RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 56/1
Extent60 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I: Visit To Lambeth
DateAugust 1967-November 1967
DescriptionArrangements, events and speeches, 9-13 November 1967.

Including: letter from I. Lucas, Foreign Office, regarding visits to "the Northern Patriarchates" (f. 1); correspondence involving Lord Geoffrey Fisher regarding Fisher meeting Athenagoras when he visits (ff. 2-3); correspondence involving J. Macrae, Foreign Office regarding Cyprus and the physical strain of a long tour (ff. 4-5); file note regarding a phone conversation with Metropolitan Athenagoras (f. 6); letter in Greek setting the date of the visit (ff. 7-9); letter from Prof. Basil Anagnostopoulos regarding Patriarch Alexis of Moscow (f. 10); letter from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury outlining the programme (f. 11); file note regarding speeches and addresses (f. 12); letter from Robert Beloe, Lay Secretary to Archbishop of Canterbury to Sir Paul Gore-Booth, Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office (f. 13); file note regarding an audience with the Queen (f. 14); letters from P. Gore-Booth to R. Below regarding the Foreign Secretary advising the Queen to receive Athenagoras and the arrangements for this (ff. 15-16); letter to Metropolitan Athenagoras regarding difficulties with the visit (f. 17); memo for Mrs Joan Ramsey regarding John Douglas, the Stavropegion and the Epitaphion of Nikaea (f. 18); letter to Metropolitan Athenagoras regarding a Queen's represntative at an Orthodox service (f. 19); file note regarding a visit by Mr. Verykios, Greek Ambassador (ff. 20-1); letter from Paul Anderson regarding the lack of a visit to Moscow (f. 22); file note regarding the enkolpion (f. 23); letter to Sir Roger Allen regarding arrangements (f. 24); file note regarding Anglican/Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (f. 25); approximate cost of the visit (f. 26); file note regarding Athenagoras being received at St. Paul's Cathedral (f. 27); details of party to meet Athenagoras at the airport (f. 28); 'Music for services during the Oecumenical Patriarch's visit' (f. 29); speech by Athenagoras, chapel, Lambeth Palace, 09/11/1967 (f. 30); guest list for Te Deum in Lambeth Chapel (f. 31); notes for ceremonial at Te Deum (f. 32); service sheet for Te Deum (ff. 33-4); dinner party list (ff. 35-6); file note regarding John Andrew and dinner guests (f. 37); letter to Michael De-la-Noy Church Information Office regarding a press release (f. 38); programme for Friday 10th (f. 39); Visnews outline of filming of Athenagoras meeting M. Ramsey (ff. 40-1); service sheet for evensong, Lambeth Chapel, Sun 12th November (ff. 42-4); service sheet for eucharist (ff. 45-50); notes for ceremonial at sung eucharist, Sat 11th November (ff. 51 and 53); file note regarding Princess Paul of Yugoslavia (f. 52); file note regarding Athenagoras sitting in the chair of St. Augustine (f. 54); evensong Sat 11th November preliminary suggestions (f. 55); service sheet for evensong at Canterbury Cathedral (f. 56); letters to the Lady Abess of Malling (ff. 57-8) and service sheet for the visit to St. Mary's Abbey, West Malling (ff. 59-60).

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