RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 61/3
Extent42 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: General Contacts
DateSeptember 1958-June 1968
DescriptionConcerning Professor Vasil Istravridis, 1958-67, Archimandrite Gabriel Premetides, 1964-66, Stephen Shephanides, 1965-66 and Archimandrite Athanasios Vassilopoulos, 1966-68.

Including: file note regarding regarding the World Council of Churches (f. 1); paper by Istravridis 'Orthodoxy and Anglicanism in the XXth Century', given at 'Church Historians Conference', The Ecumenical Institute (ff. 2-9); letter from Istravridis regarding books (f. 10); correspondence with Istravridis regarding Anglican attitudes to the Orthodox Church (ff. 11-12); letter to Istravridis regarding a statement on the ordination of women (f. 13); 'Recommendation to the publication committee of S.P.C.K. the following book "Orthodoxy and Anglicanism"' (ff. 14-15); letter to Michael Perry, S.P.C.K. regarding the translation of Orthodoxy and Anglicanism into English (f. 16); file note regarding Michael Perry contacting Istravridis (f. 17); correspondence with M. Perry regarding royalties (ff. 18-19); file note regarding a meeting with Istravridis (f. 20); letter of thanks from Istravridis (f. 21); letter from Istravridis regarding on the relations of the Anglican Church with the Eastern Lesser Churches (f. 22) and letter to Istravridis regarding the relations of the Anglican Church with the non-Chalcedonian Churches (f. 23);

letter of congratulations to Premetides (f. 24); correspondence with Premetides regarding visiting Istanbul (ff. 25 and 28-9) letter in Greek (f. 26); letter of thanks to Premetides (f. 27);

letter of introduction from Basil Anagnostopoulos (f. 30); letter to Anagnostopoulos regarding Turkish delight (f. 31); letter of thanks from [Maximos] (f. 32); letter to Shephanides (f. 33);

file note regarding Vassilopoulos' book on Anglicanism (f. 34); letter to Vassilopoulos regarding source books (f. 35); letters from Vassilopoulos regarding Vassilopoulos' book (ff. 36 and 38-9); letter to Vassilopoulos regarding photos (f. 37); letter from Colin Davey commenting on Vassilopoulos two books (ff. 40-1) and letter from Henry Brandreth regarding errors in Vassilopoulos books (f. 42) .

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