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TitleCanterbury Archbishoprick Lambeth Palace re. the Library re. Lollards Tower re. Cardinal Morton's Tower re. the Water Garden Walls and Terrace part 1

- Letter dated 19 March 1863 from Rev Thomas to Chalk requesting his salary for 1862 until Nov 26 when Mr Stubbs was appointed
- Copy letter dated 2 April 1863 from Chalk to Thomas saying ECE not liable for this payment
- Letter dated 15 June 1863 from Abp Longley requesting that the EC consider the expenses of the library “under his reduced means”, extols scholarship of Stubbs and states has asked him to draw up a memo regarding the present condition of the library
- Report dated 9 June 1863 from Mr Stubbs to Abp. Detailed description of the condition of the collections and lack of adequate catalogues. Printed books “have suffered both from the natural process of decay, and apparently from careless handling”, concerned that cannot keep dust from M.S.S. Attends two days a week, average number of visitors not more than four “principally on questions of genealogy, local antiquities and Bibliography”, much correspondence mainly general inquiries which due to the deficient catalogue “may occupy several hours”. A new Catalogue is urgently needed which could then lead to a rearrangement of books by subject.
- Fair copy of previous dated 16 June 1863
- Copy of letter dated 18 July 1863 to Abp requesting more information about the Library
- Letter dated 3 Aug 1863 from Abp from Cobham House enclosing report “ It will appear how constantly the Lambeth Library is spoken of as a “Public Library”..
- Report dated 30 July 1863 from Mr Stubbs with background information. Origin in Bancroft’s bequest of his “great and famous library” in 1610. Abbot secured it, had a catalogue drawn up and bequeathed his books. Sheldon, Tenison, Secker, Cornwallis, Manners Sutton and Howley followed his example. Abbot enforced on his successors the duty of preserving the books and making good any losses. After the “Great Rebellion” the library was transferred to the University of Cambridge, who returned it to Sheldon. Abbot” I will keep these books to the best of my power, safely as a precious treasure….” Dated 15 Oct 1612. First Librarian under Sancroft, great names amongst librarians: Gibson, Wharton and Wilkins. Public no right of access but “properly qualified persons” have had access for many years on first and third Monday of the month, closed in Long Vacation. He has attended on Monday and Wednesday in each week. Extracts from relevant documents appended; Bishop Bancroft in his will also bequeaths his maps and pictures in his gallery and papers concerning Church causes in his paper study and great study. The word “conservation” is used in Abbot’s instrument as well as a duplicate copy of the catalogue to be lodged at Canterbury.
- Fair copy of previous dated 4 Aug 1863
- Report of meeting of Estates Committee of 6 August 1863. “Evident …that in order to preserve the Library and Books in proper condition and to secure the services of a competent Librarian such as Mr Stubbs, considerable cost must necessarily be incurred…do not think the Commissioners have any authority for defraying this out of funds under their control”.
- Letter dated 15 Dec 1863 from Longley from Addington requesting return of Mr Stubbs’ statement.
- Copy letter dated 31 December 1863 from Longley to Sir George Grey requesting assistance from him and Lord Palmerston in introducing legislation empowering EC to pay the salary of the librarian and expenses of the Library
-Copy of letter dated 10 Dec 1863 from Duffus Hardy to Stubbs regarding condition of M.S.S in LPL
- Minute of meeting of Board of 14 January 1864 stating that a copy of the minute of 12 Nov 1863 stating that “the only legal impediment .. is the apparent absence of any authority” should be sent to Sir George Grey
- Letter dated 22 Jan 1864 from Waddington to Chalk asking whether the librarian’s salary was paid before from surplus revenues of the See & if so, why now a legal impediment.
- Minute of meeting of Board of 28 Jan 1864 stating that need to explain to Sir George Grey that the allowance of £40 per annum was passed during Sumner’s and Howley’s time. Only apparent once endowments vested in Board under Act of 1860 that was not a legal charge.
- Minute of Estates Committee of 22 November 1866 resolving that Mr Christian be instructed to inspect the Lollards Tower and Cardinal Morton’s Tower and furnish the Board with Plans & a report.
- Minute of Estates Committee of 29 November 1866 resolving that the Abp be asked if he had anything remaining from dilapidations of his predecessor for repair of the towers, the Library, the water garden walk & terrace at Lambeth.
- Letter dated 7 Dec 1866 from Abp at Addington stating that he had already instructed Mr Christian on the matter
- Letter dated 15 Jany 1867 from Abp at Addington requesting now half a year had expired from the date of the Act of Parliament charging EC with expenses of Library that Mr Stubbs be paid half a year’s salary & that he had yet to receive Mr Christian’s report. Unsure whether will be in Town “as somewhat suffering from cold”.
- Letter dated 16 Jany 1867 from Chalk to Abp saying that “a further conference” should take place
- Reference to file 33425 containing erection of fencing between entrance gate & new street
- Copy letter dated 23 Jan 1867 from Christian to Henry Longley with copy of Mr Pownall’s letter regarding dilapidations, totally £2218/1/3. Annotated with Christian’s figures, totally £2153/7/9 he suggests the difference “no doubt in the windows”.
- Report of Estates Committee from meeting of 21 Mar 1867, adopted at Gen Meeting 4 July 1867. Recommend pass a scheme for authorising an annual sum not exceeding £150 to cover the salary of the Librarian, cost of warming Lib, binding & repairing books & all other expenses apart from the repairs of the structure itself. Noted that there was a division with Lord Everley and Mr Mowbray wanting £100 rather than £150.
- Memo dated 28 March 1867 that the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in letter to Abp estimated that at least £1200 would be required to be spent
- Report of Estates Committee from meeting of 4 Apr 1867, adopted at Gen Meeting 4 July 1867 reiterating previous decision and rejecting request of Abp that the EC should apportion a specific sum to each of separate subjects by cost. “Feel satisfied that a small annual outlay would be quite sufficient for what is really required for the preservation for the books and manuscripts”
- Letter dated 11 April 1867 from Abp at Lambeth requesting a copy of the statement as to the expenses of the Library. He goes to Addington tomorrow.
- Copy letter from Chalk to Abp dated 13 April 1867 lists expenditure by Howley dated 1836 with annual expenditure usually at £40 apart from 1830-£70 and 1831 £47/6. Sumner’s annual accounts had £40 for “Salary to Keeper of the Library”.
- Minute of board of 4 July 1867 adopting recommendations on division; those voting against were Ap, Bishops of Chester, Gloucester & Bristol. Bangor did not vote.
- Copy of letter dated 12 July 1867 to Abp confirming the sum and stating prepared to submit scheme to Her Majesty in Council.
- Letter dated 17 July 1867 from Abp at Margate requesting that nothing be proceeded with regarding the Library until they hear from him. He is unable to be present tomorrow.
- Printed booklet “Testimonials in favour of William Stubbs MA Vicar of Navestock, and Lambeth Librarian all relating to being Candidate for post of Librarian at British Museum. Pp46 printed Strangeways & Walden
- Letter dated 20 Sep 1867 from H Edmonds to Chalk putting himself forward as candidate for Librarian. He was for over four years Librarian to the Duke of Wellington.
- Copy letter dated 24 Sep 1867 to Edmonds stating “that the appointment to that office is not at the disposal of the EC for E.
- Letter dated 30 Sep 1867 from Bourchier [sic} Wary Savile applying for position. He received an identical reply.
- Letter dated 22 Nov 1867 from W. J. Bullock requesting space within Lambeth Palace for the SPG “the inconvenience of distance from the West End of London could be quite counterbalanced by other advantages of the position. Encloses copy letter of 15 Nov 1867 from Abp at Addington which doubts “it would be possible to find space” without sacrificing the “antiquarian character”. “The Act of Parliament which transfers it to the EC requires them to preserve it as an Historical Monument of Antiquity”.
- Minute of Board dated 28 Nov 1867 resolving that explain to Abp & SPG that the premises are not vested or to be vested in the EC for E.
- Letter dated May 25 1868 from Abp at Addington sending opinions of the case put by him to Sir Roundell Palmer & Mr Hannen regarding return of dilapidations “the Commrs would feel themselves more at liberty to spend a portion of the sum on the repair of the Books in the Library….(1)they should allow a few hundreds of pounds out of the Dilapidation money to be expended in the repairs of books & the suggested improvements in the Library”(2) that they should by scheme allow a sum of £250 a year for the maintenance of the Library .. to make the best possible provision for a Librarian”
- Minute of the meeting of Estates Commission of 13 Feb 1868 ordered to consult solicitor.
- Printed copy of act of 10 August 1866
- Draft case settled by Estates Committee for the opinion of Mr Mellish & Mr Turner dated 25 Feb 1868. 1. ECE not limited to the previous scale of expenditure 2. May spend a capital sum or apply a certain increased sum for a sufficient number of years to make good these dilapidations 3. Commrs not bound to provide for use of Library by public but may make their payments conditional upon regulations which they lay down… being duly observed.
- Copy of case ex parte the Archbp of Canterbury for opinion of Sir Roundell Palmer and Mr Hannen. Annotated with corrections on page 2 by JJC
-Piece of paper interleaved on page 5 stating that the Commrs view does not rest on opinion ascribed to them “They do not consider that S7 of the Act empowers them to defray the cost of providing for the use of the library by the public”
-page 8 dated 18 January 1868 has opinion:
1. “Maintenance” means “preservation of the books in the way usual in libraries, repairing past dilapidations as well as providing against future decay”. 2. Commrs not limited to previous expenditure 3. Use of library by public should be provided for 4. 8th section renders it imperative to defray expenses of preserving buildings & Abps not liable 5. Abp not obliged to account for dilapidations but can not be applied for any other purpose 6. Scheme should include Commrs support for fabric, if not Abp would remain liable
- Case ex parte ECE re Library for opinion to White Burrett. Opinion of Mellish & Turner dated 25 Feb 1868. Same as draft above.
- Case Ex Parte the Achbp identical to copy above apart from cover which has costs; Sir R Palmer 5 guineas & consultation 2 guineas, Burder & Dunning 27 Parliament Street
- Memorandum undated of key documents and opinions some of which follow
-Letter dated 21 March 1867 from Duffus Hardy to Abp Longley
- Letter respecting Lambeth Library by Rev’d Thomas Librarian to Archbishop Sumner
-Estimate dated 27 March 1867 by Hood, Foreman, recommending workmen on site at an estimated cost of £490 per annum for the printed books and £160 for the MSS excluding materials.
- Bill dated August 1864 for repair work on Towers by W J Wilson £2/15/0
- Memorandum or letter possibly from Abp undated strongly worded about need for maintenance also stating that librarians in past were either descendants of the Abps, eminent men with other posts such as Ducarel or had private means such as Maitland.
- Bill titled Memo from Nixon builder for work from May 1863 to Feb 1866 totally £22/3/9, some other figures on reverse subtotalling £171/13/4 with final total of £2046/19/8
- Letter dated 30 May 1868 from Stubbs to Abp Longley stating that glad to hear hopes of Commrs as “seeing Lord Chichester’s rash utterance in which he gives his adherence to the Revision of the Prayer Book, I was not prepared for any sign of common sense from him. Considers once “books put in fair order” and MSS. “bound or put into cases” £50 a year would cover all incidental expenses apart from salary. Anticipates donations once library open.
- Incomplete copy of letter dated 18 Aug 1869 to Abp Tait enclosing copy of Gazette with Order relating to Library and Towers
- Cutting dated 10 August 1869 from London Gazette relating to Order in Council for Library
- Cutting dated 10 August 1869 from London Gazette relating to Order in Council for repair of Towers

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