RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 28/1
Extent143 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: General
Date3 January 1949-28 December 1959
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers concerning the resumption of Anglican-Orthodox joint doctrinal dialogue, last held in 1931. Includesg talks with the oecumenical patriarch at the Phanar and the decisions of the Lambeth Conference 1958.

Including: 'Joint doctrinal commission between the Anglican and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Points of agreement and difference. October 1931' (ff. 1-3); letter from H. Alivisatos to Geoffrey Fisher the Archbishop of Canterbury, 3 Jan 1946, file notes and letter to George Bell, the Bishop of Chichester, 26 Jun 1948, regarding the reestablishment of the Anglican-Orthodox doctrinal commission (ff. 4-8); note of Prof. Bratsiotes' remarks to C.F.R., 22 Jun 1951, regarding the Church of Greece (f. 9); file note regarding Prof. Bratsiotes (f. 10); letter to G. Bell regarding Slav and Greek Orthodox Churches (f. 11); letter from G. Bell regarding Slavic representation (f. 12); letter to G. Fisher regarding difficulties with the reestablishment of the commission (f. 13); correspondence between G. Bell and H. Waddams regarding delaying reestablishment (ff. 14-15); extract from letter from Bp. in Egypt regarding an Orthodox synod (f. 16); 'Report of interview with Archbishop Athenagoras', Tue 19 Feb 1952, regarding the present situation of inter-church relations (ff. 17-18); letter from Athenagoras to Pitirim, Metropolitan of Minsk, regarding the validity of Anglican orders (ff. 19-22); file notes (ff. 23-4); letter to Athenagoras regarding the Russian Orthodox church (f. 25); letters to Francis House, G. Bell and A. Oakley and file note regarding the publication of Athenagoras' letter to Pitirim (ff. 26-9); letters from Athenagoras and G. Bell, to H. Waddams and file note regarding preventing publication of Athenagoras' letter to Pitirim (ff. 30-3); notes for the archbishop and letter regarding talks with the Russian Orthodox church (ff. 34-42); letter from Paul Anderson regarding relations with the Russian Orthodox church (f. 43); final letter, from G. Fisher to the oecumenical patriarch, draft letters and file notes regarding talks that occured with the Russian Orthodox church and future talks (ff. 44-5); file notes regarding regarding meeting the Oecumenical patriarch (ff. 46 and 48); file note (f. 47); letters to the Oecumenical Patriarch the Rumanian church (ff. 49-54); file note regarding visiting the oecumenical patriarch (f. 55); file note regarding a discussion with Visser t'Hooft (f. 56); correspondence between John Lawrence and H. Waddams regarding the forthcoming meeting in Russia (ff. 57-8); letter from Henry Sherrill regarding relations with the Russian Orthodox church (f. 59); letter and file note to A. Bloom regarding the forthcoming meeting in Russia (ff. 60-1); letter to P. Anderson regarding visting the Phanar (f. 62); draft letter to Athenagoras regarding visting the Phanar (f. 63); note regarding the background to the state of Anglican-Orthodox relations at present (f. 64); 'Opening words by the Metropolitan of Sardis' (ff. 65-6); letter extract from P. Anderson (f. 67); letter from Metrpolitan James Papaioannou of Philadelphia regarding visting the Phanar (f. 68); extract from 'Pantainos', no. 11, 11 Apr 1956 (f. 69); report of the visit to the Phanar (ff. 70-5); interview with Archbishop Athenagoras and the Bisdop of Melita (f. 76); letter extract from G. Fisher (f. 77); correspondence between Charles Peake and H. Waddams regarding talks in 1957 (ff. 78-9); correspondence between J. Papaioannou and H. Waddams (ff. 80, 83 and 86); letter extract from correspondence between Prof. Basil Anagnostopoulos and H. Waddams regarding talks in 1957 (ff. 81-2 and 85); letter extract in French (f. 84); file note regarding a letter (f. 87); in Greek (f. 88); letter extract from B. Anagnostopoulos regarding papers (f. 89); memo from J. Fisher (f. 90); letter extract from Prof. Konstantinides regarding Orthodox participation at the Lambeth conference (f. 91); letter from B. Anagnostopoulos regarding Anglican-Orthodox relations (f. 92); file note regarding informal Anglican-Orthodox meetings (f. 93); file notes regarding the possiblity of an Anglican-Orthodox meeting at the Lambeth conference (ff. 94-5 and 98); letters to P. Anderson and H. Waddamsregarding the possible Anglican-Orthodox meeting (ff. 96-7); 'Report of the synodical committee meeting on Orthodox and other christian affairs', by John Satterthwaite (ff. 99-101); 'Lambeth Conference - Account of informal conversations between Anglican/Orthodox representatives' (ff. 102-111); file note regarding next steps (ff. 112-3); letter extract from B. Anagnostopoulos regarding latest developments (f. 114); letter from Geoffrey Fisher regarding further conversations with the Orthodox (f. 115); correspondence between M. Ramsey Archbishop of York and J. Satterthwaite regarding the resumption of discussions (ff. 116-7); letter of introduction from M. Ramsey to the oecumenical patriarch (f. 118); correspondence between M. Ramsey and J. Satterthwaite regarding arrangements (ff. 119-22 and 124); letter from J. Satterthwaite regarding resuming discussions (f. 123); 'Visit made by J. Satterthwaite to the Phanar' (ff. 125-6); letter to P. Anderson and letter extract regarding the present situation of the Orthodox churches (ff. 127-8); correspondence between G. Fisher and the oecumenical patriarch regarding talks (ff. 129-32 and 135); letter from archimandrite Amaryllios Simeon regarding the Bishop of Chelmsford visiting the Phanar (ff. 133-4); file note regarding expenses (f. 136); 'Meeting of the pan-christian relations committee, Halki (ff. 137-40) and memo of meeting with German by J. Satterthwaite (ff. 141-3).

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135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/5999Waddams; Herbert Montague (1911-1972); Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1911-1972
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
GB/109/14282House; Francis Harry (1908-2004); Archdeacon of Macclesfield1908-2004
GB/109/13917Oakley; Austin (1890-1977); President of the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Association1890-1977
GB/109/13104Anderson; Paul B. (1896-1985); commentator on Russia and the Orthodox Church1896-1985
DS/UK/5887Athenagoras I (1886-1972); Ecumenical Patriarch1886-1972
GB/109/7252Visser't Hooft; Willem Adolph (1900-1985); Dutch clergyman1900-1985
DS/UK/5512Sherrill; Henry Knox (1890-1980); Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.1890-1980
524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/14074German (1899-1991); Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church1899-1991
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