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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 4

- Bill for December 1874 from Tuckett for £18/2/- . All his Bills countersigned by Kershaw and Tait
- Librarian’s cash account July-Dec 1874 £75/0/2. Includes Mrs Lipscomb for cleaning, Mr Lipscomb carpentry, Attendants: Hodges & Nettlefold. Postage higher than previously
- Bill for April 1875 from Tuckett for £5/15/6
- Bill for April 1875 from Tuckett for £26/12/9
- Librarian’s cash account Jan to July 1875 for £75/15/10. Attendants: Gibbons & Nettefold Includes books purchased, blind and crockery.
- Bill for July 1875 Tuckett for £14/-/6
- Copy of letter file-stamped 3 Jan 1876 sent to Athenaeum “Valuable Books & M.S.S in Peril” signed by Henry H. Gibbs, A. B. Grosart and W. Maskell concerning use of Library as courthouse and safety of books
- Cutting 1 Jan 1876 from Athenaeum published version has title “The Lambeth Library”.
- Cutting 5 Jan 1876 from Standard on same page report of first case.
- Note in red ink stating that the librarian’s account shows about £4/[14]/0 spent in “other things than those covered by Order in Council reducing the legitimate expenditure to £74
- Librarian’s cash account July to Dec 1875 for £75/1/10. Includes £1/17/0 to Mrs Lipscomb for cleaning library, Gibbons attendant £4/17/5 and librarian’s expenses for visiting Cambridge to select from Canon Selwyn’s books for Lambeth.
- Particulars of expenditure file-stamped 12 Jan 1876 for £78/14/10
- Bill undated but file-stamped 12 January 1876 from Nixon & Son for £7/15/- for carpentry work in Library Feb-June 1875
- Letter dated 16 March 1876 from Henry Nevile to Secretary EC asking on behalf of Tait whether the books, manuscripts and buildings at Lambeth were insured.
- Minute dated 6 April 1876 of Estates Committee stating not practice of EC to “effect insurances” of any property. Board could not make any allowance unless included in the existing limit of £150.
- Copy letter dated 10 April 1876 from Henry Neville requesting that His Grace be informed regarding insurance
- Report dated 25 May 1876 from Kershaw, Librarian to Bp of Lichfield requesting an increase to the running costs of the library. Mention of Hon Curators, £800 for binding and repairs all expended, 180 books donated from Canon Selwyn’s Library but still purchases that needed especially reference books but ordinary expenses leave hardly anything for this purpose. Suggests that catalogue of MSS published in 1812 should be reprinted with additions; also unarranged charters require attention; publication of index of wills
- “Memorial” dated 29 May 1876 from Bp of Lichfield (Hon Curator) on reverse of last page of report endorsing the request and adding that perhaps consideration should be given to increasing the Librarian’s “small stipend”
- Letter dated 21 July 1876 from Henry Nevile. Routine request for payment for Library includes request about whether he should see to small repairs to the structure and forward accounts to EC.
- Librarian’s cash account Jan to July 1876 for £75/3/5. Attendants: Gibbons & Dicksee.
- Minute dated 27 July 1876 authorising payment of £75 and authorising Mr Christian to arrange repairs.
- Letter dated 2 Aug 1876 from Nevile to George Pringle confirming appointment
- Interview slip for Henry Nevile
- Letter dated 16 Nov 1876 from Nevile to Pringle enclosing bill from Belham & Co for repairs. Pencil note states that work was undertaken before Nevile wrote to EC but Mr Christian thinks it should be paid.
- Bill dated July 1876 from S. Belham & Co for £2/5/- for repairs to “Public Library” Oct 1875 to April 1876. Endorsed by Christian 17/11/76
- Librarian’s cash account July to December 1876 for £76/2/5. Less detail than previous years.
- Letter dated 30 June 1877 from Mr Christian regarding liability and stating that has declined to order repairs to manuscript room over entrance gateway as not covered by Order in Council. Pencil note saying small matter of money.
- Letter dated 9 July 1877 from Kershaw to Christian stating that the MSS had been in the room since Howley, Sumner and Longley. Public access only under special circumstances and accompanied.
- Minute dated 5 July 1877 instructing Christian to proceed with repair as no question part of library
- Copy of letter dated 13 July 1877 to Tait stating that repairs would be undertaken but requesting that he return any dilapidations money received from executors of Longley that relate to that part of the Palace. Paper embossed with Commissioners’ seal
- Librarian’s cash account Jan to June 1877 for £80/6/9. Includes Brown attendant 6/- per week and £3 for exhibition case.
- Letter dated 1 August 1877 from Kershaw to Tait. Mentions need to arrange and bind records and a need for a further £200 for binding and repair. Note on reverse “Handed in by the Archbishop of Canterbury”
- Minute dated 9 Aug 1877 of Estates Committee in response to Kershaw’s letter resolving that will request a copy of Kershaw’s previous report from Tait.
- Letter dated 17 August 1877 from Kershaw to Pringle enclosing report of 16 March 1877. Unarranged rolls & charter (loose in bags); report drawn up by Mr Horwood June 1876 presented by Tai to EC & included in Vol VI of Historical Manuscripts Commission. Mr Moore estimated cost of arranging, indexing and through repair £125; Binding MSS estimated by Tuckett at £80; Binding Books £50
- Cutting within report dated July 30 1877 from Daily Express “Ancient Documents at Lambeth Palace” refers to report by Mr A J Horwood from Sixth Report of Royal Commission
- Minute dated 15 Nov 1877 of Estates Committee approving expenditure requested in report.
- Librarian’s cash account July to December 1877 for £77/15/7. Brief.
- Letter dated 27 Feb 1878 from Tait from Addington to Pringle regarding repairs to windows in library. Pencil note attached stating that they can send it on to Mr Christian who has already directed his Clerk of Works to visit.
- Librarian’s cash account Jan to June 1878 for £78/8/11. Brief. Attendant now gets 7/- per week.
- 21 Feb 1879 request for payment of half-yearly account from Librarian, rather than Nevile (Archbishop’s agent) with no explanation.
- Librarian’s cash account July to December 1878 for £75/13/6. Mrs Lipscomb £1/16/2 Coke consumption increased to 6 chaldron
- Printed copy of Library Regulations file-stamped 22 Feb 1879 with impression of EC seal
- Letter dated 5 March 1879 from Kershaw to Pringle asking for form of certificate as it was at Addington.
- Letter dated 30 Jun 1879 from Kershaw to referring to enclosed memorial. Writing paper now has a design of a seal. Pencil note stating that payment could only be increased by a new Scheme & O in C.
- Report (memorial) dated 16 June 1879 from Kershaw. 11 pages, 5 by Kershaw followed by supporting statements from Scott Robertson (Hon Sec of Kent Archaeological Soc), Jenkins (Kent Arch Soc and Royal Soc Antiquaries) Henry Longley (son Abp Longley), late Sir Thomas Hardy, Sec Royal Academy, Lord Ebury and Beresford Hope. Includes list of more distinguished users of library; achievements, such as MSS being lent for “fac-simile”, 30,000 printed books. He suggests extension of both opening hours and days, loan of books (cites precedents of other cathedral libraries). Also section on “work to be done”. Willing to devote his whole time to it but would require an increase in salary. Includes an example of “more perfect” indexing.
- Bill dated 26 June 1879 from London Warming and Ventilating Co for £5/15/6
- Bill dated 18 April 1878 from George Shaw, Contractor for £7/3/5 includes 84lbs wrought sheet iron and 5 quarts Brunswick Black
- Minute of meeting of Board of EC on 16 July 1879. Resolved to obtain the opinion of the Attorney & Solicitor General as to whether a further scheme could be submitted.
- Minute of meeting of Estates Committee on 24 July 1879 approving the payment of the two bills
- Librarian’s cash account Jan to June 1879 for £75/14/2. Brief
- Letter dated 21 August 1879 from White Borrett & Co enclosing the legal opinion in response to previous instructions. Opinion given that EC have power to submit fresh schemes.
- Minute of meeting of Board of EC on 6 Nov 1879 reporting opinion and resolving that the matter should “stand over”
- Memorandum dated 10 Dec 1879 from Abp at Addington suggesting changes to the opening hours: on Mons, Wed & Fridays extend to 5 o’clock rather than 3 when necessary; on other days open at 10am for lending both to clergy and laity as had been adopted at Sion College, Canterbury, Durham & Lincoln; that and additional £100 per annum be granted for binding & gen maintenance of collection to be gradually undertaken; that the Librarian’s salary be doubled to £200 per annum.
- Minute of meeting of Board of EC on 18 Dec 1879. Resolved to refer Abp’s memo to Estates Committee. Agreed to increase in salary but prefer to continue present arrangement already approved by Order in Council with EC paying for binding from time to time on report of Abp. Recommends new scheme be submitted to Council.
- Minute of meeting of Estates Committee on 15 Jan 1880 adopted at Gen Meeting 22 Jan approving recommendations of Board of 18 Dec 1879.

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