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TitleLambeth Palace Library correspondence etc as to fixing Salary of Librarian 1863 to 1868
DescriptionCorrespondence relating to the cost of Lambeth library, including the salary of the Librarian and repair of books

- Request from Archbishop Longley in 1863 that in view of his reduced income the Commissioners pay the outstanding stipend of £40 due to the outgoing Librarian, the Revd Mr Thomas. He has appointed a Mr Stubbs as Librarian’s and further requests the Commissioners to fund the “necessary expences” of the Library including better remuneration for a qualified Librarian. He refers to the library as a “Public Library for the use and benefit of the nation”. The request was turned down on the grounds of lack of legal authority (after some correspondence). Reference to reports which are not included in this file.
- Reports of meetings which postpone the matter.
- Letter from to Langley dated 3 August 1863 of request from Government via Master of Rolls to publish Carew Manuscripts which mentions.
- Letter form The Archbishop to Sir George Grey, Secretary of State for the Home Department 31 Dec 1863 to ask for a measure to be included in bill. Refers to one tenth of the bindings being repaired during Archbishop Howley’s tenure and “the national importance of the Library, and the urgent need there is for prompt measures to prevent the valuable Books and M.S.S from incurring greater damage”. An Act of Parliament was passed August 1866: Act 29 & 30 Vict Cap III Sections 7 & 8.
The Estates Committee put a report to the General meeting of the Board on 4 July 1867 recommending a cost not exceeding £150 per annum to cover “salary…warming library..binding and repairing books “but not the structure. The resolution was adopted and confirmed 11 July 1867. The Archbishop requested that the Board not to proceed with the matter. He got an opinion of Counsel and tried to get the sum increased to £250. This was refused on 28 May 1868 on the basis no more than an average £120 had been spent during the previous forty years including the capital expenditure by librarian Dr Maitland of £1500 during Archbishop Howley’s time “from his own private resources in repairing the books”.

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