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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 202/1
Extent74 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: The Netherlands: General correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to relations with the Roman Catholic church in the Netherlands, including: letter from the Revd. Philip Usher enclosing a letter from Sir Stephen Gaselee about affairs in Belgium and the Netherlands, 20 July 1937 (ff.1-3); correspondence between George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, and the Revd. Herbert Waddams about the reception of Dr. van der Pol [sic] into the Roman Catholic church, 1947 (ff.5-6); copy of L.R.C. 15/O.C.C. 6/R.C. 46 'Information received from Pastor J. Loos of the Dutch Reformed Church, 22nd December 1947' about an ecumenical conference (f.7); Pastoral Letter from Joannes de Jong, Cardinal Archbishop of Utrecht, P.A.W. Hopmans, Bishop of Breda, Dr. J.H.G. Lemmens, Bishop of Roermond, J.P. Huibers, Bishop of Haarlem and W.P.A.M. Bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch about the World Congress of Churches meeting in Amsterdam, 22 Aug.-5 Sept. 1948 (ff.8-11); correspondence with Dr. W.H. van de Pol about his book 'The Christian Dilemma', 1952 (ff.12-14); 'An Enquiry concerning Vocations to the Priesthood in the Netherlands' in 'Documentation Catholique', 2 Feb. 1956 (ff.15-19); 'Catholicism in Holland. A lecture given to the London Diocesan Study-Holiday' by the Revd. Dr. W. Peters SJ, MBE, (n.d.) (ff.20-22); requests from Dom Gerard Helwig OSB for books for the library of St. Willibrordsabdij, Slangenburg-Doetinchem (ff.23-24,33-34) reports on various aspects of ecumenical co-operation (ff.25-29); press release on the setting-up of the International Centre of SS. Peter and Paul in Nijmengen, 27 Nov. 1964 (f.30); report of the Third Conference between Old Catholic and Roman Catholic Theologians, in AKID no. 89, 7, 15 Jan. 1965 (f.31) and the fifth conference, in AKID no. 99, 1 Sept. 1965 (f.32); note of a visit to Lambeth Palace of a group of Dutch Roman Catholic seminarists, 6 Jan. 1966, and letter about the visit from the Revd. Arthur Payton (ff.35-36); letter from the Revd. Victor de Waal abut an agreement between the Roman Catholic and Dutch Reformed churches about valid baptism, 1 March 1966, with reply (ff.37-38); 'The Netherlands. Catholics and Protestants Criticise Present Practice of Mixed Marriages' in 'Information Catholique Internationale', no. 267, 1 July 1966 (f.39); report on the Conference of Anglican and Catholic Students, Culemborg, 30 Aug. 1966 (ff.40-43); letter from Gordon Dunstan to Canon Satterthwaite about his contribution to a Dutch Catholic TV programme on the theology and morality of family planning, enclosing script, 28 Oct. 1966 (ff.44-51); correspondence between Dr. Sjoerd Bonting, Canon Satterthwaite, and the Revd. W. Popham Hosford about the possible involvement of Anglican clergy in Holland in the Pastoral Council of the Roman Catholic Church in Holland, Nov.-Dec. 1966 (ff.52-56); report by J.O. May, British Consul in Rotterdam, on the Roman Catholic Church in Holland, 25 Jan. 1967, (ff.57-60), with a covering letter, 9 Feb. 1967, from P. Garran, British Ambassador, to the Foreign Secretary, George Brown (ff.61-62); letter from the Revd. Nicholas Lash enclosing an English summary of his article 'Priesterschap, kerkelijk ambt en intercommunie', 9 Sept. 1967 (ff.63-64); correspondence with the Revd. Andrew Blair CR about an instance of intercommunion by a Dutch priest at Mirfield, June 1967 (ff.65-66); report on a Symposium of Roman Catholic Bishops held at Nordwijkerhout, 10-14 July 1967, with a copy of a message from Pope Paul VI (ff.67-69); report in 'L'Osservatore Romano' 2-3 Nov. 1967 of Cardinal Alfrink's objection to the publication of an English edition of 'A New Catechism - Catholic Faith for Adults' (f.70); report in 'L'Osservatore Romano', 25 April 1968, of Cardinal Alfrink's concerns over certain aspects of Dutch church life (f.71); note on a disagreement on intercommunion at the I.E.F. Conference in Breda, 30 July 1969 (f.72); report by Canon Satterthwaite on the consecration of Prof. Kok as Bishop Coadjutor of the Archdiocese of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Church, and discussion with Bishop van Kleef on Roman Catholic-Old Catholic relations, 7 Dec. 1969 (ff.73-74).

[Actual covering dates: 1937; 1947-48; 1952-53; 1956; 1958-59; 1962-69 ]

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