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TitleTheological Committee documents
Datec. 1945-c. 1958
Description1) Memorandum on the place of theological principle in the relation between confirmation and first communion, no date, L. S. Thornton? (6 pp.)
2) Notes on confirmation, no date, A. M. Ramsey (3 pp.)
3) Confirmation report, 22 October 1945, statement by the Theological and Liturgical Committee (2 pp.)
4) Baptism and confirmation to-day, 1945?, L. S. Thornton (T. G. Jalland on the contents list) (2 pp.)
5) Observations on the ordination formula proposed for use at the inauguration of the projected United Church of Ceylon, 9 May 1946, Edward C. Ratcliff (3 pp.)
5) Confirmation today, circulated 26 June 1946, schedule by the Theological Committee (6 pp.)
6) Report of the Theological Committee on the draft 'Revised Body of Canons', part I (canons XII-LI), 19 December 1947 (3 pp.)
7) The C. of E. and non-episcopal ministries, 5 November 1948, Eric W. Kemp (2 pp.)
8) The Church of England and non-episcopal ministries (with special reference to N. Sykes, 'The Church of England and non-episcopal churches in the 16th and 17th centuries', 1948; and G. K. A. Bell, 'Christian Unity: the Anglican Position', 1948), 30 March 1949, B. M. Jalland (3 pp.)
9) Lambeth 1958 and Christian Unity, 30 March 1949, Eric Lionel Mascall (10 pp.)
10) Fr. Bentley's replies to Fr. De Soysa, 10 January 1950, Geoffrey Bryan Bentley (6 pp.)
11) Note on the prayer of consecration and ordination in the Lanka ordinal, 21 January 1950, Edward C. Ratcliff (3 pp.)
12) Scheme for church union in Ceylon, 13 February 1950, report of the Theological Committee (1 p.)
13) Relations between the Church of England and the Church of Scotland (draft), 25 February 1952, [K. D. Mackenzie] (28 pp.)
14) Memorandum from the bishop of Exeter on the admission of re-married divorcees to communion, 24 June 1952, [Robert Cecil Mortimer] (2 pp.)
15) Theological memorandum on marriage discipline, 3 October 1952, Eric Lionel Mascall (6 pp.)
16) Memorandum on membership of the Church, 24 September 1953, Eric Lionel Mascall (5 pp.)
17) Report of the committee on marriage discipline appointed by the Executive Committee of the Church Union, 28 June 1954 (4 pp.)
18) Marriage discipline committee: minority report, no date, F. Harwood (1 p.)
19) Marriage discipline, 1954?, K. D. Mackenzie (3 pp.)
20) Some comments by Dr. E. L. Mascall and Dr. C. A. Simpson ... on the majority and minority reports entitled 'Baptism and Confirmation Today', 29 August 1955 (3 pp.)
21) Full communion and partial intercommunion, October 1955, C. B. Moss (3 pp.)
22) Memorandum from Dr. Couratin [on the Catholic theology of sex], 12 September 1956, A. H. Couratin (1 p.)
23) Memorandum prepared for the Executive Committee of the Church Union [on liturgical reform], June 1957, Eric W. Kemp, A. H. Couratin and Eric Lionel Mascall (2 pp.)
24) Supplemental ordination, 21 March 1958, Lindsay Dewar (2 pp.)
25) Message for a mission, no date, secretary of the Industrial Christian Fellowship (1 p.)
26) A scheme for Christian unity (based on the South India scheme, 1929), no date, Trevor G. Jalland (3 pp.)

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401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
502Ratcliff; Edward Craddock (1896-1967); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1896-1967
GB/109/10917Thornton; Lionel Spencer (1884-1960); theologian1884-1960
393Jalland; Trevor Gervase (1896-1975); Vicar of St. Thomas, Oxford1896-1975
440Mascall; Eric Lionel (1905-1993); Professor of Historical Theology, King's College, London1905-1993
GB/109/7991Bentley; Geoffrey Bryan (1909-1996); canon of Windsor1909-1996
433MacKenzie; Kenneth Donald (1876-1966); Bishop of Brechin1876-1966
460Mortimer; Robert Cecil (1902-1976); Bishop of Exeter1902-1976
303Couratin; Arthur Hubert (1902-); Canon of Durham1902-
322Dewar; Lindsay (1891-1976); Canon of York1891-1976
978Industrial Christian Fellowship; 1919-1919-
DS/UK/4819Church of India, Burma and Ceylon; 1930-19471930-1947
NA1288Church of Scotland
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