RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 79
Extent76 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Albania: General Papers
DateApril 1935-February 1972
DescriptionReports and correspondence on the Orthodox church in Albania and church-state relations.

Including: file note in French regarding Kristofor Kissi, Archbishop of Tirana/All Albania, Head of the Albanian Orthodox Church (f. 1); correspondence involving John Douglas and Sir Robert Hodgson, former British Minister to Albania, regarding the name of the head of the Orthodox Church in Albania (ff. 2 and 6); letters to Canon Leonard Hodgson regarding inviting an Albanian Orthodox delegate to the Faith and Order Conferences (ff. 3-5); letter to J. Douglas from Royal Albanian Legation accepting the invitation on behalf of Archbishop Kissi (f. 7); letter from C. Telford Erickson to Mr. Kent, April 3, 1935, regarding the religious situation in Albania (f. 8); letter from Rev. John E. Kent, Corfu, Greece, 14 April 1935, regarding the religious situation in Albania (f. 9); letter to Harold Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 10); letter to J. Kent regarding Mr. Erikson (f. 11); 'The Times', 'The Orthodox Church of Albania Autochephalous Status' (f. 12); letter to [D.] Don from H. Buxton regarding Mr. Erikson (f. 13); letter from K. Kissi regarding secondary education students (f. 14); letter to Lek Kurti, Royal Albanian Minister, London (f. 15); file note regarding students (f. 16); letter from Religions Division, Ministry of Information, regarding Fascism (f. 17); 'Speech by Canon J.A. Douglas, 2.12.40' (f. 18); telegram from Eulogios Metropolitan of Korytza and Pandeleimon Metropolitan Bishop of Argyrokastro, regarding persecution (ff. 19-22); letter from [C. Chadwick], regarding the Archbishop writing to Mr. Eden, June 4 1945 (f. 23); letter from Geoffrey Fisher to Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary (f. 24); 'Patriarch of Alexandria's Telegram' (ff. 25-6); telegram text from Christophoros Pope Patriarch Alexandria and all Africa, regarding persecution (f. 27); letter from Alexander Cadogan, Foreign Office (f. 28); file note listing 'Albanian Deln to Moscow' (f. 29); file note regarding Foreign Office intelligence on the church situation in Albania (f. 30); in French, 'Balli Kombetar', 'Lettre d'Albanie' (ff. 31-2); correspondence involving R.A. Sykes, Foreign Office, regarding Kissi (ff. 33 and 36); letter to Kissi from G. Fisher (ff. 34-5); file note by [Douglas] (ff. 37-8); extract from 'The Living Church', 'Head of Albanian Orthodox Church Deposed' (f. 39); 'Ecclesia', 'Church of Albania' (f. 40); 'Albanian Orthodox Church in the USA', Bishop Fan S. Noli (ff. 41-2); correspondence involving Robert Tobias, World Council of Churches, Geneva (ff. 43-4); correspondence involving J. B. Barron and Mr. K. Naumov, regarding an Albanian religious law (ff. 45-51); letters to Sir Harry Luke, regarding F. Noli (ff. 52 and 56); extract from 'Solia' (f. 53); correspondence involving Henry Brandreth regarding F. Noli (ff. 54-5); translation from 'Akid', 'New leader of the Orthodox Church of Albania' (f. 57); letter from Roger Roberts, editor, 'Church Times' (f. 58); 'Extract from A.C.E.N. News, no 128, May/April 1967', 'Persecution of religion in Communist Albania', by Rexhep Krasniqi (ff. 59-60); 'Albania abolishes Religion', Oct 1967 (ff. 61-3); letter from Paul Anderson (f. 64); 'Summary from paper: "Flamuri/The Flag", organ of the Albanian Agrarian Democratic Party "Balli Kombetar"' (f. 65); newspaper, 'Flamuri', N. 155-156, 15.10.1967 (ff. 66-9); letter to Ronald Pilkington (f. 70); 'The Universe', 'Reds shut down all churches' (f. 71); correspondence involving Bernard Tidball, Secretary for Europe and Latin America, The British & Foreign Bible Society (ff. 72-3); 'Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt Berlin', 'Albania' (f. 75) and file note regarding the Vatican, the Oecumenical Patriarch and Muslim authoroties intervening regarding the suppression of religion in Albania (f. 76).

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DS/UK/4078Hodgson; Leonard (1889-1969); theologian1889-1969
326Douglas; John Albert (1868-1956); Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1868-1956
GB/109/16274Kissi; Kristofer (fl. 1937-1949); Orthodox Archbishop of Tirana, Albaniafl. 1937-1949
14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
280Buxton; Harold Jocelyn (1880-1976); Bishop of Gibraltar1880-1976
DS/UK/6122Eden; Robert Anthony (1897-1977); 1st Earl of Avon; prime minister1897-1977
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/14386Christophoros II (fl. 1939-1966); Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandriafl. 1939-1966
GB/109/13689Cadogan; Sir; Alexander George Montague (1885-1968); diplomat1885-1968
GB/109/9385Luke; Sir; Harry Charles (1884-1969); Knight; Colonial Governor1884-1969
NA2420Brandreth; Henry Renaud Turner (1914-1984); Anglican clergyman and historian1914-1984
512Roberts; Roger Lewis (1911-1990); editor of The Church Times1911-1990
GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
GB/109/22399Pilkington; Ronald John (1892-1975); Roman Catholic priest1892-1975
GB/109/24395Zogolli; Ahmet Muhtar (1895-1961); Zog I, King of the Albanians1895-1961
GB/109/24396Robert MacLeod; Sir; Hodgson (1874-1956); diplomat and consul1874-1956
GB/109/24397Noli; Theofan Stilian (1882-1965); Prime minister, regent, founder of the Albanian Orthodox Church; Fan Noli1882-1965
GB/109/24615Barron; (John) Bernard (1886-1981); civil servant and CFR archivist1886-1981
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