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TitleReligious communities members and leaders part 2
1. His Holiness Mar Dinkha, Patriarch of Assyrian Church

2. Very Revd John Howard Churchill, Dean of Carlisle

3. Revd Paul Oestreicher, Amnesty International

4. Very Revd Michael S. Stancliffe, Dean of Winchester

5. Very Revd Albert G.G. Thurlow, Dean of Gloucester

6. Revd Kenneth Slack, BCC Christian Aid Division

7. Very Revd Alan Brunskill Webster, Dean of St Paul's

8. Cosmos Desmond, former priest in South Africa

9. Revd Canon Ronald Graham G. Foley, HM the Queen

10. Rt Revd John A.T. Robinson, Bp Southwark

11. Robert Q. Drayson, Lay Chaplain to Bp of Norwich

12. Very Revd Alan Brunskill Webster, Dean of St Paul's

13. Rt Revd Gerald A. Ellison, former Bp of London

14. Rt Revd Mervyn A.M. Stockwood, Council Bath Univ.

15. Revd Brian Beck, Secretary Methodist Conference

16. Mark Hume McCormack, Chairman Interntl Management Gp

17. Revd Canon Paul Oestreicher, BCC Div Interntl Affairs

18. Revd Donald Reeves, Rector St James Piccadilly

19. Julius Scholfield, Director InDesign (two different photographs)

20. Canon John Oates, Rector St Brides Fleet (four different photographs)

21.St Rt Revd John W.H. Flagg, Asst Bp Liverpool

22. Most Revd Alastair I.M. Haggart, Bp of Edinburgh

23. Ven Ian Macdonald Griggs, Archdeacon of Ludlow

24. Revd George Nairn Briggs, Diocese of Southwark

25. Revd Dr Gareth V. Bennett, Vicar of Oxford Univ.

26. Revd David Boundy, Diocese of Birmingham

27. Rt Revd Michael Humprey Whinney, Bp of Southwell

28. Very Revd Oliver W. Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, Dean of Lincoln

29. Ven Arnold Wood, Archdeacon of Cornwall

30. Revd Canon Donald Clifford Gray, Rector of Liverpool

31. Ven John Arthur Simpson, Archdeacon of Canterbury

32. Canon Michael Ernest Bowering, Canon of York

33. Ven Michael Edwin Vickers, Archdeacon of East Riding

34. Ven David James Smith, Archdeacon of Lindisfarne

35. Canon Anthony C. Boult, Vicar St Giles Reading

36. Revd Peter J.S. Armstrong, Diocese of Europe

37. Revd John Watson Valler, Rector of Pudsey Bradford

38. Rt Revd Hugh William Montefiore, Bp of Birmingham

39. Rt Revd Simon Wilton Phipps, Bp of Lincoln

40. Rt Revd John M. Bickersteth, Bp of Bath & Wells

41. Rt Revd Patrick Campbell Rodger, Bp of Oxford

42. Mr Philip Colin French, House of Laity

43. Rt Revd Arthur H. Attwell, Bp of Sodor and Man

44. Very Revd John Howard Churchill, Dean of Carlisle

45. Sir Richard O'Brien, President Britsh Institute of Industrial Therapy

46. Baron Soper, Methodist Minister

47. Revd Dr Colin Morris, Head of Religious Broadcasting, BBC Television

48. His Eminence Cardinal Jaime L. Sin, Archbp of Manila
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GB/109/17571Khananya (Khanania); Dinkha (1935-2015); Mar Dinkha IV; Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East1935-2015
GB/109/13664Churchill; John Howard (1920-1990); Dean of Carlisle1920-1990
GB/109/9881Oestreicher; Paul (1931-); Canon Residentiary of Coventry Cathedral1931-
GB/109/7929Stancliffe; Michael Staffurth (1916-1987); Dean of Winchester1916-1987
540Slack; Kenneth (1917-1987); Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council1917-1987
588Webster; Alan Brunskill (1918-2007); Dean of St. Paul's1918-2007
GB/109/24062Foley; Ronald Graham Gregory (1923-); Bishop of Reading1923-
513Robinson; John Arthur Thomas (1919-1983); Suffragan Bishop of Woolwich1919-1983
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
550Stockwood; Arthur Mervyn (1913-1995); Bishop of Southwark1913-1995
504Reeves; Donald St John (1934-); Vicar of St Peter, Morden1934-
GB/109/14049Flagg; John William Hawkins (1929-2008); Presiding Bishop of Anglican Council of South America (CASA)1929-2008
GB/109/18040Haggart; Alastair Iain Macdonald (1915-1998); Scottish episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh1915-1998
GB/109/24060Griggs; Ian Macdonald (1928-2021); Bishop of Ludlow1928-2021
GB/109/21673Bennett; Gareth Vaughan (1929-1987); academic and Anglican priest1929-1987
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