RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 48/1
Extent100 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Persecution
DateJanuary 1965-May 1979
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes and memos concerning the situation, the effects of the Cyprus situation and the confiscation of Greek property.

Including: letter from David Burgess regarding Burgess' year at Halki (f. 1); letter extract from John Satterthwaite's travel diary (f. 2); file note regarding a phone conversation with A. E. Davidson, Foreign Office (ff. 3-4); 'Istanbul Press Summary' (ff. 5-6); file note 'Istanbul' (f. 7); letter to D. S. L. Dodson, Foreign Office (f. 8); letter to Metropolitan Jakovos of North and South America (f. 9); telegram from Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Athens (ff. 10-14); letter to Chrysostomos (f. 15); Istanbul Press Review (ff. 16-17); telegram from Archimandrite Jerome Cotsonis, Dean, Theological Faculty, University of Thessaloniki (ff. 18-20); letter to Jerome Cotsonis (f. 21); telegram (ff. 22-5); letter to Dean of the Faculty of Theology, University of Athens (f. 26); letter to Paul Anderson (f. 27); telegram from Benedictos, Patriarch of Jerusalem (ff. 28-35); letter to Benedictos (f. 36); 'Istanbul Press Review' (ff. 37-9); file note (f. 40); letter to Patrick Rodger (f. 41); letter from Andreas Rinkel, Archbishop of Utrecht (f. 42); file notes (ff. 43-4); letter to A. Rinkel (ff. 45-6); letter from Chancery, Foreign Office (f. 47); 'Extract of a letter from Archbishop Fisher to Canon Satterthwaite Dated 22nd May 1965' (ff. 48-9); letter to Donald Cape, British Legation to the Holy See (f. 50); letter from P. J. Candler, Archdeacon in Cyprus regarding Archbishop Makarios (f. 51); correspondence with Howard Clark, Archbishop of Rupert's Land regarding background information (ff. 52-3); letter from G. Michael Warr, Consul General in Istanbul, to Central Department, Foreign Office, regarding a letter from Lyndon Johnson, President, USA to the Oecumenical Patriarch indicating US support for the Phanar (f. 54); file notes regarding telephone calls (ff. 55-7); letter to Michael Warr regarding measures against the Patriarchate (f. 58); file note regarding the Patriarch not being allowed visitors (f. 59); letter from Metropolitan Athenagoras of Thyateira and Great Britain regarding visitors to the Patriarch being questioned and searched (ff. 60-1); letter to Arthur Payton, Inter-Church Travel Ltd., regarding the restrictions (f. 62); file note regarding a meeting with Metropolitan Athenagoras (f. 63); file note regarding a meeting with Gerhard Stratenworth (ff. 64-5); 'Memorandum on meeting with Monsieur Jean C. Cambiotis (Head of Department in Greek Foreign Office dealing with ecclesiastical affairs)' (f. 66-7); file note regarding a phone conversation with Lakdasa Jacob De Mel, Metropolitan Bishop of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (f. 68); letter to Metropolitan Jakovos (f. 69); letter from Alan Booth, Secretary, World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) (ff. 70-1); file note regarding a phone conversation with A. Booth (f. 72); copy of a letter from Visser t' Hooft, General Secretary, W.C.C. to Süleyman Demirel, Prime Minister of Turkey (ff. 73-4); addendum, minutes of the twentieth meeting of the executive committee, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, 9-12 July 1965 (f. 75); file note regarding a phone conversation following Sir Harry Luke dining with the Turkish Ambassador (f. 76); letters to Brian Hitch and John Moberly, British Embassy, Athens (ff. 77-8); letter extract from Consul General in Istanbul, to Foreign Office (f. 79); 'Press conference given by the Most Rev. Jakovos, Metropolitan of North and South America, 22nd March 1966' (ff. 80-1); memo on visit to Istanbul, 25th March 1966 (ff. 82-3); file note regarding a meeting with the Patriarch (f. 84); letter from Paul Anderson to W. Visser 't Hooft, regarding 'The 1966 position of the Ecumenical Patriarch' (ff. 85-6); extract of notes of P. Anderson regarding the visit of W. Visser 't Hooft and Blake to Turkey (f. 88); file note regarding a meeting with Archimandrite P. Rudopoulos (f. 89); letter from P. Anderson regarding Liverie Voronov (f. 90); letter to M. Warr, Consul General in Istanbul, regarding if anything more can be done to help the Patriarch (ff. 91-2); letter to P. Anderson regarding the situation in Cyprus (ff. 93-4); letter from P. Anderson regarding a conference in Belgrade and relations between the Rumanian and Russian Orthodox Churches and the Patriarchate (f. 95); letter from Consul General in Istanbul, regarding the Phanar being "bugged", conversations with the U.S. Consul-General, Archbishop Jakavos and appointing a resident Anglican Priest (ff. 96-7); letter extracts regarding possible events should the present Patriarch die (f. 98) and file note regarding a meeting with Mr. Arik, First Secretary, Turkish Embassy regarding the Papal Ecumenical Institute in the Holy Land (ff. 99-100).

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GB/109/16664Koukouzis; Demetrios (1911-2005); Iakovos/Jakovos; Greek Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America1911-2005
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