RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 53/3
Extent63 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I
DateApril 1962-October 1964
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning, including reports of meetings with him.

Including: letter from Lord Geoffrey Fisher regarding a letter to Athenagoras (ff. 1-2); translation of letter to Lord Fisher (f. 3); letter from G. Fisher regarding M. Ramsey visiting Athenagoras (ff. 4-5); letter from G. Fisher regarding photos (f. 6); letter from John Satterthwaite regarding Carel Piper visiting Athenagoras (f. 7); letter in Greek regarding M. Ramsey being awarded the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of George I (ff. 8-10); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the Joint Orthodox-Anglican Theological Commission, the Vatican Council and the death of Archbishop Athenagoras of Thyateira (f. 11); letter of thanks from M. Ramsey (f. 12); letter from John Findlow, Athens (f. 13); notes regarding a visit by J. Fridlow to the Phanar (ff. 14-15); letter from J. Findlow regarding a meeting with the Orthodox (f. 16); letter to James, Bishop of Apameia regarding Athenagoras visiting (f. 17); file note regarding a possible visit (f. 18); letter from M. Ramsey regarding a possible visit (f. 19); letter to John Moorman, Bishop of Ripon regarding the Vatican Council and restrictions on the Orthodox by the Turkish government (f. 20); letter from C. Piper regarding J. Moorman visiting Istanbul (f. 21); translation of letter of condolence to J. Satterthwaite (f. 22); file note regarding Turkish minorities in Cyprus (f. 23); letter from J. Moorman reporting on his visit to the Phanar and the Vatican council (ff. 24-7); extract of J. Moorman's letter (ff. 28-9); letter to J. Moorman (f. 30); letter in Greek regarding Athenagoras visiting London (ff. 31-3); translation from 'Drasseos Thessalorikis (ff. 34-5); translation of 'Ethnikos Kyrix', 'The visions of the Ecumenical Patriarch Mgr. Athenagoras' (ff. 36-7); translation of 'Vradyni', 'The patriarchate and the unity (f. 38); translation of 'Messimvrini', 'For a closer contact between the Patriarchate and the Greek Church (ff. 39-40); translation of 'Vima', 'The Patriarch comments on the Holy Synod (ff. 41-2); translation of 'Vima' regarding Athenagoras visiting Greece (f. 43); translation of 'Vima', 'The ecclesiastical question of Crete will be settled by the Patriarch (f. 44); translation of 'Ellinikos Vorras Thessalonikis', 'Favourable solutions obtained by the Patriarchon questions concerning the Ecumenical See (ff. 45-6); translation of 'Ekklesia', 'Visit of the Oecumenical Patriarch to Greece' (f. 47); translation of 'Ekklesia', 'The Oecumenical Patriarch in Greece' (f. 48); memo 'Audience with His All Holiness the Oecumenical Patriarch, Phanar, 26th 1963', by J. Satterthwaite (ff. 49-50); letter in Greek regarding reports on the faith and order of the Reformed Spanish/Lusitanian/Independent Philippine Churches (ff. 51-2); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the appointment of Wilfred Castle as Anglican Chaplain for Istanbul (f. 53); telegram text regarding Athenagoras' visit to the Holy Land (f. 54); get well soon telegram text (f. 55); telegram from Athenagoras (f. 56); letter from David Tustin regarding David Burgess (f. 57); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the visit of the Patriarch of Moscow to England (f. 58) and memo regarding a visit by [J. Satterthwaite] to the Phanar (ff. 59-63).

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