RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 205/2
Extent73 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Poland: General
DescriptionPapers relating to political and religious affairs in Poland, including: text of a decree against the Roman Catholic church, 12 Feb. 1953, with commentary (ff.1-3); report on the Primate's sermon on the Gospel and Economic Life by Heath Mason, British Embassy, Warsaw, April 1953 (ff.4-6); notes on events in Poland 1943- Feb. 1953, 20 May 1953 (ff.7-9) text of a lecture on the Position of the Catholic Church in Poland given by Count E. Raczynski to CFR, 16 June 1953 (ff.11-12); draft for George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, on the deposition of Cardinal Wyszynski, 29 Sept. 1953 (ff.13-14); statement by Archbishop Fisher on the deposition of Cardinal Wyszynski, 30 Sept. 1953, with cutting from the Church Times (ff.15,20); letter from August Zaleski, President of Poland in exile, thanking Archbishop Fisher for his statement, 1 Oct. 1953 (f.16); statement by Bishop Bell on the Communist attack on the church in Poland, 2 Oct. 1953 (ff.17-18); letter from Archbishop Godfrey, Apostolic Delegate, thanking Archbishop Fisher for his statement, 2 Oct. 1953 (f.19); extract from a sermon by Cardinal Griffin, 4 Oct. 1953, mentioning the statement (f.21); letter from Count Edward Raczynski, President of Poland in exile, about the statement, 5 Oct. 1953 (f.22); Archbishop Fisher's address to Convocation, 14 Oct. 1953 (ff.25-33); correspondence with Bishop Bell, Sir Walter Roberts, the Revd. John Findlow, Sir Francis Shepherd, British Ambassador in Poland, H.A.F. Hohler (Foreign Office), Archbishop David Mathew and Mgr. G.B. Montini about some misinterpretation of remarks in the address to Convocation, Oct.-Nov. 1953 (ff.34-52); 'Losses of the Roman Catholic Church in Communist Governed Countries' C.F.R. 579, 2 Feb. 1954(ff.54-55); correspondence between Canon Findlow and the Revd. J.F. Holt on religion and Communism, Aug. 1954 (ff.65-57); 'Polish Regime and the Roman Catholic Church', Sept. 1955 (f.58); information on Poland from 'The Digest', 1957 (ff.59-72); note on episcopal administration in disputed German-Polish border territories, 1958 (f.73).
RelatedMaterial'Communism against Religion in Poland. Evidence. Statistics. Comments. Press Information - 1953'. Transferred to printed book collection.
'Persecution in Poland' by Michael Derrick. Transferred to printed book collection.

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135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
GB/109/24543Wyszynski; Stefan (1901-1981); Cardinal Archbishop of Warsaw; Primate of Poland1901-1981
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/24544Zaleski; August (1883-1972); President of Poland1883-1972
GB/109/14266Raczynski; Edward (1891-1993); Count Raczynski; Polish President-in-Exile1891-1993
GB/109/20059Findlow; John (1915-1970); Director, Anglican Centre in Rome1915-1970
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