RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 28/3
Extent89 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: General
Date13 January 1965-31 December 1968
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes, reports and papers concerning the resumption of Anglican-Orthodox joint doctrinal dialogue, last held in 1931. Includes contact with the oecumenical patriarch and the decisions of the 3rd Pan-Orthodox conference at Rhodes in November 1964.

Including: letter to Paul Anderson regarding preparations for dialogue (ff. 1-2); extract from the address of M. Ramsey the Archbishop of Canterbury to the convocation of Canterbury (f. 3); telegram from Athens to the Foreign Office regarding arrangements (f. 4); message for John Blakeway regarding Orthodox visits to Lambeth (f. 5); press release. 'Orthodox church delegates visiting London' (f. 6); agenda for AOJDD to be held at Lambeth Palace Thur 18 Feb 1965 (ff. 7-8); meeting notes, Thur 18 Feb 1965 (ff. 9-13); in Greek, text of the Third Pan-Orthodox conference decision to resume Anglican/Orthodox theological conversations (ff. 14-18); 'copy of letter handed to the Archbishop of Canterbury by the special envoys of the oecumenical patriarch' (f. 19); 'Speech of metropolitan meliton of Heliopolis and Theira (ff. 20-2); 'The Archbishop of Canterbury's response (ff. 23-5); 'Paraphrased jottings from the Bp. of Winchester's speech at reception of special envoys', S. F. Allison (ff. 26-7); 'Message on label on reverse of cross sent by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the oecumenical patriarch' (ff. 28-30); guest list for dinner, 18 Feb 1965 (f. 31); letter from M. Ramsey to the oecumenical patriarch, regarding the agenda for discussions (ff. 32-3); letter from Donald Coggan, the Archbishop of York (ff. 34); letter to D. Tustin (f. 35); letter to Austin Oakley (f. 36); press release, 'Full scale Anglican/Orthodox theological conversations to be resumed' (ff. 37-40); memo of a meeting with the Pan-christian relations committee at the Phanar, by John Satterthwaite (ff. 41-3); extract from J. Satterthwaite's travel diary (f. 44); in Greek, letter from the oecumenical patriarch to the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 45-7); cable in French from the oecumenical patriarch (f. 48); letter to Patrick Roger regarding talks with the Russian Orthodox church (ff. 49); booklet in Greek 'EKKAHEIA' (ff. 50-6); letter of thanks from metropolitans meliton and Chrysostomos (f. 57); letter from Metropolitan Meliton of Heliopolis and Theira and Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Myra (f. 58); extract from memo by D. Tustin regarding the Romanian patriarch (f. 59); distrubition list for texts of speeches made at lambeth Palace (f. 60); letters of thanks from Mladen Mladenovic on behalf of the Serbian patriarch and the Romanian Patriarch (ff. 61 and 67); letter to David Paton and redraft of statement for 'The Bulletin on Orthodox Relations' (ff. 62-4); correspondence between Edna Mary and J. Satterthwaite regarding the status of talks (ff. 65-6); file note regarding a possible meeting in Belgrade (f. 68); file note regarding the latest developments (f. 69); file note regarding Prof. Anastasiou (ff. 70-1); 'informal report on theological discussions at Lambeth Palace, 10 Nov 1967' (ff. 72-4); transcription of a telediphoned recording, between Leslie Smith and J. Sattethwaite, regarding the visit of the oecumenical patriarch (ff. 75-6); extract of a letter from the Archbishop of Utrecht, regarding Old Catholic/Orthodox relations (f. 77); letter to C. R. C. Coussmaker regarding a visit to the oecumenical patriarch (f. 78); correspondence between P. Anderson and J. Satterthwaite regarding visiting the oecumenical patriarch (ff. 79-80); letter from M. Ramsey to the oecumenical patriarch regarding mutual visits by envoys (ff. 81-2); report on the visit of p. Anderson and J. Satterthwaite to the oecumenical patriarch (ff. 83-4); correspondence between P. Anderson and J. Satterthwaite regarding developments (ff. 85-6); letter to Graham Leonard, Bishop of London from Athenagoras of Thyateira, regarding develoments in Anglican-Methodist relations (f. 87) and letter from the Archbishop of Brisbane to M. Ramsey and 'An Account of a conference between Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops, Melbourne, 20 Nov 1968' (ff. 88-9).

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