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TitleTheological Committee documents
Date7 January 1959-July 1963
Description1) A note on schemes of union, the ministry and forms of ordination, 7 January 1959, Edward C. Ratcliff (5 pp.)
2) Proposed Anglican revision of the Malayan Christian Council's commission's report on faith and order, 26 June 1959?, S. Holth and T. M. Oliver (3 pp.)
3) Malayan Christian Council - faith and order commission: draft of a suggested basis of agreement on which a plan of union could be prepared, 26 June 1959? (3 pp.)
4) Women and the priesthood of the Church, 29 September 1959, Eric Lionel Mascall (20 pp.)
5) Draft revision of the order of confirmation in the Church of South India, 1959? (5 pp.)
6) Schemes for church union (paper delivered to St. Albans diocesan clergy), 1960?, Lindsay Dewar (5 pp.)
7) Plan of church union in North India/Pakistan; scheme of church union in Ceylon, December 1960, Theological Committee (7 pp.)
8) Letter from Lesslie Newbigin, bishop of Madurai and Ramnad (Church of South India), to 'Father Dalby', 19 September 1959 (2 pp.)
9) Plan of church union in North India/Pakistan: CIPBC actions, 1958-1960, 4 July 1960, Archdeacon Sully (4 pp.)
10) Memorandum on church union in North India and Ceylon, 12 December 1960 [a hand-written note says this memorandum was discussed at Lambeth on 17 January 1958], Theological Committee (3 pp.)
11) Preamble to the plan of church union in North India and Pakistan adopted by the general council of the CIPBC, December 1959, 23 March 1960 (2 pp.)
12) Ceylon. Unification of the ministry; North India. Unification of ministries, no date, Derby committee (6 pp.)
13) A revised catechism - notes and suggested amendments, February 1961, Frederick Philip Coleman (7 pp.)
14) Consensus fidelium, July 1961, Lindsay Dewar (4 pp.)
15) Scheme of church union in Ceylon - proposals for the unification of the ministry - opinions from other communions: copy of a letter from Vladimir Rodzianko, archpriest of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Sava, to Hubert S. Box, 26 May 1961; extract from the Methodist Recorder, 11 May 1961; copy of a letter from Professor [Georges] Florovsky, Harvard Divinity School, to Trevor G. Jalland, 31 May 1961; opinion of a Dominican priest, [May 1961] (4 pp.)
16) The laity and the government of the Church (an extract from a memorandum submitted to the synodical government committee by Eric W. Kemp), 20 June 1961 (4 pp.)
17) The admission of non-Anglicans to communion, 20 June 1961, Eric Lionel Mascall (2 pp.)
18) Letters from Edward C. Ratcliff to Eric Lionel Mascall on the scheme of church union in Ceylon, June 1961 (4 pp.)
19) Proposed amendments to the revised catechism, 11 September 1961, Eric Lionel Mascall (4 pp.)
20) Report from Dr. Gerritsen to ILAFO [International League for Apostolic Faith and Order?] central committee on Munster conference, 11 September 1961 (2 pp.)
21) Provable by Scripture - article VI (memorandum by Dr. Hubert Box), 26 August 1961 (1 p.)
22) Catholicity: report on a conference held at St. Mary's retreat house, Salisbury, September 4th-8th, 1961 (9 pp.)
23) Memorandum on the decisions about relations with the proposed Church of Lanka, taken by the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury, 1 November 1961, Eric W. Kemp (6 pp.)
24) The faculty law and the ornaments rubric (report of a conference held at Elfinsward conference house, Haywards Heath, January 1962) (3 pp.)
25) The celebrant of the eucharist, 22 March 1962, T. M. Parker (7 pp.)
26) Synodical government 1962, August 1962, H. A. T. Bennett (5 pp.) (marked: 'Not submitted to Theological Cttee')
27) Draft statement on eucharist and unity, 31 October 1962, [Frederick Philip Coleman?] (3 pp.)
28) Statement on the eucharist and unity (revised), November 1962, [Frederick Philip Coleman?] (4 pp.)
29) The Church of England and the Methodist Church: a draft statement, July 1963 (12 pp.)

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502Ratcliff; Edward Craddock (1896-1967); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1896-1967
440Mascall; Eric Lionel (1905-1993); Professor of Historical Theology, King's College, London1905-1993
322Dewar; Lindsay (1891-1976); Canon of York1891-1976
GB/109/7298Diocese of St. Albans; 1877-1877-
NA2783Church of South India; 1947-1947-
DS/UK/5444Newbigin; James Edward Lesslie (1909-1998); Bishop in Madras1909-1998
401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
GB/109/21123Rodzianko; Basil (1915-1999); Orthodox Bishop of San Francisco and California1915-1999
GB/109/13103Florovsky; Georges Vasilievich (1893-1979); theologian, historian and ecumenist1893-1979
393Jalland; Trevor Gervase (1896-1975); Vicar of St. Thomas, Oxford1896-1975
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
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