RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 69/2
Extent73 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Mount Athos
DateMay 1963-January 1978
DescriptionGeneral correspondence concerning conditions on Mount Athos, the 1000th anniversary, 1963 and Anglican reports on visits to.

Including: correspondence involving Spyridon, Metropolitan of Rhodes, regarding the Mount Athos 1000th anniversary celebration (ff. 1-3, 6 and 8-11); letter to Jonathan Graham regarding the 1000th anniversary celebration (ff. 4-5); letter to Carel Piper, British Consulate General, Istanbul, regarding the 1000th anniversary celebration (f. 7); 'Programme of the Celebration Festivities on Mount Athos' (ff. 12-17); letter from John Satterthwaite regarding the anniversary celebration (f. 18); translation from 'Vima', 26 June 1963 (ff. 19-20); letter from G. Triffitt regarding the anniversary celebration (ff. 21-2); file note regarding the anniversary celebration (f. 23); despatch from Sir Robert Allen to the Foreign Secretary regarding the anniversary celebration (f. 24); 'Mount Athos June 1963', by Bernard Minchin (ff. 25-7); 'Gibraltar Diocesan Gazette', July/August 1963 (ff. 28-9); 'Condensed translation of article in "Die Weltwoche" no. 1815, 23 August 1968' (f. 30); letter to UK ambassador to the United Nations regarding Greek policy towards Mount Athos (f. 31); file note regarding a patriarchal commission visit to Mount Athos (f. 32); letter to Editor, 'The Times', regarding conditions on Mount Athos (f. 33); letters from Maxim, Patriarch of Bulgaria (ff. 34-7); 'Tsarkoven Vestnik', no. 13, 1 May 1974, 'News from abroad' (f. 38); file note regarding a visit by Metropolitan Filaret of Bulgaria (f. 39); letter from M. Kusseff regarding the visit of Filaret (f. 40); 'News from Bulgaria - Bulletin 13/74' (ff. 41-9); ; letter from P. Sherrard, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King's College, London (f. 51); 'The Pathos of Athos' (ff. 52-63); correspondence involving Colin Davey (ff. 50, 64 and 66); correspondence involving Derek Hill (ff. 65 and 68-9); file note regarding a meeting with C. Davey (f. 67); file notes regarding D. Hill (ff. 70-1); file note regarding a meeting with Metropolitan Anthony (f. 72) and letter to [?] Albanski (f. 73).

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