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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 6

-Letter dated 11 Jan 1884 from Montague Fowler, chaplain, enclosing summary of expenditure for half-year ending 31 Dec 1883 plus account for binding for £2/5/- to be paid “from the special fund”.
- Bill dated 3 Jan 1884 from T. Morris, Bookbinder for £2/5/-
- Letter dated 26 Mar 1884 from Ewan Christian concerning repairs to Lantern on roof of Library & leadwork & glazing of Lollards Tower as well as the stove for the Librarian’s room.
- Bill from Ewan Christian dated 26 Mar 1884 for £175/7/2
- Letter dated 12 July 1884 from Chief Commissioner Henderson, Metropolitan Police, stating that appears to be necessary to have a Police Constable “inside the grounds of the Palace during the whole 24 hours”. Requesting a payment of £2/10/- per week each for three constables.
-Copy of police report dated 5 July 1884 by J Brannan, Supt, Metropol Police, stating that since 7 April 1883 two P.Cs have been on duty “to prevent damage to that Edifice by explosives”. No one on duty from 7.30am to 4.30pm and recommends that duty “should be continuous for 24 hours” due to visitors, back yards of houses “inhabited by not too respectable class” abutting on two sides of grounds, plus cricket club and school treats afford “additional facilities for carrying out any mischievous idea”.
- Bill dated 22 Jul 1884 from T. Morris bookbinder for £8/9/4
- Minute dated 24 July 1884 of Estates Committee stating that after consultation with Abp have written to Chief Commissioner stating that “any needful provision for the safeguarding of the Palace should be made at the public expense”. - Copy of letter dated 24 July 1884 from Sec ECE to Chief Commr stating that Lambeth Palace under the control of the Abp; Library open to the public 5 days a week, also Public Infant School and Young Men’s Institute within Precincts. Public visit principal apartments, Chapel, Library and Towers “as monuments and objects of historical and antiquarian interest”. Abp pays rates and taxes and entitled to police protection. ECE no funds. Provision should be at public expense “as they presume is being done in the case of the chief Historical buildings of the Metropolis”. - Letter dated 2 Jan 1885 from Ewan Christian regarding repairs to stoves which had “got into bad condition”.
- Bill dated 31 Oct 1884 from London Warming & Ventilating Co for £14/12/-
- Bill dated 26 Aug 1885 from Geo.Shaw Builder for £14/12/3 for repairs to roof and lead light soldering.
- Letter dated 6 March 1886 from Montague Fowler, Chaplain on behalf of Abp stating that the roof of the Morton’s Tower required repair. Leaked into room below in West Tower during snow or heavy rain. Note added to instruct Mr Christian to attend to the matter. - Note dated 5 May 1886 from Ewan Christian to Mr Lichfield estimating repair’s to porter’s lodge £55 and improvements £25. Pencil notes on reverse.
- Letter dated 30 April 1886 from Abp at Addington regarding condition of floor of Lower Room of Morton’s Tower. Wrote to Mr Christian on 9 April (as had been told to do so regarding a previous repair of the Tower). Men immediately began work but without him receiving any answer. Requesting that necessary instructions be given in response to request from Mr Christian if falls within maintenance of Tower.
- Letter dated 29 April 1886 from a Mr [Purday] on behalf Mr Christian regarding instructions for renewing floor of Porter’s kitchen & painting & whitewashing his rooms.
- Minute dated 6 May 1886 of Estates Committee authorising the work to the Porter’s Lodge. Note on reverse states painting & whitewashing not within ECE authority.
- Letter dated 8 May 1886 from Montague Fowler at Addington with report from Mr Greaves of work required in Porter’s Lodge.
- Letter dated 9 Dec 1886 from Currey Holland & Currey to Pringle wanting permission to see the Survey of the Manor of Dalston at Lambeth Library urgently in connection with litigation between the Duke of Devonshire and Corporation of Carlisle over a fishery in the river Eden. - Bill dated 2 Jan 1886 from George Box Ironmonger for £1/5/9 for work to piping
- Bill dated 20 Aug 1886 from T Morris, Bookbinder for £5/0/9
- Bill dated 18 Oct 1887 from T Morris, Bookbinder for £3/7/0 mainly for rebacking.
- Bill (damaged so incomplete) dated 20 April 1887 for £-/18/3 for work to lead lights
- Certificate dated 20 June 1888 from Ewan Christian certifying repair by Pepper & Boyes to glazing of Library at cost of £1/7/6
- Certificate dated 20 June 1888 from Ewan Christian certifying repair by B.E. Nightingale, Builder, to great roof and air shaft for stoves at cost of £20/18/8
- Certificate dated 20 June 1888 from Ewan Christian certifying repair by D. Charteris, Builder to windows of Library at cost of £3/16/1
-Certificate dated 20 June 1888 from Ewan Christian certifying repairs by George Shaw, Builder (deceased) to Morton & Lollards Towers at cost of £104/5/0
- Bill dated 14 Dec 1888 from Evans & Witt, for binding Longley M.S.S for £4/12/0
- Letter dated 4 Feb 1889 from St Clair Donaldson, Chaplain. Usual request for payment of expenses.
- Bill dated 20 June 1888 from George Box, Ironmonger for £-/6/6 for work to Library casement
- Bill dated 16 Nov 1888 from W.R. Shrivell. Medieval Metal Works, Gas & Hot Water Engineer for £2/9/6 for work to stoves including use of asbestos
- Undated note from Abp requesting payment for Ireland’s bill which had thought had been sent for settlement previous year.
- Bill dated August 1888 from J. Ireland for binding £1/19/9 noted paid 6 Aug 1889.
- Bill (damaged so incomplete) dated 11 July 1889 from W B Wilkinson & Co for laying Granite-Concrete paving with Portland stone kerb for £8/15/0

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