RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 30/2
Extent95 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican Membership Of
Date12 January 1973-31 December 1973
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers and file notes concerning the composition of the Anglican AOJDD delegation. Particularly concerns a reduction in the numbers of the theological commission and the meeting at Hertford College, Oxford, 9-13 July 1973.

Including: letter of resignation from Richard Hanson (f. 1); file note regarding various articles (ff. 2-3); 'Subscription to the thirty-nine articles' (ff. 4-5); letter to Ernest John, Bishop of Nandyal regarding being a delegate (f. 6); correspondence between John Howe and Henry Brandreth regarding the membership of AOJDD (ff. 7-8); file notes regarding the meeting at Oxford (ff. 9 and 27); correspondence between Paul Anderson and H. Brandreth regarding papers (ff. 10-1); file note regarding a reduction in numbers of the theological commission for AOJDD (f. 12); letter from M. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding American delegates (f. 13); letters to Michael Moore and M. Ramsey regarding Donald Caird, the Bishop of Limberick acting as an advisor (ff. 14 and 17); letter from Harry Carpenter regarding meetings (f. 15); letter to M. Ramsey regarding the Bishop of Argyll acting as an advisor (f. 16); letter to H. Carpenter regarding the meeting at Oxford (f. 18); file note regarding a meeting with Archbishop Athenagoras (f. 19); letters from the Archbishop of Cape Town, Edward Scott, Primate of Canada, John Hines, Presiding Bishop Episcopal Church, P. Anderson and Peter Day regarding delegates (ff. 20, 23-4, 26, 29 and 40); correspondence between Paul Anderson and H. Brandreth regarding developments (f. 21); letter from Henry Chadwick regarding the meeting at Oxford (f. 22); letter from Richard Knyvet, Bishop of Argyl (f. 25); letter to the Bishop of Winchester regarding the Oxford meeting (f. 28); correspondence between Graham Delbridge and H. Brandreth regarding the seven oecumenical councils (ff. 30 and 36); letters to F. Lickfield, Bishop of Quincy, R. Knyvet acting as advisors (ff. 31-2); correspondence between M. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury and John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Gibraltar, letter from M. Moore to J. Satterthwaite and letter from M. Ramsey to J. Howe regarding J. Satterthwaite's participation (ff. 33, 37 and 41-2); letter from P. Anderson regarding articles (f. 34); correspondence between P. Anderson and H. Brandreth regarding developments in the USA (ff. 35 and 38-9); letter to Graham Delbridge regarding Oecumenical Councils (f. 36); letter from Peter Day regarding his participation (f. 40); correspondence with F. Lickfield, Bishop of Quincy regarding acting as an advisor (ff. 43 and 45); file note regarding the Oxford meeting (ff. 44); letter to G. Delbridge regarding papers (f. 46); letter to R. Runcie regarding becoming chairman of the commission (f. 47); letter to Basile regarding his paper (f. 48); file note regarding the programme for the Oxford meeting (f. 49); correspondence with Archbishop Athenagoras regarding the Oxford meeting (ff. 50 and 52); letter to H. Carpenter regarding the Oxford meeting (f. 51); file notes and letter from Archbishop Athenagoras regarding the representation of Orthodox churches at Oxford (ff. 53-4 and 56-7); letter to Kallistos Ware regarding the Oxford meeting (f. 55); file note regarding the filioque (f. 58); telegram in Greek from Patriarch Dimitrios (f. 59); telegram from the Patriarch of Jerusalem to M. Ramsey (ff. 60-1); correspondence between M. Ramsey/M. Moore and H. Carpenter reporting on the Oxford meeting (ff. 62-3, 67-8 and 73); correspondence between M. Ramsey and R. Runcie regarding the Archbishop's visit to the Oxford meeting (ff. 64-5); letter to Archbishop Athenagoras regarding meetings (f. 66); letter from H. Carpenter regarding the 'principle of communication' (f. 69); letter of resignation as chairman from H. Carpenter, reply from M. Ramsey, file note concerning and press release (ff. 70-1, 74, 79 and 81); letter of thanks from John, Metropolitan of Helsinki and reply by M. Ramsey (ff. 72 and 75); letter from P. Day regarding the Russian Orthodox church's desire to have a dialogue on the validity of Anglican orders (ff. 76-7); letter from P. Anderson on the validity of Anglican orders (f. 78); letter to P. Anderson regarding meetings and papers (f. 80); correspondence involving the Metropolitan of Mytilene regarding improprieties (ff. 82-3, 89 and 93); letter from Harry Carpenter regarding Donald Allchin (f. 84); letter from Donald Allchin regarding Metropolitan Mytilene's letter (ff. 85-6); letter to Archbishop Athenagoras regarding Donald Allchin (f. 87); letter to Donald Allchin (f. 88) file note regarding the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester and his replacement by the Bishop of Truro (f. 90) and letter from Prof. J. Kaloyerou (f. 91); letter from Rev. Edward Hardy regarding the filiuque (f. 92); letter in Greek (f. 94); letter to John Kaloyerou regarding the Oxford meeting (f. 95).

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