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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 7

- Letter dated Jan 6 1890 from Rev St. Clair Donaldson, chaplain to Abp Benson, sent from Addington referring to certificate of expenditure for including £6/10/6 on binding.
- Bill dated 10 Dec 1889 from Evans & Witt Binders, 12 Giltspur St for £6/10/6 for binding.
- Estimate dated 16 April 1890 from Holland & Hannen, Duke St for work to ironwork of windows at Lambeth Palace totally £37/15/- for approval of Abp.
- Letter dated 21 July 1890 from Ewan Christian forwarding accounts for plumbing and repair work undertaken in 1888 for Library.
- Bill dated 28 Aug 1888 from Doulton & Co, Lambeth Sanitary Engineering Works for £77/16/2 for installation of a “Doulton’s Blue Acanthus Combination Closet with special hinged rear seat arranged to rise automatically when not in use” also “one Doulton’s angle lavatory with fancy tip-up basin…”. Detailed description covering three pages of inside and outside drainage work including difficulty of connecting with no knowledge of position of stop cock.
- Bill dated 5 nov 1889 from D. Charteris, Builder. Page St for £4/2/1 for work relating to Library installation & repair to roof of Library.
- Report dated 25 July 1890 from Ewan Christian stating that the old Guerney stoves would need replacing at an estimated cost of £55.
- Letter dated 25 July 1890 from Kershaw to Christian informing him of the state of the old stoves & requesting that the work should be done in August.
- Minute dated 31 July 1890 from Estates Committee sanctioning expenditure on stoves.
- Library account dated 31 Dec 1890 includes expenditure of £8/15/6 on attendant, £3/14/8 on coke and £3/15/- on book boxes for Rolls.
- Bill file-stamped 14 Feb 1891 from Holland & Hannen for £46/3/- for work to ironwork of towers and Library as well as windows.
- Receipt dated 13 July 1891 for £9 signed by S H Wormleighton for attendance in library.
- Bill file-stamped 4 Aug 1891 from W.C.Parkins & Son, Stationer, 2 Church St for £-/9/6 for printing 250 Rules for Library.
- Bill file-stamped 4 Aug 1891 from Vacher & Sons, Stationers, 29 Parliament St for £-/8/6 for envelopes and notepaper.
- Bill dated 7 July 1891 from Charles Gothard & Company, St Pancras Station for £8/16/- for “gas coke” (Jan to April).
- Report dated 16 Dec 1891 from Ewan Christian regarding the dilapidated state of the large stained glass window in the Library “the recent gales have clearly shown that thorough repair is now needed”. Abp objects to removal of glass from premises so releading to be done in the Post room next the Chapel.
- Library account dated 31 Dec 1891 includes £4/5/- for oak book case.
- Bill dated 17 Dec 1891 from Evans & Witt, 12 Giltspur St for £3/9/- for binding.
- Report dated 27 July 1892 from Ewan Christian confirming the completion of the work to the stained glass window and the cost. Also refers to urgent structural work undertaken to stonework of Western Gable & parapet over Muniment Room. States that lead roof over Lollards Tower must be relaid at estimate from Mr Charteris of £63.
- Bill dated 14 July 1892 from Pepper & Boyes, Stained Glass, 374 Euston Rd for £26/-/8 for repairs to stained glass. Includes “altering position of Ancient Stained Glass centres as requested by His Grace” & includes use of “Ambetti tinted sheet instead of white sheet by his Grace’s request”.
- Further bill dated 8 Aug 1892 from Pepper & Boyes for £1/2/6 for repairs including window “in Librarian’s private portion” approved by Ewan Christian.
- Report dated 20 Dec 1892 from Ewan Christian summarising repair work to Buildings adjoining Lollards Tower and actual cost. Repairs included rebuilding of Western Gable and parapets of Entrance Gateway & Muniment Room. - Bill filestamped 21 Dec 1892 from David Charteris, Builder, Page Street for £245/16/4 for “work done in various repairs to the Lollards Tower, Library and inner archway”.
- Minute dated 12 Jan 1893 of Estates Committee approving payment to Charteris.
- Bill dated 22 Dec 1892 from Evans & Witt Giltspur St for £5/7/9 for binding.
- Report dated 26 July 1893 from Ewan Christian relating to two bills for glazing undertaken by Pepper & Boyes for renewal of windows in Lollards Tower “in portion of building now occupied by the Bishop of Salisbury” and for new casements in the Muniment Room over the archway.
- Bill dated 18 July 1893 from Pepper & Boyes, 81 Endell St for £19/10/6 includes “unstopping from old work 2 painted ovals & old tinted Squares & replacing with new work”
- Bill dated 19 July 1893 from Pepper & Boyes Endell St for £23/15/6
- Letter dated 30 Dec 1893 from Ernest Ridge, Chaplain sent from Addington Park forwarding papers to Alfred de Bock Porter, Secretary ECE.
- Bill filestamped 28 July 1894 from Charteris, Builder, Page Street for £13/1/- for repairs in Secretary’s office over Gateway in the Morton Tower and to flooring & doors in Lollards Tower.
- Bill dated 24 Oct 1894 from Pepper & Boyes for £4/6/6 for reglazing & repairing windows & casements in Morton’s Tower.
- Bill filestamped 15 Mar 1895 from Charteris Builder Page Street for £15/7/9 for repairs to roofs of Morton Tower & Library.
- Letter dated 2 Apr 1895 from Abp Benson to Mr Porter requesting accounts and memoranda relating to recent repairs “to this fabric”
- Copy of report dated 17 Nov 1893 from Ewan Christian certifying repairs to stonework at Lambeth by Messrs John Shillitoe & Son Builders from Bury St Edmunds and authorising the payment of the first instalment of £1000 with receipt acknowledged by Shillitoe on 21 Nov 1893.
- Copy of account from Shillitoe for £624/9/10 certified correct by Ewan Christian on 13 Feb 1895 for repairs to chimneys and turrets of central entrance, with note from Shillitoe dated 5 Mar 1895 for receipt of £400 on account.
- Copy of account from Shillitoe for balance of £562/7/11 certified correct by Ewan Christian on 9 Feb 1894 for repairs to chimney stacks, dangerous stones on parapets with note from Shillitoe for receipt of balance on 17 Feb 1894.
- Letter dated 20 June 1895 from Ernest Ridge chaplain to Mr Porter sent from Lambeth forwarding copies of paid bills.
- Copy of bill dated Dec 1894 from Charteris, Builder, Page Street for £57.61 includes relaying lead on Cramner Tower with note for receipt of payment on 14 June 1895.
- Copy of certificate from Ewan Christian dated 13 May 1895 confirming completion of work to chimneys and roofs at cost of £624/9/10 and authorising payment of balance of £224/9/10 with note from Shillitoe for receipt on 13 June 1895.
- Copy of account dated 13 May 1895 from executors of Ewan Christian for professional fees and commission totalling £127/6/9.
- Letter and account dated Dec 1895 from Charteris, Builder, Page Street for £-/18/4 for work to WC and service pipe in Stoke hole under Library.
- Letter dated 20 Dec 1895 from Abp to Mr Porter sent from Addington Park regarding defect in roof of Lollards Tower.
- Letter dated 24 February 1896 from Christian Caroe & Purday regarding two outstanding accounts.
- Bill dated 31 Aug 1895 from Doulton & Co for £2/6/3 for work to Lavatory & WC.
- Bill dated 11 Feb 1896 from London Warming & Ventilating Co Ltd for £4/4/6 for work to stoves & supplying “specially made coal vase”.
- Letter dated 4 Nov 1896 from Medical Officer for Health of Lambeth Vestry to Sec ECE regarding a notification of a case of Diphtheria at Lollards Tower. The Sanitary Inspector tested drains and reported them to be “in a very defective condition”.
- Report dated 24 Nov 1896 from Christian Caroe & Purday confirming that drainage unsatisfactory “undoubtedly dangerous to health”. Refers to two large brick sewers meeting in a chamber partly under the Lollard’s Tower as well as fact that all three W.Cs “deliver into the ancient Latrine shafts”. The lower chamber used to be flushed daily by tide, but no longer the case. Will need complete plans and tenders prior to providing an estimate.
- Letter dated 3 Dec 1896 from Medical Officer stating that nothing yet done and requesting a response.
-Letter dated 3 Dec 1896 from Frederick Temple to Sec ECE sent from Fulham Palace stating that Mr Caroe states that the drains at LP require “entire reconstruction” & that he wishes to make “some much needed improvements of a permanent character at the same time”. States that if can get Commissioners approval will borrow from the Bounty.
- Estimate dated 8 Dec 1896 from Christian Caroe and Purday for £728.
- Minute dated 10 Dec 1896 of meeting of Board of ECE agreed to stand the matter over.
- Letter dated 10 Dec 1896 from Sec Bounty Office to Sec ECE stating Governors provisionally approved a loan of £5,000 interest at £4 per cent.
- Letter dated 16 Dec 1896 from Christian Caroe & Purday to Sec ECE regarding a fresh tender. Cost will be reduced as have obtained permission to make an addition inlet for part of Palace drains to main sewer on Embankment. Also propose to fill up old sewers with brick rubbish topped with cement concrete rather than entirely of concrete. Tender from Norris & Sons of Sunningdale amounts to £350. Sanitary works to Morton Tower estimated at £329. Cannot just cleanse the old sewers and stop them at both ends as the soil around is soaked with impurities and will have to be removed under the requirements of the sanitary authorities.
- Minute dated 17 Dec 1896 of Estates Committee authorising work.

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