RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 243/2
Extent71 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Russian Orthodox Churches in Exile: Paris (Eulogian) Jurisdiction
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the 'Paris' Jurisdiction, under the Oecumenical Patriarch, including the dispute with Moscow over the jurisdiction (Seraphim v Vladimir) after the death of Eulogius, and the appeal for a church and centre in London, 1943-44.

Including: letter to D. Lowrie (f. 1); 'Notes on the Diocesan Conference, Paris, Oct 16, 1946' (ff. 2-3); letter from Stewart Herman (ff. 4-7); in French (ff. 8-9 and 49-51 ); 'Extract from encyclical of Moscow Patriarchate addressed to the Bishops and faithful of Western European Exarchate...' (f. 10); in Russian (f. 11); 'Russian Orthodox situation in France (ff. 12-15); letter from [?] (f. 16); 'Impressions and observations by a visitor to the Institute of St. Denis and the Benedictine Monastry in Paris' (ff. 17-18); 'A report on this development in the Russian Orthodox church in France (ff. 19-25); 'Resolution of the extraordinary diocesam conference of the Russian Orthodox church in Western Europe...' (ff. 26-7); 'Ukaz of the holy patriarch of Moscow and all Russia' (ff. 28-9); in French (ff. 30 and 49-51); correspondence involving Father Widdrington (ff. 31-5, 41, 45-7 and 64); 'Meeting of the division on relations with Orthodox churches...' (ff. 36-9); file notes (ff. 40, 48 and 69); correspondence involving Floyd Tomkins (ff. 42 and 44); 'Tserkovny Vestnik', Dec 46 (f. 43); correspondence involving Visser 't Hooft (ff. 52 and 56); letter from Henry St. George Tucker (f. 53); correspondence involving Metropolitan Seraphim (ff. 54-5); letters to Paul Anderson (ff. 57-8); correspondence involving Archimandrite Cassian (ff. 59-60 and 68); 'Pastoral letter from the patriarch to his exarchate in Western Europe' (f. 61); correspondence involving Charles Neate (ff. 62-3); letter from Chancery (ff. 65-7); letter to [?] Hankey (f. 70) and letter from the Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 71).

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