RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 54/1
Extent52 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I
DateFebruary 1966-November 1966
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning. Mainly involving Athenagoras' 80th birthday, Michael Ramsey's visit to Pope Paul VI at the Vatican, the visit of Bishop Ralph Dean to Istanbul, Ramsey's visit to Belgrade and the Turkish governments actions with regard to the Patriarchate.

Including: 'The Orthodox Herald', July-August 1966, No. 19-20, 'A biographical sketch of his all-holiness Athenagoras the Ecumenical Patriarch' (f. 1); letter to Athenagoras regarding a visit to the Vatican and the Phanar (f. 2); letter in Greek regarding the visit (ff. 3-4); letter in Greek regarding Ralph Dean, Bishop of Cariboo visiting Istanbul (ff. 5-6); telegram from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding Athenagoras' 80th birthday (f. 7); letter in Greek regarding Ramsey's plans to visit Pope Paul VI (ff. 8-10); letter from M. Ramsey in Rome regarding John Satterthwaite visiting the Phanar (f. 11); letter to Cardinal Johannes Willebrands, Secretariat for Christian Unity, regarding visits (f. 12); 'Memorandum on visit to Istanbul', by J. Satterthwaite (ff. 13-16); letter from G. Michael Warr, Consul-General, Istanbul, regarding the appointment of an Anglican Chaplain in Istanbul (f. 17); telegram text from M. Ramsey (f. 18); file note regarding a visit to the Phanar and the situation in Istanbul (ff. 19-20); correspondence between Archbishop Jakavos, Primate of North and South America and M. Ramsey regarding a commemorative issue of 'Orthodox Observer' (ff. 21-4); file note regarding R. Dean visiting Istanbul (f. 25); correspondence between Archimandrite Gabriel Premetides, first-secretary of the Holy Synod, Istanbul, and J. Satterthwaite, regarding S. Dean visiting (ff. 26-7); letter in Greek from G. Premetides (ff. 28-9); letter from M. Ramsey regarding R. Dean (f. 30); letters to R. Dean (ff. 31-2); letter from M. Warr regarding R. Dean (f. 33); letter in Greek to M. Ramsey (ff. 34-5); letter in Greek to M. Ramsey regarding the visit of R. Dean and M. Warr (ff. 36-7); letter in Greek regarding Ramsey's meeting with Pope Paul (ff. 38-9); letter in Greek regarding Christian unity (ff. 40-1); correspondence between Athenagoras and M. Ramsey visiting Belgrade (ff. 42-6); file note regarding the situation in Istanbul and Jakavos (f. 47); letter to Paul Anderson (f. 48); file note regarding contact with Mr Arik, First Secretary, Turkish Embassy, regarding Cyprus and Anglo-Turkish relations (ff. 49-50); letter from M. Warr regarding a meeting with Athenagoras (f. 51) and letter to Gabriel Premetides regarding a visit (f. 52).

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DS/UK/4791Dean; Ralph Stanley (1913-1987); archbishop of Cariboo1913-1987
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/6540Paul VI (1897-1978); Pope1897-1978
524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
GB/109/6575Willebrands; Johannes Gerardus Maria (1909-2006); Cardinal; Archbishop of Utrecht and Primate of the Netherlands1909-2006
GB/109/16664Koukouzis; Demetrios (1911-2005); Iakovos/Jakovos; Greek Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America1911-2005
GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
DS/UK/6516Makarios III (1913-1977); Archbishop of Cyprus; Cypriot statesman1913-1977
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