RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 45/1
Extent111 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Anti-Greek Riots
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes and reports concerning the riots in Istanbul in September 1955 with expressions of Anglican support for the victims. Also sometimes known as the Istanbul riots/September events or Istanbul pogrom.

Including: letter in Greek to Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 1-6); file note regarding the Cyprus and Istanbul situation (f. 7); draft letter for the archbishop (ff. 8-12); letter from Metropolitan of Philadelphia (f. 13); letters from Gennadios, Archbishop of Heliopolis (ff. 14 and 26-7); letter to Miss Helle Georgiadis (f. 15); 'Message from Dr. Visser 'T Hooft. Secretary-General of the World Council of Churches to Archbishop Spyridon of Athens (f. 16); 'Message from the Russian Orthodox Church to His All Holiness the Oecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul' (f. 17); letter to Geoffrey Fisher from the Orthodox Christian Association (f. 18); correspondence between Geoffrey Fisher to Ivor Watkins, Bishop of Malmesbury regarding W.C.C. visits to the Phanar (ff. 19-21 and 42-4); correspondence between Geoffrey Fisher from Christopher Contogeorge, Patriarchate of Alexandria (ff. 22-4 and 40); decree from The Philharmonic band of the Municipality of Ioannina-Epirus-Greece (f. 25); file note regarding an invitation to the Oecumenical Patriarch (ff. 28 and 37); Church Information Board, convocation of Canterbury, 'The Primate's speech on the sufferings of the Greek Orthodox Church (ff. 29-32); telegram regarding Geoffrey Fisher's speech (f. 33); file note regarding Geoffrey Fisher's speech (f. 34); letters from Morrison Johnston, Foreign Office regarding 'Statement of the Holy Synod of the Roumanian Orthodox Church in connection with the disturbances in Constantinople' (ff. 35-6 and 38-9); letter from Geoffrey Fisher to Athenagoras, Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 41); letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos (ff. 45-7); letter from British Embassy, Istanbul (f. 48); correspondence between Herbert Waddams and Ivor Watkins (ff. 49-53); file note regarding a visit by the Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 54); letter to Visser 'T Hooft from Metropolitan Panteleimon of Salonika (ff. 55-6); letter to Metropolitan Panteleimon from H. Waddams (f. 57); note by Geoffrey Fisher (f. 58); letter and memorandum from Christophoros Patriarch of Alexandria (ff. 59-61); correspondence with Donald Lowrie, International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations (ff. 62, 81 and 84); letter from J. J. Cotsonis (f. 63); translation from 'Kathimerini', 'The Turkish barbarities and the hypocrisy of the "allies"' (ff. 64-5); in French, 'Messager D'Athens, 'Le senateur Americain Capehard denonoce les journalistes les atrocites commises le 6 Septembre a Constantinople' (ff. 66-7); translation from, 'Ethnikos Kiryx' (f. 68); translation from, 'Kathimerini', 'The Anglicans' (f. 69); translation from, 'Kathimerini', 'A strong protest of the Greek hierarchy to the foreign churches and the World Council of Churches' (ff. 70-1); letter to Christopher King, World Council of Churches (f. 72); file note regarding Ivor Watkins' visit (ff. 73 and 75); correspondence with Archimandrite James Virvos (ff. 74 and 85); translation from 'Eleftheria' (f. 76); translation from 'Athinaiki', 'Something Wrong' (f. 77); letter from World Council of Churches regarding Geoffrey Fisher's statement (f. 78); extract from the British Council of Churches Inter-Church Aid and Refuge Service (f. 79); letter from Janet Lacey regarding fundraising (f. 80); memo 'Istanbul Riots 6th Sptember 1955' (ff. 82-3); 'Extract from BBC Monitoring of Athens radio (f. 86); letter from [C. W.] Piper, British Embassy, Istanbul (f. 87); letter from Ivor Watkins regarding fundraising (f. 88); letter to Harold Macmillan, Foreign Office from Geoffrey Fisher regarding foreign aid to Turkey (f. 89); 'Draft for the Archbishop to possible subscribers', regarding fundraising (ff. 90-1); file note regarding fundraising (f. 92); letter from Selwyn Lloyd, Foreign Office regarding compensation for damaged property (ff. 93-4); file note (f. 95); text of telegram from Geoffrey Fisher to the Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 96); letter to A. C. Sedgwick, Athens (f. 97); letter to Rev. and Mrs Piper, Istanbul (f. 98); telegram from Spyridon regarding the British Governments diplomacy (ff. 99-103); letter from A. C. [Selgrand] (ff. 104-6); statement issued from Lambeth Palace (f. 107); draft letter to Spyridon (f. 108); letter to Frances House (f. 109) and article for 'Church of England News' and 'Church Times' (ff. 110-111).

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