RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 64/2
Extent61 ff.
TitleRelations with the Vatican: Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues: Joint Preparatory Commission (JPC): Circular on Ecumenical Relations in the Anglican Communion
DescriptionPapers relating to Anglican/Roman Catholic relations throughout the Anglican Communion, including: information and replies to circular letter from:

ff.1-20: Canada: H.R. Hunt, Suffragan Bishop of Toronto (f.1); Canon H.L. Puxley (ff.2-3, 14-15); suggested draft report to General Synod of Committee on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations (ff.4-7); Memorandum of the First Meeting of the Joint Working Group of the Canadian Catholic Conference and the Canadian Council of Churches, 11 Oct. 1968 (ff.8-13); Cross-Canada Review of Joint Ecumenical Activities (ff.16-18); Godfrey Gower, Bishop of New Westminster (f.19); Canon Reginald Turpin, Synod of Dioces of Montreal (f.20).

ff.21-42: Great Britain: James McCann, Archbishop of Armagh (f.21); Francis Moncrieff, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway (ff.22); Joint Study Group of Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and Scottish Episcopal Church Common Statement on Baptism, June 1969 (ff.23-32); David Bartlett, Bishop of St. Asaph (ff.33-34); Gwylim Williams, Bishop of Bangor (f.35); StephenThomas , Bishop of Monmouth (f.36); John Richards, Bishop of St. Davids (f.37); John Thomas, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon (f.38); Glyn Simon, Archbishop of Wales (f.39); Revd. F.H. Mountney (ff.40-42).

f.43: Fiji: press release 'Anglicans in Pacifi may receive Communion in Roman Catholic Churches', 17 July 1969.

ff.44-45 Hong Kong: Gilbert Baker, Bishop of Hong Kong & Macao.

ff.46-59: India, Pakistan and Ceylon: Ernest John, Bishop of Nandyal (f.46); Chandu Ray, Bishop of Karachi, enclosing details of a proposed shared church in Islamabad and common text of the Bible in Urdu (ff.47-57); Harold de Hoysa, Bishop of Colombo (ff.58-59).

f.60: Japan: David M. Goto, Chairman, Committee for External Relations, National Council of Nippon Sei-Ko-Kai

f.61: Jerusalem: Canon Edward Every.

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DS/UK/4862Hunt; Henry Robert (1907-); suffragan Bishop of Toronto1907-
DS/UK/4815Gower; Godfrey Philip (1899-); Archbishop of New Westminster1899-
DS/UK/4343McCann; James (1897-1993); Archbishop of Armagh1897-1993
GB/109/9544Moncreiff; Francis Hamilton (1906-1984); bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, and primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland1906-1984
248Bartlett; David Daniel (1900-1977); Bishop of St Asaph1900-1977
DS/UK/5448Richards; John Richards (1901-1990); bishop of St. David's1901-1990
DS/UK/4988Thomas; John James Absalom (1908-); Bishop of Swansea and Brecon1908-
537Simon; William Glyn Hughes (1903-1972); Archbishop of Wales1903-1972
DS/UK/4713Baker; John Gilbert Hindley (1910-1986); Bishop of Hong Kong and Macao1910-1986
DS/UK/4937Ray; Chandu (1923-); Bishop of Karachi1923-
GB/109/12238Goto; David Makoto (fl. 1962-1973); Bishop of Tokyofl. 1962-1973
GB/109/13705Every; Edward (1909-2006); Canon of St. George's Jerusalem1909-2006
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