RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 222
Extent60 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Baltic States: Reports on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
DescriptionPapers relating to the Roman Catholic Church in the Baltic States, including: Dispatches 2-4 from Estonia by the Revd. J.H. Ryder SJ, and correspondence with Canon J.A. Douglas, 1938-1939 (ff.1-20); translation of the Memorandum of the Lithuanian Bishops to the German Occupation Authorities, 13 Oct. 1942, RC 18 (ff.21-25); The Position of Religious Life in Latvia, Oct. 1946, RC 27 (f.26); The Catholic Church in Lithuania. Statement by the Archbishop of Vilnius, Mgr. Reinis, from 'Soviet News' 31 March 1947 (f.27); 'Lithuania. Roman Catholics under the Soviet occupation' from a correspondent of the Council, August 1947, RC 41 (f.28); 'Speech of P.A. Strod at Third All Union Conference of Partisans of Peace in Moscow', in 'Pravda', 29 Nov. 1951, RC 77 (f.29); letter from B.K. Balutis, Lithuanian Minister, to the Revd. Herbert Waddams, about his inability to attend a meeting of the Nikaean Club for a delegation of Christians from the USSR, 11 July 1955, and enclosing a copy of 'Genocide Against the Roman Catholic Church in Lithuania' by Vytautas Vaitiekunas in 'The Baltic Review', June 1955 (ff.30-38); 'Lithuania. Extermination of Religion in Lithuania' from 'Abn-Correspondence' no 10/11, Oct./Nov. 1955 (f.39); note of a conversation between the Revd. Michael Halliwell and Pasto Muziks about the closure of the cathedral in Riga and the status of the Roman Catholic seminary in Riga, 8 Nov. 1961 (f.40); information on a violent campaign againsty the Roman Catholic church in Lithuania, 7 June 1962 (f.41); 'Lithuania under Soviet Oppression' in 'The Baltic Review', no. 25, Oct. 1962 (ff.42-45); letter to the Revd. John Satterthwaite from Gregory Macdonald, BBC World Service, enclosing a translation of a letter from a listener in Latvia, 25 Dec. 1962 (ff.46-49); note of a conversation with the Revd. Mark Everitt about his visit to Russia, 6 Nov. 1964 (ff.50-51); translated information on the Baltic States from 'Irenikon' 1964, no. 3, pp.379-80, 18 Nov. 1964 (f.52); 'Statement by Bishop Steponavicius on the reasons for his exile' in 'Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania', no. 20, 1975 (f.53); 'Lithuanians under the Knout' by Janice A. Brown in 'Christian Order', Feb. 1976 (ff.54-59); letter to Archbishop Runcie from Revd. K. Kuzminskas and A. Bagdonas about their publication 'The Chronicles of the Catholic Church in Lithuania', a copy of which was being sent to him, July 1981 (f.60).

[Actual covering dates: 1938-39, 1942, 1946-47, 1951, 1955, 1961-62, 1964, 1975-76, 1981]

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