RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 58/1
Extent89 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Archbishops' Visit To The Phanar 1962
DateNovember 1961-May 1962
DescriptionArrangements, speeches and reports on Archbishop Ramsey's visit, 2-6 May 1962.

Including: file note regarding a visit to the Phanar by John Satterthwaite (f. 1); letter to Maximos Metropolitan of Sardis regarding arrangements (f. 2); letter from Carel Piper, British Consulate General, Istanbul regarding visits (f. 3); file note regarding arrangements (f. 4); letter from C. Piper regarding dates (f. 5); letter from Maximos regarding Michael Ramsey visiting Athens after Istanbul (f. 6); letter to G. C. Whitteridge, British Consulate General, Istanbul, regarding meeting other dignitaries (f. 7); letter to C. Piper regarding arrangements (f. 8); letter to Maximos (f. 9); letter from M. Ramsey to Athenagoras regarding the visit (f. 10); letter from C. Piper regarding questions (f. 11); letter from C Piper regarding official arrangements (f. 12); file note regarding the vali/governor of Istanbul and the mayor of Istanbul (f. 13); preliminary draft of visit programme (f. 14); letter from C. Piper regarding the Archbishop's accomodation for the visit (f. 15); letter from C. Piper regarding the visit being a day longer (ff. 16-17); letter to C. Piper regarding arrangements (f. 18); correspondence involving Donald Riddle, Istanbul regarding formalities (ff. 19-20); letter from Archbishop Athenagoras regarding Mrs Ramsey being invited (f. 21); letter to Archbishop Athenagoras regarding Mrs Ramsey not taking part in the visit (f. 22); letter from G. Whitteridge regarding courtesy calls (f. 23); present list (f. 24); correspondence involving Penry Jones, religious adviser, ABC Television Ltd. regarding coverage (ff. 25-6); letters from C. Piper regarding a conversation with the British Ambassador regarding arrangements (ff. 27-8); letter to C. Piper regarding umbrage (f. 29); letter from G. Whitteridge regarding accomodation (f. 30); correspondence involving Archbishop Athenagoras regarding Athenagoras being in Istanbul at the same time as M. Ramsey (ff. 31-2); letter to Bishop of Gibraltar, regarding the itinerary (f. 33); letters from C. Piper (ff. 34-5); letter to C. Piper (f. 36); letter in Greek regarding an Old Catholic delegation visiting the Phanar (ff. 37-9); letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos regarding Halki (f. 40); suggested working programme (ff. 41-2); letter from G. Whitteridge regarding a tentative programme (ff. 43-7); letter from C. Piper regarding the programme (f. 48); letter from Robert [?] regarding presents (f. 49); letter regarding a dinner party at the Consulate-General (ff. 50-1); letter to C. Piper (f. 52).

Letter from Stewart Farrar regarding filming (f. 53); letters of thanks to Maximos, Metropolitan of Stavropoulos, Maximos, Metropolitan of Sardis, Shnork Kaloustian, Armenian Patriarch, Meliton, Metropolitan of Imbros and Tenedos, Jakovos, Metropolitan of Philadelphia, Prof. Basil Istavrides, Chrysostomos, Metroploitan of Myra and Athenagoras (ff. 54-61); letter from M. Ramsey regarding personal impressions of his visit (ff. 62-4); letter of thanks from P. Jones (f. 65); correspondence involving C. Piper regarding photos (ff. 66 and 69); correspondence involving Maximos, Metropolitan of Sardis, regarding Anglican-Orthodox relations (ff. 67-8); letter from C. Piper regarding the dinner party "chez Colley" (f. 70); transcript 'The Archbishop of Canterbury at Phanarion', from 'Orthodoxia', January-June 1962 (ff. 71-2); letter from Colin Davey regarding speeches made during the visit (f. 73); visit programme (ff. 74-7); summary of 'Sermon at Christ Church, Istanbul, Friday May 4 1962, by M. Ramsey (f. 78); 'Speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Reception at the Oecumenical Patriarchate (f. 79); statement on the visit (f. 80); present list (ff. 81-3); 'List of additional persons to receive presents or mementoes' (ff. 84-5); outline of ABC tv programme 'Bridge To the East', in 'Living Your Life' series (f. 86); Bridge To the East, suggested sections of commentary by M. Ramsey (f. 87); list of party to welcome M. Ramsey on his return (f. 88) and list of party for farewll to M. Ramsey (f. 89).

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