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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 248/2
Extent92 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Africa
DescriptionPapers relating to Anglican-Roman Catholic relations Tanzania & Uganda, Zambia & Malawi, and Mauritius, including:

ff.1- 40: Tanzania & Uganda; 1964-1980: press report on co-operation in Uganda, Jan. 1964 (f.1); discussion of the Ugandan martyrs, 1964 (ff.2-4); report of a joint Anglican-Roman Catholic chapel at Mulago Hospital, Uganda, 1965 (f.5); correspondence between Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon J.V. Taylor, and Leslie Brown, Bishop of St. Edmundsbury, on differing baptismal formula in the Luganda language, Jan. 1967 (ff.6-10); letter from John Poole-Hughes, Bishop of South-West Tanganyika, about relations in his diocese, 9 March 1970 (ff.11-12); letter from Erica Sabiti, Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, to Archbishop Ramsey, commenting on the second series of conversations between Anglicans and Roman-Catholics at La Verna, Dec. 1969, with response (ff.13-15); 'Ecumenical Commission: Diocese of Masasi (CPEA), Ndanda & Nachingwea (RC)', [R.C.147], 8 April 1970, and annotated version (ff.16-20); desiderata for mixed marriages in the dioceses of Masasi, Nganda & Nachingwea, 9 April 1970 (f.21); correspondence between the Revd. Colin Davey and the Revd. Richard Norgate about the Masasi, Nganda & Nachingwea Ecumenical Commission, 1971-75 (ff.22,27-28,33-34); correspondence between the Revd. Colin Davey and the Revd. Robin Lambourn about joint churches in Tanzania and reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, 1973 (ff.23-25); note of a meeting between the Revd. Colin Davey and James Odongo, Bishop of Tororo, 27 May 1974 (f.26); report on an ecumenical weekend at Entebbe, 8-10 Nov. [1974], (ff.29-31); letter from Vincent Kanyonza to Canon Moore reporting on Anglican-Roman Catholic dialpgues in Uganda, July 1974-75 (f.32); letter from the Revd. Brian Duckworth, British Council of Churches, to Bishop John Howe on an ecumenical visit to Uganda, 1979 (ff.36-37); letter from the Revd. T. Agostoni to the Revd. Christopher Hill regretting the lack of ecumenical activity due to the Uganda-Tanganyika War, 18 June 1980 (f.38); letter from the Revd. Martin Mbwana to Bishop John Howe enclosing the official repsonse of Mtwara, Masasi, Nachingwea Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Interdiocesan Ecumenical Commission to the ARCIC Agreed Statement on Authority in the Church (Venice 1976), 27 June 1980 (ff.39-40);

ff.41-91: Zambia & Malawi; 1971-1977: correspondence between Donald Arden, Bishop of Malawi, and the Revd. Colin Davey about subjects for study for mixed discussion groups, 1971 (ff.41-44); Record of the Conversations held on 2nd May 1972 at the White Fathers' House, Lusaka, Zambia (ff.46-47); reports from the Revd. Rodney Hunter on Anglican participation in the Malawi National Seminary, Kachebere, 1973-1974 (ff.48-63); letter from the Revd. John Sargant, Secretary Zambia Anglican Council, to Bishop John Howe enclosing A Record of the Talks held on June 14th 1974 at Holy Cross Cathedral, Lusaka (ff.64-69); correspondence between the Revd. George Braund and the Revd. Colin Davey on the breakdown of relations at Kachebere Seminary, with reports from the Revd. Rodney Hunter, 1976 (ff.70-82); 'Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations at World Level. A Survey' by M./G. Neels, Dean of Studies, Mpima Major Seminary, Zambia, (ff.83-91).

f.92 : Mauritius: 1974: information on joint projects in Mauritius, March 1974.

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