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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re The Library re Lollards Tower re Cardinal Morton's Tower re The Water Garden, Walls and Terrace part 5

- Printed copy of Order in Council 1869 annotated “the order of 1880 increased the annual payment but left other provs of the order in force”
- Letter dated 15 Jan 1880 from a Mrs Williams, Edgeworth Cottage, Clifton Road, Wallington, Surrey, regarding the sale of part of her late husband’s library to Mr Kershaw for Lambeth. She was given 12 guineas which was 3/- per volume. She is without means and it is “a serious matter” to her. She was negotiating with a bookdealer for the whole library, but now that the “most important and expensive” have been removed she will have to sell at a “serious loss”. List of books enclosed. Note in red ink stating Commrs have no authority to interfere”.
- Letter dated 3 Mar 1880 from Kershaw, Librarian stating that Abp has “revised rules” “under consideration”.
- Letter dated 7 May 1889 forwarding Abp’s “proposal as to the new arrangements”
- Memorandum stamped 7 May 1880 summarising existing provision and proposing (1) Hours be extended to Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 10 o’clock am to 4 o’clock pm and from April to July till 5 o’clock pm and during the forenoon of Tuesdays. (2) Books may be lent out to Clergy and Laity of Diocese of Canterbury… and to persons residing within ancient parish of Lambeth…borough of Southwark and City and Liberties of Westminster.
- Copy of draft dated 13 May 1880 of scheme to be submitted to Her Majesty in Council sent to Abp for approval. Includes an increase of £100 per year.
- Letter dated 28 May 1880 from Kershaw to Pringle forwarding Abp’s approval of new Regulations. Also enclosing Mr Stuart Moore’s account for arranging the rolls and charters “entrusted to him by your Estates Committee in a letter dated 26 November 1877”. Abp has approved the “elaborate Catalogue”. Account in excess of estimate; “the labour of examining each document and making a good Calendar thereof, cannot always be estimated to a precise pound”.
- Letter dated 17 Feb 1880 from Stuart Moore & Kirk to Kershaw “we made a very bad estimate…a source of serious loss to us…. we suppose we must bear the loss, unless the Commissioners think fit to grant us some extra remuneration”.
- Bill dated 17 Feb 1880 from Stuart Moore & Kirk, Record Agents for £89/5/- for work from 1878-1880 countersigned by Tait and Kershaw.
- Minute dated 3 June 1880 of Estates Committee approving payment to Stuart Moore & Kirk noting that £10/10- being treated as an extra allowance.
- Minute dated 3 June 1880 of general meeting of ECE applying Common Seal to scheme relating to Library at Lambeth Palace.
- Extract from London Gazette dated 2 July 1880 with order in Council of 28 June 1880
- Letter dated 7 July 1880 from Kershaw to Secretary ECE enclosing copy of new regulations approved by Abp and stating that “the New Rules have been in operation from the 1st of July”
- Copy of regulations file-stamped 7 July 1880 with alterations in red ink.
- Minute dated 7 July 1880 of Gen Meeting of Board of ECE confirming approval of the regulations.
- Letter dated 1 Dec 1880 from Ewan Christian to Sec ECE stating that Gurney stove needs repair & cleaning after 10 years at cost of £6/13/6. Considers this might be authorized.
- Minute dated 2 Dec 1880 of Estates Committee authorizing expenditure on stove.
- Account of Library Expenditure dated 13 Jan 1881 for half year ending 31 Dec 1880 for £128/9/10. First statement to include increased salary for Librarian of £100.
- Printed card of Library Regulations stamped 28 January 1881
- Bill dated 31 Jan 1881 from London Warming and Ventilating Company for £7/0/0 which included 6/6 for repair of second stove.
- Letter dated 27 June 1881 from Kershaw to Sec ECE regarding a bill to be paid for repair to library roof damaged in “great storm of January last”. Mr Belham was “on the spot” so instructed as the “water had penetrated to the floor”
- Bill for Jan and Feb 1881 from S Belham & Co Builders 155 Buckingham Palace Road for repairs for £3/10/- countersigned by Abp.
- Minute dated 21 July 1881 of Estates Committee authorising payment.
- Letter dated 19 Feb 1882 from Ewan Christian referring to account for a complete repair to the second stove in the Library.
- Bill dated 4 January 1882 from London Warming & Ventilating Company for £6/14/6
- Printed prospectus for “Studies in Lambeth Palace Library” by Kershaw with introduction by Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins. Limited edition of 350 copies 7/- before publication, 9/6 after. 12 copies on Large Paper, Crown 4to £2/2/-/.
- Account of Library Expenditure for half year ending 30 June 1882 for £127/10/-
- Interview request slip dated 13 Jan 1883 from Rev Randall Davidson regarding Lambeth Palace Fields
- Letter dated 16 Jan 1883 from W.J.A. Large, Trinity Vicarage Lambeth to Sir George Pringle regarding the field in front of his house; the loss to the Schools for their “treats”;” loss to sick children “real liberty, not associated with rough element”; “owing to liberality of late Archbishop that the present clamour arises”; present fences inadequate; “is it right to despoil the Church… for a very doubtful good”; school in danger of being closed from inability to build an enlargement. Asks for £500 to be given or lent “we think we have even more claims at a time when you can afford to give so much”.
- Letter dated 18 January 1883 from [J WAKEFIELD] Clerk of Board of Metropolitan Board of Works to Sec ECE. Refers to resolution of Vestry of Parish of Lambeth and request for Act of Parliament “enacting that the grounds of Lambeth Palace, now used for pasture and recreation grounds, may be severed from the A of C’s town residence and handed over to this Board for recreation grounds for the people at large”. If Queen and the Government assent “the Board will be prepared to put it into proper condition for that purpose and to hand it over to the Vestry to be maintained in perpetuity by them”. Asking for views of ECE “as to whether the desire which has ben expressed …can be carried into effect”.
- Minute of meeting of 18 January 1883 of Estates Committee agreeing reply
- Copy of letter dated 20 January 1883 to Clerk of Metropolitan Board of Works stating that the field in question is vested in the See of Canterbury and that ECE no power. If a sale were agreed by Abp and Queen would be carried out under existing Acts of Parliament. ECE would be limited to “consideration and approval of the transaction”.
- Letter dated 19 January 1883 from Kershaw enclosing usual certificate but signed by the Executor of late Abp: Rev Randall Davidson.
- Interview request slip dated 24 January 1883 from Rev Randall Davidson relating to Lambeth Palace Grounds.
- Copy letter dated 25 January 2883 to Rev W Large explaining that the matter will rest with the Archbishop Designate.
- Letter dated 8 March 1883 from Randall Davidson regarding payment 2 items on an enclosed account which relate to the fabric repairs. Note on reverse to show it to Mr Christian.
- Extract from account of Belham and Co, Builders, dated Xmas 1882 for £14/1/4 for work to glazed lights and ventilation.
- Minute of meeting of 15 March 1883 of Estates Committee resolving to pay account.
- Letter dated [1] April 1883 from W Stephens requesting permission for a cricket club to use Lambeth Palace grounds “having heard that you let out the grounds at Lambeth Palace for cricket”.
- Copy letter dated 6 April 1883 to Mr Stephens stating that he needs to apply to the Abp.
- Copy letter dated 26 May 1883 to Abp explaining procedure for claiming payment for the Library
- Letter dated 2 June 1883 to Pringle from Rev Montague Fowler thanking for letter regarding repairs and stating that Abp thinks desirable for Mr Christian to “make an early examination of the condition of the Tower”.
- Letter dated 27 June 1883 from a Mr Purday for Ewan Christian stating that the defective gas lamp is in the carriage road within the Morton gateway and belongs to Abp not ECE.
- Letter dated 26 June 1883 from Rev Montague Fowler stating that defects in gas piping beneath Morton’s Tower.
- Copy letter dated 27 June 1883 to Rev Fowler stating that only responsible for maintenance of fabric of Towers.
- Letter dated 4 July 1883 from Rev Fowler requesting payment for library rather than from librarian.
- Letter dated 23 July 1883 from Abp Benson stating that nothing provided for “preservation” since £800 in 1869; expenditure had reached £17/0/9 and “the Library allowance is not sufficient”; nothing allowed for new books; only been able to use one of the two stoves for the last two winters “on account of the expense…and the readers have suffered.. This winter a curtain was bought to moderate the draughts”. Asks that Commissioners defray the cost of binding for seven years and the curtain as well as some order to provide “firing enough”. Also encloses bill for repairing window of Morton’s Tower ...” blown in by the wind” and “ordered to be done under a misapprehension and without waiting for the surveyor. Any such case shall be reported hereafter in the first instance”.
- Receipted bill dated July 1883 and file-stamped 24 July from Widdicombe, builder, Kennington Park for new lead light £1/8/0.
- Note from Kershaw to Abp. Undated but stamped 24 July 1883 enclosing a letter from a reader. Mentions curtain has been made, but only as an “expedient”. Unable to lay matter before late Abp due to his illness.
- Letter dated 14 November 1882 from R Howlett to Kershaw concerning “the insufficiency of the warming arrangements”
- Copy letter dated 7 August 1883 to Abp. ECE will settle the binding expenditure as the late Abp requested in 1877 that £130 be set apart for meeting the cost of binding and repairing the books & MSS. The curtain and warming should come out of the annual allowance of £250. ECE will pay for the repair of the window. Suggests that vouchers for small repairs “not needing the intervention of the architect” should be sent once a year, in January.
- Summary of binding account Nov 16 1876 to Aug 24 1882 for £14/1/8. Firms mentioned: G Richmond, [J] Morris, J Jeffrey & Son

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