RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 46/2
Extent75 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Aftermath Of The Riots
DateFebruary 1957-June 1958
DescriptionCorrespondence, reports and file notes mostly concerning the position of the Patriarchate following the riots, but also the visit to Istanbul by Sir Kenneth Grubb in 1957.

Including: resolution of World Council of Churches, W.C.C., executive, regarding the Patriarchate remaining at Istanbul (f. 1); letter from George Bell, Archbishop of Chichester, to Willem Visser't Hooft, W.C.C., regarding approaching the Foreign Office (f. 2); letter from G. Bell regarding the resolution of the W.C.C. executive (f. 3); correspondence with Alan Booth, secretary, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, W.C.C., regarding their resolution (ff. 4-5); letter from W. Hilary Young, Foreign Office regarding Herbert Waddams interview with Suat Hayri Urguplu, Turkish Ambassador, London (f. 6); Paul Anderson, International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations, regarding the Americans favouring the Patriarchate continuing at the Phanar (f. 7); correspondence between Sir Kenneth Grubb and Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding Grubb's visit to Athens and Istanbul (ff. 8-9); draft letter from G. Fisher to Athenagoras, Oecumenical Patriarch regarding the gift of a silver vase (f. 10); memo by Kenneth Grubb 'Visit to Turkey and Greece' (ff. 11-12); diary of Sir Kenneth Grubb, 5th-10th March 1957 (ff. 13-23); W. C. C. information, W.C.C./CCIA leaders visit Turkey/Greece (f. 24); correspondence with Basil Anagnostopoulos, Istanbul (ff. 25 and 29); 'Notes on visit of Dr. Visser 'T Hooft, Dr. O. F. Nolde, and Sir Kenneth Grubb to Athens and Istanbul, 11-17 March 1957' (ff. 26-8); letter from G. Fisher to the Oecumenical Patriarch regarding the gift of a silver vase (f. 30); file notes regarding a meeting with Sir William Hayter, Foreign Office (ff. 31-2); file note regarding H. Waddams interview with Suat Hayri Urguplu, Turkish Ambassador (ff. 33-6); correspondence with William Hayter regarding H. Waddams paper (ff. 37-9 and 70); correspondence with Alex Pallis (ff. 40 and 49-50); 'Excerpts from the most recent articles published in Turkish newspapers, concerning the fate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate' (ff. 41-3); 'Notes on visit to Greece and Turkey' (f. 44); letter from Raymond Maxwell, W.C.C. (f. 45); correspondence with G. Bell (ff. 46, 51, 53-4 and 69); correspondence with James of Melita, Ecumenical Patriarchate Liason Office, W.C.C. (ff. 47-8); letter extract from A. Pallis (f. 52); correspondence between the Oecumenical Patriarch to G. Fisher regarding Charles Mortlock (ff. 55 and 57-8); file note regarding the Oecumenical Patriarch moving to Athos (f. 56); letter to John Satterthwaite regarding the possibility of talks with Orthodox Church representatives before the Lambeth Conference in 1958 (ff. 59-60); file note regarding a possible meeting with the new Turkish Ambassador, Muharrem Nuri Birgi (f. 61); file note regarding the visit of Basil Krivocheine (f. 62); file note regarding the visit of Dr. Stratenwerth (f. 63); 'Report of the Synodical Committee Meeting on Orthodox and Other Christian Affairs', by John Satterthwaite (ff. 64-8); correspondence with A. D. M. Ross, Foreign Office regarding the Greek minority in Istanbul and violence (ff. 71-2); file note the visit of M. Giorgos Seferiadis, Greek Ambassador to G. Fisher (ff. 73-4) and file note 'The Church in Constantinople' regarding the destruction of churches in Istanbul and the health of the Oecumenical Patriarchate (f. 75).

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