RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 59/2
Extent46 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Contacts: Metropolitans And Bishops
DateJune 1953-November 1972
DescriptionChrysostomos Konstantinides of Myra, 1956-61, 1960-80, Emilianos of Selencia, 1960-68 and Gabriel Premetides of Kolonias, 1967-72

Including: letter in French from C. Konstantinides (ff. 1, 5, 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 21, 23-4, 27-30); letter to C. Konstantinides regarding a visit (f. 2); letter from Oliver Tomkins, earden, Lincoln Theological College, regarding accomodation (f. 3); letter from C. Kenneth Sansbury, warden, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, regarding hospitality (f. 4); arrangements for C. Konstantinides (f. 6); file note regarding C. Konstantinides illness (f. 7); letter to C. Konstantinides regarding Anglican-Orthodox relations (f. 11); letter to C. Konstantinides regarding the Greek and Russian churches (f. 15); letter to C. Konstantinides regarding a theological student (f. 19); letter to C. Konstantinides regarding arrangements for the Lambeth Conference 1958 (f. 20); letters to C. Konstantinides regarding accomodation (ff. 22 and 25); file note regarding a meeting with C. Konstantinides (f. 26); letters to C. Konstantinides regarding his election as Metropolitan of Myra (ff. 31-2);

letter of congratulations to Emilianos regarding his consecration as Bishop of Ephesus (f. 33); card from Emilianos regarding a visit to England (ff. 34-5); file note regarding Emilianos studying in the UK (f. 36);

file note regarding Archimandrite Gabriel Premetides and Amnesty International (f. 37); letter of thanks to G. Premetides (f. 38); letter to G. Premetides regarding James of Christoupolis (f. 39); telegram of congratulations to G. Premetides (f. 40); letter to R. Stopford regarding G. Premetides becoming Metropolitan of Kolonias (f. 41); letter to G. Premetides (f. 42); letter of Easter greetings from G. Premetides (f. 43); letter to G. Premetides regarding meeting in Istanbul (f. 44) and file note regarding Colin Davey's visit to Istanbul 31/10-2/11 1972 and moral authority (ff. 45-6).

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