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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 2

- Report of meeting of Estates Committee of 5 March 1868 Ecclesiastical Commissioners stating that Archbishop Longley had submitted copy case & opinion from Sir Randell Palmer & Mr Hannen and requested a few hundred pounds from the dilapidation money towards repair of books and improvements to the Library as well as £250 a year for the maintenance of the Library and the Librarian. Board see no grounds for departing from view already taken.
- Letter dated 17 March 1868 from Longley asking for consideration of report to be postponed to 26 March.
- Copy of report dated 27 March 1867 by [?F] H. Hood of the Public Record Office regarding the probable cost of binding books and MSS. Estimates would need skilled workman and 4 men (£400) and a boy (£26) with an allowance for £70 for materials would cost £490 per annum. Also “for a permanency” skilled workmen and a youth to operate on MSS at “£160 per annum besides materials.
- Copy of letter dated 21 March 1867 from Duffus Hardy , Deputy Keeper of Public Records to Archbishop Longley. Contrasts ease of using Lambeth with the British Library (it is often necessary to wait a considerable time” Refers to practice started by Archbishop Sumner of allowing “students of well known character” to “have the loan of M.S.S. at their own houses”. This had been extended by the current Archbishop to include scarce printed books. Praises the Revd Stubbs “There are unhappily in England but few places to which a learned, conscientious, and patient scholar can look forward as some reward for his services rendered to literature and commensurate with the abilities and qualifications which would be required of a Gentleman holding so important an appointment”. Alludes to “sad state” of some of the M.S.S suggests an annual sum towards binding and repair.
- Copy statement file- stamped 30 March 1868 made by Revd J Thomas, Librarian to Archbishop Sumner in May 1867. States that the only sum allowed was his salary which after Income tax was between £38 and £39 per annum. Nothing allowed for cleaning, surveillance during cleaning or whilst books being consulted and wear and tear of the books. Librarian needs to be a “man of good Classical and Theological education” and have time especially in the mornings. A stipend of £39 would only be acceptable to a man “possessed of private fortune or engaged in other duties”. Archbishop Howley’s librarian was “a gentleman of independent means”. Sumner appointed his domestic and examining chaplain…quite unsatisfactory as needed “to be from home with the Archbishop on Confirmation Tours” and attending the Archbishop “during a great portion of the year at his Grace’s Country residence”. When at Lambeth conflict between duties and Library. Had to pay one half of salary to Archbishop’s Secretary but not ideal either as often Secretary to other Bishops and legal engagements (neither the case with Sumner’s Secretary). Also had to take more form salary to give to Archbishop’s Clerk but not easy to superintend when writing out documents. Want of surveillance of cleaning even though “a most respectable person” employed. Secretary Mr Knyvett. Clerk Mr Hardy. “there was great reason for dissatisfaction with the system on which the Library was then concluded.
- Memorandum dated 26 March 1868, stamped 30 March from Archbishop Longley. Useful summary of the position to date and the need for better provision. Suggests funds from dilapidations for the repair of the books and £250 per annum for the Library. If the Commissioners agree with the Estates Committee the Archbishop will “preserve the contents of the Library for the use of his successors” but “will not consider himself bound… to provide for the use of the public of the Library”.
- Letter dated 6 June 1868 from Archbishop Longley from Ashford justifying his request for £250 per annum (£200 for Librarian’s salary, incidental repairs to books, stationery and other expenses £50). He offers to bear the cost of the cleaning and warming “as he profits by it as well as the public”. Mention made of repairs to Lollard Tower and Morton’s Tower that Commissioners “required to …keep in a proper state as monuments of antiquity”.
- Minute of General Meeting of Board of Ecclesiastical Commissioners of 18 June 1868. £250 rejected after division but did recommend that the Books and Manuscripts be placed under a proper state of repair by the expenditure of sufficient sums of money under the direction of the Estates Committee. Mention of organising public access.
- Letter dated 16 July 1868, stamped 24 July 1868, from Archbishop Longley to Lord Chichester recommending Mr Tuckett as “the best binder in London”.
- Letter dated [14] July 1868 from Mr Tuckett to Longley from 66 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury asking to be recommended to the Commissioners now that “the repairs are being removed from your Grace’s Patronage”
- Letter dated 28 July 1868 from Longley stating that wants successor to understand that he considers the sum assigned by the Commissioners to be inadequate. Mention of sum due to Commissioners under dilapidations.
- Draft memorandum undated file- stamped 30 July 1868 to Queen’s Council summarising scheme relating to the Library Dilapidations paid to Archbishop by Executors £214/5/2 has been handed over to Commissioners. £150 per annum to be paid to Archbishop for Library.
- Memorandum July 1868, stamped 30 July 1868 signed by Longley, expressing his dissatisfaction with proposed provision. Will have to either employ an unqualified to help the public or the literary zeal of some competent scholar to supplement a stipend insufficient to require attainments of the high order necessary for the post.
- Interview request slip dated 16 Sep 1868 from Francis B [Gourrier] from Bath, formerly rector of Bisley, Surrey regarding administration of the Library.
- Letter dated 23 Sep 1868 from Longley from Addington regarding dilapidations, mentions Mr Christian
- Bill file stamped 7 oct 1868 totally £10/11/11 for work done on large Library from May to Dec 1863. Has penny stamp. Mention of plumbers, guttering, glass, painting, work to lantern. Marked on reverse, Edgcumb[e]
- Bill file-stamped 7 October 1868 from Thos Nixon & Son, Builders, Lambeth with penny stamp for £3/3. Work done in repairs to the Library, mainly carpentry from May 1863 to Sep 1868c. Includes a step ladder for Manuscript Library 15/-
- Bill file-stamped 7 October 1868 from W Tate Wilson for £5/19/6 for work in 1863 and 1868, slating and masons.
- Letter dated 6 October 1868 from Longley from Addington summarising expenditure on fabric of Library, totally £19/11/8, leaving a balance of £194/14/2 for which he will send a draft.
- Interview request slip dated 4 March 1869 from Archdeacon Hale about payments to Lambeth Library.
- Letter dated 10 March 1869 from William Hale to J.J Chalk Esq stating that he has accepted the office of Honorary Curator and would like to know what can be spent in the year. Mr Kershaw appointed Librarian by late Archbishop but not yet received any remuneration.
- Letter dated 17 March 1869 to Mr Chalk sending cheque for outstanding £194/14/2 from executors of late Archbishop.
- Letter dated 24 March 1869 from Archbishop Tait to Commissioners stating that has instructed Mr Christian to proceed with repairs to Lollards Tower. “I am anxious …to apply the vacant rooms to some useful purpose”
- Draft of memorandum to Tait dated 25 March 1869 explaining that Estates Committee needs to know about dilapidations and any expenditure.
- Single sheet with figures: Lollard Tower £871/9/8, Gateway Libraries Room £52/6/0, Cardinal Morton’s Tower £1039/19/9, Crossed out: Wall between Water Tower & Cardinal Morton’s Tower £20 Total of three sums £1983/15/5
-Draft statement to Queen’s Council signed by Tait 15 April 1869. Very similar to earlier drafts.
-Further draft signed by Tait 22 April 1869
- Report dated 6 May 1869 by Ewan Christian to Sec, Ecclesiastical Commission concerning the repair of the Lollard and Water Towers. Roofs releaded under late Archbishop but buildings remain “in almost every part much dilapidated”. Undesirable to do more than necessary, suggests day work with measurements as work progressed. Ask builders for price and use Clerk of Works. Restore ancient work exactly but not necessary to interfere with work of more recent times. But if so dilapid[us] then revert to original form of construction. Mentions drawings – not present.
-Letter dated from Temple 15 May 1869 signed Collier, Coleridge and [?] rejecting scheme as does not state that payments are to be made from estates of See and requires more definite provision for access of Public.
-Letter dated 19 May 1869 from Henry Longley as one of the executors as to whether they still needed to obtain advice on dilapidations.
- Letter dated 21 May 1869 from White Barrett referring to case & original opinion
- Case & Opinion from White Barrett & Co given by Sir R Palmer and Mr Hannen relating to preservation of Lollards Tower and Cardinal Morton’s Tower and dilapidations
- Letter dated 21 May 1869 to H Longley sending copy of case which has been laid before Mr Mellish and Mr R [C] Turner
- Letter dated 26 May from H Longley to J Chalk asking for figures. Note on reverse with figures but states don’t know what Archbishop Longley spend on roofs of tower.
- Minute dated 27 May 1869 of General Board referring to the report of Law Officers of Crown and resolving that the matter be referred to Estates Committee.
-Minute dated 27 May 1869 of Estates Committee ordering a conference with Church Estates Commissioners and Mr Dugmore QC
- Report dated 27 May 1867 of Estates Committee summarising position, quoting legal advice from Mr Mellish and Mr Palmer and recommending that they commence a scheme for the preservation of the buildings. Reference to report from Mr Christian.
- Letter dated 29 May 1869 from Chalk to Longley regarding payment of balance due to Commissioners. Amount of roof repairs still unknown.
- Letter dated 8 June 1869 from Archbishop Tait to Chalk wanting reference to be made to Mr Christian’s report. Also ready to consent to the money being expended.
- Letter dated 9 June 1869 from Longley to Chalk stating roof repair was £82/5/6 leaving the balance to be paid of £1901/9/11. Letter marked “I have cheque”.
- Letter dated 10 June 1869 from Chalk to Longley acknowledging receipt of cheque from Coutts.
- Minute dated 10 June 1869 of Board adopting recommendations of Estates Committee
- Submission dated 13 June 1869 to Queen’s Council of scheme for Lollards and Morton’s Towers utilising balance returned by Longley’s executors, further expense will be defrayed out of rents & profits of the estates of See of Canterbury, confirming no liability for Archbishop.
- Memorandum dated 15 June 1869 file-stamped 21 Aug 1869 -opinion of law officers of Crown that scheme open to objection…does not state that payments are to be made out of the Estates of the See. Mr Hall gives his views “my opinion is that the objection is not sustainable”.
- Submission dated 29 April 1869 to Queen’s Council file stamped 21 Aug 1869 for cost of custody and maintenance of Library. Still £150 per annum. Balance from Longley placed in Common Fund.
- Memorandum dated 18 May 1869 file-stamped 21 August 1869 from Arthur Helps of Council Office, Whitehall to Secretary referring to Law Officers report and objection.
-Interview request slip dated 14 June 1869 from Archdeacon Hale
- Letter dated 30 June 1869 from Fisher, Chaplain on behalf of Archbishop Tait requesting the scheme for Lambeth Order in Council.
- Minute of 1 July 1869 of Estates Committee mentioning advice from Mr Charles Hall
- Minute of 15 July 1869 of Estates Committee authorising payment to Mr Hall of £60/5/6
- Submission dated 29 April 1869 to Queen’s Council with Commissioners’ seal
- Request for interview slip dated 19 July 1869 from L. H. Spooner
- Report of meeting of Estates Committee on 28 July 1869 adopted at General meeting 29 July 1869 referring to amended scheme for Library “give access during nine months in every year on not less than three days in each week and for not less than three hours each day”
- Memorandum dated 28 July 1869 from E. Harrison, Council Office, Whitehall referring to reconsideration of Lambeth Library Maintenance Scheme
- Copy memorandum dated 30 July 1869 to Archbishop Tait forwarding amended scheme for Library
- Letter dated 4 Aug 1869 from Mr Christian requesting 3 guineas for inspecting library and advising on repairs in June 1868

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