RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 269/3
Extent60 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Serbian Orthodox Church In Exile: Great Britain: Contact - Fr. Rodzianko
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning Fr. Vladimir Rodzianko, who suffered imprisonment in Yugoslavia and settled in England in 1952, he was a priest at the Church of St Sava in London, and warden of St Symeon's House in Yorkshire.

Including; correspondence involving Nicholas Zernov (ff. 1-2, 12, 15 and 29-30); correspondence involving Sir Charles Peake (ff. 3 and 9); letter from Archimandrite Vitaly (f. 4); letter from M. Rodzianko (f. 5); correspondence involving the Bishop of Gibraltar (ff. 6-8 and 10-11); letter from M. Monzavied (f. 13); correspondence involving Rev. P. Widdrington (ff. 14 and 19); correspondence involving Helen Rapp (ff. 16-17 and 24-5); letters from T. Elliott (ff. 18 and 23); correspondence involving K. Parker (ff. 20-2 and 26); letter from H. Hankinson (f. 27); letter from Rev. Robert Mackie (f. 28); file notes (ff. 31-2, 34-5 and 42-3); letter to G. Bolsover (f. 33); correspondence involving Vladimir Rodzianko (ff. 36-9, 45 and 47-60); letter from [?] (f. 40); letter to the Bishop of Chichester (f. 41); letter to M. Braybrook (f. 44) and letter from [?], Home Office (f. 46).
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