RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 64/2
Extent59 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Anglican Chaplains In Constantinople
DateJanuary 1972-April 1973
DescriptionReports and correspondence from Revd Chad Coussmaker, 1970-72, Rev. John R Precious, 1972, Rev. Peter Cowen, 1972-73 and Rev. John Backus, 1973-74.

Including: letter of introduction from Michael Ramsey to Athenagoras regarding John Robert Precious (f. 1); letter from Bob Precious regarding events in Istanbul (ff. 2 and 4); letter to B. Precious regarding Precious visiting Japan (ff. 3 and 5); letters from Chad Coussmaker (ff. 6 and 21); 'A report on ecumenical contacts, January-May 1972', by C. Coussmaker (ff. 7-14); letter from John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar, regarding C. Coussmaker (ff. 15-16); letter to C. Coussmaker regarding the Maltese language (f. 17); file notes regarding the appointment of a new chaplain (ff. 18-19, 44 and 47); correspondence involving J. Satterthwaite regarding the appointment and financing of a new chaplain (ff. 20, 22-4, 33, 38, 40 and 53); letters from Peter Cowan regarding the situation in Istanbul (ff. 25, 37, 46 and 58); letter from J. Satterthwaite regarding the Olympic Games (f. 26); letter of introduction from Michael Ramsey to Demetrios, Ecumenical Patriarch, regarding P. Cowen (f. 27); letter in Greek (ff. 28-30); reports on ecumenical relations in Istanbul (ff. 31 and 34); letters to P. Cowen (ff. 32, 35, 49 and 59); Sheker Bayram message from Demetrios with notes by P. Cowen (f. 36); file note regarding conversations with P. Cowen and Alan Horn (f. 39); letter to John Backus (f. 41); letter from J. Satterthwaite regarding the situation in the Middle East (ff. 42-3); lettersfrom P. Cowen regarding books (ff. 45-6); letter from E. Turner, Church Commissioners (f. 48); file note regarding a meeting with John Backus (f. 50); correspondence involving James Grant, Bishop Coadjutor, Melbourne and John Howe, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane regarding the Crimean Memorial Church becoming an Anglican centre (ff. 51-2 and 54-6) and file note regarding a phone conversation with J. Howe (f. 57).

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11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/5887Athenagoras I (1886-1972); Ecumenical Patriarch1886-1972
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GB/109/12989Demetrios I (c.1914-1991); Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinoplec.1914-1991
GB/109/17615Grant; James Alexander (1931-); Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Melbourne1931-
DS/UK/4103Howe; John William Alexander (1920-2001); bishop of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane1920-2001
GB/109/24620Coussmaker; (Colin Richard) Chad (1934-2018); Church of England priest1934-2018
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