RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 74/2
Extent76 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Great Britain: Orthodox Clergy And Parishes,
DateApril 1966-March 1981
DescriptionConcerning use of churches by Orthodox congregations, including Byelorussians and invitations to celebrations.

Including: file note regarding the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Haghia Sophia (f. 1); correspondence involving A. Cambitzi, Churchwarden (ff. 2-4); letter from Metropolitan Athenagoras regarding a celebration (f. 5); file notes regarding a ceremony at Margate (f. 6); letter from Athenagoras regarding a banquet (f. 7); correspondence involving Athenagoras regarding Michael Ramsey preaching in an Orthodox church (ff. 8-9, 16-17); letter from Paul Wieliki (f. 10); file notes regarding Wieliki's Byelorussian community (ff. 11-12 and 34-5); 'Dr. Ramsey sees danger of complacency in ecumenism sermon at Greek Orthodox Cathedral, January 20, 1970' (ff. 13-15); bilingual Order of Service for 'Week of Christian Unity St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral London' (ff. 18-19); telegram to Athenagoras, Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 20); letter to Gabriel, Metropolitan of Kolonias, regarding M. Ramsey's sermon (f. 21); correspondence involving Archbishop Athenagoras regarding St. James's Parsonage House in Southampton (ff. 22-4); letters regarding consecrations (ff. 25-30 and 49-50); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the 50th anniversary of the archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain (ff. 31-2); letter to G. Scovell regarding Paul Wieliki (f. 33); correspondence involving Robert Stopford, Bishop of London regarding St. Oswald's Fulham (ff. 36-7); correspondence involving John Miles regarding the 'Sunday Mirror' and a suspicious banquet (ff. 38 and 41); file notes regarding the Greek banquet (ff. 39 and 42-3); 'A suspicious pro-regime banquet' (f. 40); correspondence regarding possible churches for Byelorussian, Ukranian and Latvian congregations (ff. 44, 46-48); correspondence with Robert Runcie, Bishop of St. Alban's regarding procedures for a mixed marriage (ff.45a-c); correspondence regarding the setting up of an Orthodox seminary (ff. 51-5); file notes regarding an Orthodox seminary (ff. 56 and 60); letter from Methodios to Robert Runcie regarding St John the Evangelist, Bourne Hill (f. 57); correspondence involving Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London regarding St John (ff. 58-9); correspondence involving Martin Conway, Secretary, British Council of Churches and R. Runcie regarding relations with the Orthodox churches in Britain (ff. 61-6); 'Orthodoxy in Britain' (ff. 67-8); correspondence between Methodios and R. Runcie regarding a pan-Parochial conference (ff. 69-70 and 72); file note regarding the pan-Parochial conference (f. 71) and letter to John Ferguson, President, Selly Oak Colleges, regarding an appointment (f. 73).

[Note: actual foliation ff1-44; 45a-c; 46-73]

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