RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 278/1
Extent74 ff,
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Ukrainian Orthodox Church: Church In Exile: Great Britain
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning help and support for the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox church in Britain, including the provision of churches.

Including: correspondence involving Polikarp, Archbishop of Wolyn snd Lutzk (ff. 1, 8); letter from B. Byblow (f. 2); British House of Comons. Oral answers to questions. (f. 3); memo to the British Ministry of Labour regarding Ukranian voluntary labour to the UK (ff. 4-6); file notes (ff. 7, 12); letter from Mstyslav, Bishop of Paeresyaslav (ff. 9-10); letter from G. Levine (f. 11); letters from G. Panchuk (ff. 13-16, 21, 44-5, 60-2, 64); letter to D. Pettigrew (f. 17); 'Proposed addition to Ukranmian translation of welcome of the Christians of EVWS' (f. 18); 'The Christians in your new home welcome you and hope you will be happy with us' (ff. 19-20); letter from E. Gibson (f. 22); letters from M. Hodgins (ff. 23-4, 27, 35, 39-42); letter trom [Tracy Phippo] (f. 25); correspondence involving Percy Ineson (ff. 26, 28, 32); letter from Vladimir de Kowstovsky (ff. 29-31); letter from R. Hanky (f. 33); 'Suggested instructions on relations with the Eastern Orthodox (f. 34); letter from Russell Barry, Bishop of Southwell (f. 36); correspondence involving John Findlow (ff. 37-8, 72); 'Release and resettlement of Rimini group (f. 43); correspondence involving Alexander Maxwell (ff. 46-7); letter from I. Hubarshewsky (ff. 48-50); letters to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 51, 53); 'memo re: ukrainians in Great Britain (f. 52); The Serb & the Ukranian auto-cephalous Orthodox Churches (f. 54); 'Distressed persons, Europe (Admission to United Kingdon) (f. 55); correspondence involving Ian Roy (ff. 56-7, 70); 'Ukranian POWs intended for deportation to Germany for health reasons...' (ff. 58-9); article in 'Manchester Guardian', 4 Jun 48 (f. 63); 'memo re: Ukranian "Divisia Halychyna" (Ukranmian POW in Great Britain)...' (ff. 65-9); letter to W. Greer (f. 71); letter from R. Richardson (f. 73) and article in 'Time and Tide', 5 Jun 48 (f. 74).

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135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
DS/UK/3561Barry; (Frank) Russell (1890-1976); bishop of Southwell1890-1976
GB/109/20059Findlow; John (1915-1970); Director, Anglican Centre in Rome1915-1970
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