RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 248/2
Extent162 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: General situation, 1961 - 1980
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning general conditions, church affairs and church-state relations, and Anglican support for the church.

Including correspondence re. the presence of Dobrivoje Radosavljevic at the entrhonement of Bishop Vassilij, 1961 (ff. 1-4), an update from Belgrade (ff. 5-6), memo after a discussion with Father Dimitrijevic on the affairs of the Serb Orthodox Church, 1962 (f. 7), arrangements for Rev. R.M. French's visit to Yugoslavia (ff. 9-10), translated note on the Old Catholics asking for their integration into Orthodoxy (f. 11), note on Father Nikolic's concerns over the state of his Church in America (f. 14), notes from Basil Minchin's visit to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece, 1963 (ff. 15-16), note on the progress of Radosevic, 1964 (f. 19), correspondence between Rev. O.G. Rees and Canon Satterthwaite re. time spent with Dr Vucic (ff. 20-21), report on visit to Yugoslav Orthodox Monasteries by the Rev. P.M.H. Kelly and Rev. J.D. Devereux, 1964 (f. 22), a report for CFR of a trip made by Rev. Basil and Mrs Magaret Minchin in the Orthodox Diocese of Dalmatia, 1964 (ff. 23-33), correspondence re. the Partriarch of the Orthodox Church and potential visits (ff. 35-38), correspondence re. the possible appointment of a Serb Orthodox Bishop for Western Europe (ff. 39-40), correspondence re. potential meetings between Archbishop Ramsey and the Orthodox Patriarch (ff. 41-44), note on a visit to the Serbian Patriarch (ff. 45-47), note by Satterthwaite on Dr Raymond A. Gray's hopes for setting up a chaplaincy in Belgrade (f. 48), translation of Decree on Religious Communities, 1965 (ff. 49-51), letter from David Tustin re. Father Barnabas Burton, 1965 (f. 52), a statement concerning the sitation in the serbian Orthodox Church by the Brotherhood of the Serbian Orthodox priests in Western Europe (ff. 54-55), note on a discussion between Ramsey and Sir Duncan Wilson on his recent visit to Belgrade, 1966 (f. 56), note by Satterthwaite on a lunch with Monsieur Demajo of the Yugoslav Embassy, 1966 (ff. 57-58), impression of Serbian Church life by Metropolitan Athenagoras of Thyateira and Great Britain (ff. 59-60), report on meetings with His Beatitude German by Satterthwaite, 1966 (ff. 61-64), letters on the Church of St. Sava in Belgrade (ff. 65-66), report on discussion with Father Nikolic and material relating to the Macedonian Church (ff. 67-71), correspondence re. the projected exchange of nuns (ff. 72-73), correspondence re. the visit of Patriarch Athenagoras to Belgrade, October 1967 (ff. 74-76), letter from Michael Moore re. a future trip to Belgrade and a meeting with Father Nikolic and Bishop Firmilian (ff. 77-79), report from Istanbul, 1967 (ff. 80-82), letter re. Macedonia and time spent with Metropolitan Justin of Iasy, Nov., 1967 (ff. 83-86), reports on the ecumenical movement and Yugoslavia, 1968 (ff. 87-89), report on meeting of the Holy Episcopal Council re. the establishment of a West European Diocese, 19 March, 1969 (f. 90), translation of a decision made by the Holy Synod of the Serban Orthodox Church re. those who left the Church in following former clerics (ff. 92-93), summary of an article on the Serbian Orthodox Church by Deacon Fredy Soder in 'Christkatholische Jugend', Feb. 1971 (ff. 94-98), material relating to Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Yugoslavia, 1972 (ff. 99-109), report on Easter service and meeting with the Ambassador (ff. 110-111), translation from the 'Orthodox Observer', August 8, 1973 (f. 112), material relating to a rail accident near Zagreb, 1974, including a letter from Franjo Kuharic, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb (ff. 113-117), report of meeting with the Patriarch, March 1975 (ff. 118-119), 'Religious Communities', Yugoslav Survey, Belgrade, Quarterly, August 1977, (ff. 122-133), letter from Ivan Ilitch and Alia Bosnitch with attached open letter (in French) (ff. 134-137), material relating to the provision of theological literature and a visit by Fr. Colin Hickling with a group of students (ff. 138-152), correspondence re. the arrest of Fr. Marko Srdic, 1978 (ff. 153-155), draft of condolence message on death of President Tito, 1980 (f. 158); request to Archbishop Runcie from Fr. Milan Kabljanac for help to rebuild the church in Ribnjacka, refused, 1980 (ff.159-162).
LanguageEnglish, Russian(?), French

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