage & sanitary work Hotwater & gas services…”
- Minute of meeting of 7 Jan 1897 of Board sanctioning a mortgage of £4,000 from Queen Anne’s Bounty to be repaid in fifteen annual instalments.
- Draft dated 14 Jan 1897 of scheme to be submitted to Queen in Council contains paragraph recommending that the Abp insure the archiepiscopal residence at his own personal charge against loss, or damage by fire for thirty thousand pounds. Refers to the proposed loan with a term of 20 years and previous loans of £2,000 and £600 to the Abp.
- Letter dated 14 Jan 1897 from Abp Temple to Mr Porter written from 51 Lennox Gardens SW. States does not intend to oppose Bp of Winchester’s proposal that tenants of Lollard’s Tower should pay for drainage works. However points out that Commrs obliged by Act of Parliament to maintain the buildings; that “the one thing which will keep old buildings standing longest is to get them to be inhabited” by preventing air from becoming stagnant and keeping temperature even. “in my judgment the Act of Parliament is best obeyed by making the place habitable and inducing people to live in it”.
-Draft dated 18 January 1897 of scheme to be submitted with note in Abp’s hand stating “approved except that a repayment of one fifteenth part every year seems inconsistent with a loan for twenty years see pages 4 and 5”.
- Copy letter dated 18 Jan 1897 to Abp explaining that repayments will not be due until the end of the second year and it was customary to make the term of the mortgage of “amply sufficient duration” to cover the yearly payments.
- Minute dated 21 Jan 1897 of meeting of General Board confirming sealing of scheme.
-Interview request slip dated 28 Jan 1898 from Mandeville B Phillips from Mr Lee re insurance of Lambeth Palace
- Report dated 4 February 1897 from Christian Caroe & Purday forwarding builder’s account for work to roof of Lollard’s Tower & preliminary work to the drains (£19/10/-)
- Account dated 4 Feb 1897 from D Charteris, Builder, Page St Westminster, for £58/7/6 for work to roof of Lollard’s Tower undertaken in 1896 certified by Christian Caroe & Purday at foot.
- Account dated 4 Feb 1897 from D Charteris, Builder for £19/10/- for preliminary drainage works undertaken in Nov 1896 certified by Christian Caroe & Purday at foot.
- Certificate dated 10 Feb 1897 from Christian Caroe & Purday authorising payment of £300 as first instalment of payment for drainage work to Joseph Norris & Sons of Sunningdale. Note at foot states amount of contracts to be Lollard’s Tower £320 & Morton Tower £329.
- Minute dated 11 Feb 1897 of meeting of Estates Committee authorising payments of above accounts.
- Interview slip dated 15 Feb 1897 Mandeville B Phillips on behalf of Mr Lee to enquire about insurance of Lambeth & Fulham.
- Receipt dated 15 Feb 1897 from D Charteris, Builder, Page St Westminster on Hudson & Kearns writing paper.
- Receipt dated 15 Feb 1897 from J. Norris & Sons, Builders, Sunningdale, Ascot on Hudson & Kearns writing paper.
- Cutting dated 2 Mar 1897 from London Gazette with report from Court at Windsor 26 Feb 1897 ratifying mortgage for Abp.
- Report dated 10 Mar 1897 from Christian Caroe & Purday. States that on 7 Mar a bird or a stone thrown from the Embankment damaged Archbishop Parker’s coat of arms in the north-west window. Lower third of window protected by a wire guard. Estimates cost of repair to be done by a first-rate artist as £7 and recommends protecting whole window with a wire guard at an estimate of £10. Repairs also needed to roof due to rain driven in by recent gale.
- Minute dated 11 Mar 1897 of Estates Committee authorising repairs to glass and roof and protection of window.
- Interview slip dated 13 Mar 1897 “from Q.A.B” [Queen Anne’s Bounty] regarding the mortgage.
- Letter dated 13 Mar 1897 from Abp from Lambeth Palace enclosing a certificate from Mr Caroe confirming that £3,000 had been expended on improvements as well as receipts for the work. Requesting repayment from Commrs. “Lambeth Palace S.E is now my address”. Note in red stating that the disbursement will be available once the agreement has been sealed by the Board.
- Certificate dated 13 Mar 1897 from Caroe stating that £3,000 had been spent (apart from works at Lollard’s & Morton’s Towers).
- Receipt dated 18 Feb 1897 from J. Norris & Sons for £500 with lilac penny stamp
- Certificate & receipt combined for £500 as Instalment No 1 signed both by Caroe on 15 Jan and Norris on 18 Jan 1897 with lilac penny stamp.
- Certificate & receipt combined for £500 as Instalment No 2 signed both by Caroe on 11 Feb and Norris on 11 Feb 1897 with lilac penny stamp.
-Certificate & receipt combined for £500 as Instalment No 3 signed both by Caroe on 18 Feb and Norris on 20 Feb 1897 with lilac penny stamp.
- Certificate & receipt combined for £1000 as Instalment No 4 signed both by Caroe on 25 Feb and Norris on 1 Mar 1897 with lilac penny stamp.
-Certificate dated 13 Mar 1897 from Christian Caroe & Purday authorising second instalment of £200 to be paid to Joseph Norris for drainage & sanitary works. Noted at foot that a balance of £349 remained.
- Copy letter dated 16 Mar 1897 to Abp explaining that the Mortgage Deed will be sealed at meeting to be held Thursday next and the monies would soon be available for disbursement after that.
- Minute dated 18 Mar 1897 of General Board stating Common Seal was affixed to Mortgage Deed.
- Typed letter dated 18 Mar 1897 from Joseph Aston, Sec & Treasurer Queen Anne’s Bounty to Sec ECE confirming that Messrs Coutts will pay to the Bank of England to credit of ECE £3993/9/0; the amount of loan less out of pocket expenses of £3/11/0 for stamps & engrossing as soon as receive authorisation from Commrs.
- Copy letter dated 19 Mar 1897 to Abp from Sec ECE informing him that the payment of £3000 can be paid to him the following day upon presentation of Banker or other agent with receipt duly stamped and signed.
- Certificate dated 5 April 1897 from Caroe authorising fifth instalment of £750 to be paid to Joseph Norris for drainage & sanitary works.
-- Certificate dated 5 May 1897 from Caroe authorising sixth instalment of £243/9/- to be paid to Joseph Norris for drainage & sanitary works.
- Receipt dated 10 May 1897 from J Norris & Sons for cheque (on paper watermarked Hudson & Kearns Grip Note London SE)
- Report dated 27 May 1897 from Christian, Caroe & Purday. States additional work had to be carried out as the drains “carrying off the water from the rainwater pipes” shown on old plans of Library did not exist. The rainwater pipes were “discharging their contents into the heart of the walls”. New external piping cost £59/7/9. Other work amounting to £9/13/0 relating to dangerous flue in Morton Tower including new grate in gatekeepers sitting room.
- Builder’s account dated 27 May 1897 authorised by Christian Caroe & Purday stating balance due to J Norris & Sons of £218/0/9
- Receipt dated 4 June 1897 (typed) from Norris & Sons for cheque for £288/0/9.
- Certificate dated 21 July 1897 from Abp Temple confirming expenditure on Library exceeding £125.
- Account dated 20 July 1897 for half year expenditure on Library to 30 June 1897 of £125/0/2 including £3/13/6 for coke and £104/18/0 for Librarian.
- Report dated 9 August 1897 from Christian, Caroe & Purday concerning work repairs to the leadwork of the lantern over the Library & dirty state of the W.C in connection with the Library & need for additional ventilation.
- Builders’ account from J Norris & Sons for £40/14/6 authorised by Christian, Caroe & Purday on 9 August 1897
- Certificate dated 21 October 1897 from Christian, Caroe & Purday authorising payment of £15/15/0 to James Powell & Sons, The Whitefriars Glass Works for repairing glass of North-West window in Library.
-Typed Letter dated 24 May 1898 from Clerk of the London County Council to Sec ECE regarding the possible acquisition of the grounds of Lambeth Palace as a public open space and requesting the views of the ECE on this matter.
- Copy letter dated 27 May 1898 from Sec ECE informing Clerk of L.C.C that the property of the grounds is vested in the Abp and would need to address His Grace. Note in red ink to ask Vicar of H. Trinity re. part of fields for School refce F430[or 8]06 and [St Mungo] refce F766365.
- Account dated 21 July 1898 for Library for £126/1/6 for half year ending 30 June 1898. Includes cost of attendant £10/12/0.
- Letter dated 7 October 1898 from Bircham, Samuel, Solicitors’ Office, Waterloo Station on behalf of London & South Western Railway asking whether there” would be any objection” to a possible compulsory purchase of land at Eastern End of Lambeth Palace grounds. Required to build houses “for the accommodation of the Labouring Class dispersed by works of the Company”.
- Copy letter dated 13 October 1898 stating that “the property in question is vested in the Abp of Canterbury”
- Report dated 30 November 1898 from Christian Caroe & Purday. States no repairs had been done to Morton’s Tower for at least 12 years. Head Porter has “executed s few repairs and done some painting at his own expense… Considerable dilapidation has therefore accrued to the house… the present occupants are very respectable and worthy people…. reasonable cause for pressing that some repairs should be undertaken”. Their specification has an estimate of £29/13/0. “The formation of the gateway is such, that the wind in certain quarters has great forces upon the gates, putting them out of control of a single man to open or shut”. Hinges have “been three times broken and upon more than one occasion the Porter has been injured”. Suggests balance weights at a cost of about £15.
- Minute dated 1 Dec 1898 of Estates Committee. Approved cost of repairs but alteration to gates not within the scope of the Order in Council.
- Report dated 18 December 1899 from Christian, Caroe & Purday concerning work undertaken by J Norris & Sons for the last 18 months at Lollards & Morton’s Towers. Abp himself has paid for painting & decoration of Morton’s Tower and new bookcases for the Library. Paper has watermark for Busbridge.
- Certificate dated 18 December 1899 from Christian, Caroe & Purday authorising expenditure to J. Norris & Sons for £65/12/9.
- Builder’s account file stamped 19 December 1899 from Messrs Norris. Detailed.
- Letter dated 29 January 1900 from Temple’s Chaplain [who?] on Lambeth Palace writing paper (watermark of St Andrew’s) sending missing vouchers to ECE.
- Cutting dated 17 Feb 1900 from The Athenaeum “directs attention to the danger of fire which exists at the Lambeth Library: No electricity or gas, no lights available during foggy mornings. “To supply this deficiency by means of an oil lamp or by a naked light is to court disaster, and would certainly not be permitted in the British Museum”. Either install electric light or forbid artificial light and close during a fog.
- Cutting dated 26 February 1900 from The Times. Abp handing over about 10 acres of Lambeth Palace grounds to be used as a public open space. Parks Committee of LCC “to undertake to lay out the ground for cricket and other games, to provide a gymnasium for children and a playing ground to which only women and children should have access….by providing a sufficient staff to regulate the use of it ...practicable to keep the field open to the free use of the public all day”.
- Interview slip dated 1/3/1900 {G mergell] re Lambeth Palace Field and Holy Trinity Vicarage
- Cutting dated 8 March 1900 from The Daily Graphic” South London’s New Playground with image. Lambeth Field “The chief beauty of the spot consists of the interesting view of the buildings of the Palace and gardens. There is a pond which may possibly have formed a portion of the moat, and the ancient enclosing wall of the Palace can be traced all along the western side of the field… If the ground is prettily laid out and well planted it will form a charming park for this very dreary part of the metropolis” “Howley’s idea was to revive the medieval appearance of the Palace and chiefly owing to an unintentional circumstance he to a certain extent succeeded, for the softness of the stone which he employed has resulted in the whole assuming an ancient appearance from decay and discolouration” Gardens separated from “The Field” by a fence of iron hurdles and the remains of the old brick wall.
- Minute dated 15 March 1900 of Board of ECE. Abp explained terms of proposed agreement with LCC. Resolution passed that a letter should be written to the LCC calling attention to fact that arrangement “has been made by the Abp personally and not in conjunction with the Eccl. Commrs…that the arrangements hold good only during the present tenancy of the See of Canterbury and ……that the land in question has in no sense been alienated from the See of Canterbury or from the disposal of the occupant of the See for the time being”
- Voting record dated 15 March 1900 showing 9 for resolution concerning Field Adjoining Lambeth Palace and 3 against.
- Page with reference to another file F78992 relating to purchase by Abp of part of Glebe of St Mary’s Lambeth to form an Entrance to the Fields.
- Note dated 14 [Jan] (watermarked Antique Parchment Notepaper) “Please send to ask Mr Lee what Lambeth Palace is insured for & in what office or offices. Annotated with notes in pencil “County Fire paid to 25 March 97 £22250 contents 2400” “Hand in Hand paid to 30 Apr 1902 £2000 2100 H & C 1400 “ “ Messrs Lee & Co have not had copy of insurances in [?] Benson’s time “ Further notes suggesting that smaller sums relate to Palace & 1400 to horses & carriages.
- Note at end of file “For appointment of Surveyor under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act Dec 1896 see File No 1007. For papers relating to the Salary of the Librarian see Special Part of File No 28973”.

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