RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 25/3
Extent93 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): The Filioque
DateJanuary 1978-10 July 1981
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers, articles and file notes concerning Anglican-Orthodox discussions of the filioque.

Including: letter extract from R. Runcie to C. Davey (f. 1); letter from the Archdeacon of Macclesfield to M. Moore (f. 2); 'Orthodox/Anglican discussion' minutes (ff. 3-4); correspondence between R. Runcie and M. Moore (ff. 5-7); letter to John Howe from R. Runcie (f. 8); 'The filioque clause' (f. 9); telegram from R. Runcie (f. 10); letters from C. Davey (ff. 11-14); 'The filioque question', by E. Every, 'Sobornost', 1979, 1:2 (ff. 15-19 and 35-39); letter from C. Davey (f. 20); correspondence involving M. M. Thomas, the Bishop of Wangaratta (ff. 21-2, 24 and 25); letter from William Norgren (f. 23); letter from C. Davey (f. 26); letter from C. Davey to R. Runcie (f. 27); letter to Eugene Fairweather (f. 28); letter to W. Norgren (f. 29); letter to Lukas Vischer (f. 30); note to the Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 31); letter to R. Runcie (f. 32); letter from C. Davey (f. 33); 'The filioque clause and the Nicene Creed', by C. Davey (f. 34); 'Proceeding from the father to the son', by E. Every, from 'Eastern Churches Review' (ff. 40-2); letter from John Howe to C. Davey (f. 43); letter from Donald Seeks (ff. 44-5); letters from C. Davey (ff. 46 and 48); article '...and the son' from Church Times 30 May 1980 (f. 47); letter 'Still further to the filioque' by C. Davey (ff. 49-52); 'For the Anglican members of AO/JDD, Llandaff, Cardiff, July 1980' (ff. 53-6); 'A poetic defense of "filioque"', by Donald Berry, Colgate University (ff. 57-63); 'VII - proposals', Sep 1981 (ff. 64-8); correspondence between Colin Buchanan and R. Runcie the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 69-73); letter from M. Moore to C. Davey (ff. 74); correspondence involving David Geymour and R. Runcie (ff. 75-8); note to the Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 79); 'Opinion 1 : in praise of an archbishop' (f. 80); correspondence between Anthony Davies and R. Runcie (ff. 81-2); letter 'Still further to the filioque', from C. Davey (ff. 83-5); letter from C. Davey (f. 86); press release from the Episcopal Church, New York, 'Bishops urged to restore authentic creed' (ff. 87-8); first draft of paper 'The filioque clause', by C. Davey (ff. 89-91); file note (f. 92) and article '"filioque" clause on the way out?', from Church Times, 10/7/81 (f. 93).

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