RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoDavidson 14
Extent460 ff.
TitleJournals and memoranda
Date1920 - 1924
DescriptionDAVIDSON (Randall Thomas), archbishop of Canterbury - Diaries and journals

Internal listing of contents:
46. March 2nd – Dinner at the Club
47. March 2nd – Visit to Lord Rosebery – the Durdans
48. March 14th – Summary of proceeding weeks – from Oct 1919 [weekend visit at Ludwell town Ted Talbot – Reunion talks] Reunion & difficulties – in Lambeth Conference – Education Conference with Fisher. Eastern Christians – European situation – our statesmen – Prince of Wales
49. May 16th – Preparations for Lambeth Conference – The Divorce Bill – International affairs Ireland. Central Church Fund
50. June 27th – Visit to Wales. Enthronement of Archbishop. Consecration of Bishops – lumbago – Lambeth Conference Bishops
51. August 15th – The Lambeth Conference

52. Feb 6th & 13th - Resume’ of preceding months;
The Welsh Church
The National Assembly
The Lambeth Conference
Moral Troubles
53. June 12th – The Patriarch’s visit & death, Ireland, Industrial Troubles, General Assembly Edinburgh
54. June 19th – Ireland; Polo;
54 (a) Einstein
55. June 26th – Ireland, the Kings Visit. The Kings financial position
56. June 28th – Ireland – Visit from McEgan (Cork)
57. July 3rd – Diocesan Conference; talk with Lord Stamfordham, Ireland; visit from Dr Bernard
58. July 6th – Interview with Mr Llewillyn Davie & Minister, Ireland
59. July 10th – Talk with Lord Stamfordham – Ireland
60. Jan 21st – St Margret’s Bay Meletios
61. June 18th – Reunion – Conferences with Nonconformists;
Religious Education in schools;
Visit to Leicester;
Easter at Wells;
Diocesan Conference;
61 (a). July 25th – Weekend at Farnham – County Council Buildings offered – Indian Hostel. Visit from Mr Spender – Dinner at Lambeth [] – Dinner at Lord Buihenheads, Breakfast with Lloyd George
62. Sept 12th - Cannera – Visit to Geneva – League of Nations Sermon – League Meetings etc. – Baveno Cannero
63. Oct 17th – Visit from Venizelos
64 Oct 22nd – Return from Italy. Mission of help to India; Reunion meetings; Canterbury engagements; Visit from Dr Abel; Political situation; Breakfast with Lloyd George; Archbishop Germanous. Visit to Chelmsford; Resignation of Lloyd George, talks with Lord Stamfordham
65. Oct 23rd – Luncheon with the King
66. Oct 27th – Long talk with Lord Curzon; Eastern matters
67. Nov 5th – Canterbury engagements; further note on talk with Lord Curzon – Mesopotamia
68. Dec 30th – Education; Divorce; Regius Professorship. Health
69. Feb 4th – Malines; Talk with Hensley Henson; National Assembly
70. March 18th – Malines, Dr Deissmann visit
70. (a) April 22nd – Easter Plans; Shakespeare sermon; Malines; Visit to Winsor
71. Aug 12th – Summary of preceding months – Mr Baldwin & Ecclesiastical appointments
72. Oct 28th – Holiday in Scotland; visit etc; Dalmeny – illness & death of Mr Elliot
73. Nov 18th – Summary of proceeding 3 weeks – Marriage of Crown Prince of Sweden – Armistice Day – National Assembly
74. Dec 12th – Political situation – Baldwin, Asquith – Ramsey Macdonald – Lunch at Mr Asquith’s. Talks with Lord Stamfordham; Baldwin
75. Dec 14 – Political situation – Talks with Lord Stamfordham; Geoffrey Dawson; St Loe Strachie
76. On MS Book – Jan 6th – Christmas at Canterbury; Dean Wace’s illness; political situation – Ramsey Macdonald’s position: talk with Lord Stamfordham
77. Jan 27th – Copy of letter to Bishop Talbot – Summary of events: political situation; new Labour Government
78. In MS Book – Feb 10th – Summary of Sir L Diblin & Vicar General; Ecclesiastical appointments & new Government; R Macdonald’s Pilgrims speech; visit to Lord Rosebery; Dinner at Lord Parrmoor’s to meet R Macdonald; Deanery of Canterbury; future talks with R Macdonald on Deanery question
79. In MS Book – Feb 17.24 George Bell Deanery of Canterbury
80. in MS Book – March 23rd 1942. George Bell in Canterbury: his institution & installation. Short summary; House of Lords; Prince of Wales; Italian Holiday.
80 (a) In MS Book – April 20th Florence – Italian Holiday; Italian politics etc.
81. In MS Book – May 4th – Weekend at Windsor; Canterbury School for Clergy – Royal Academy.
82. In MS Book – June 1st – Summary of events; interview with MR Hitchson; Wembley; Buckingham Palace Banquet; Kent Coalfields; talk with Ramsay Macdonald; Bishops Meeting; Wembley Empire Service; Personal reflection on age – retirement etc.
83. July 27th 1924 – Summary of preceding weeks. House of Lords; Liverpool; Lambeth Conference; Consultative Body; Personal Reflections on Resignation.
PhysicalDescriptionThis series (Davidson 12-16) comprises a mixture of typed and handwritten diary entries, some dictated: long narrative entries detailing several days of work and observations, with the location of entries sometimes noted; schedules of meetings; letters to Bishops; memoranda on specifics events, subjects and conversations

Volumes in this series contain dual numbering - both itemisation and foliation

Volumes contain internal listings of contents using item numbers
RelatedMaterialOther series of diaries etc are Davidson 560-583 (diaries and journals); Davidson 584-631 (pocket diaries); Davidson 632-652 (engagement diaries).
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15Davidson; Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson of Lambeth; Archbishop of Canterbury1848-1930
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