RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 25/1
Extent104 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): The Filioque
DateJuly 1968-December 1973
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes and papers concerning Anglican-Orthodox discussions of the filioque.

Including: 'Grounds for the excision of the "filioque" from the creed of the Church of England', by Derwas Chitty and Prof. H. A. Hodges (ff. 1-6); note (f. 7); council minutes 12/11/71 (f. 8); note to the M. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, 'Series III and the filioque clause' (ff. 9-11 and 24); note for C. Davey (f. 12); letter to the Bishop of Winchester (f. 13); letter to H. Carpenter (f. 14); letter to Herbert Waddams (f. 15); file note (f. 16); correspondence between C. Davey and H. Waddams (ff. 17-18); note from H. Brandreth (f. 19); letter from H. Brandreth to H. Carpenter (f. 20); correspondence between H. Brandreth and E. Every (ff. 21-2); file notes (ff. 23-30); correspondence between the Bishop of Winchester and H. Brandreth (ff. 31 and 55); 'The filioque clause', speech by the Bishop of Winchester in the Convocation of Canterbury, 22 May 1973 (ff. 32-47); file note (f. 48); letter from the Bishop of Winchester to M. Moore (f. 49); letter to R. J. Graham (f. 50); letter to H. A. T. Bennett (f. 51); correspondence with F. C. Tindall (ff. 52-4); file notes (ff. 56-7); letter to the Bishop of Manchester (ff. 58-9); correspondence with F. House, the Archdeacon of Macclesfield (ff. 60 and 63-4); 'The "filioque" clause' (ff. 61-2); correspondence with Laidler Haswell Ltd. (ff. 65-6); counsellors' reports Feb-June 1973 (f. 67); correspondence with H. Bennett (ff. 68-9); file note (f. 70); 'Statement on the filioque question made by the international Old Catholic Bishops' Conference', translated by E. Every (f. 71); letter from F. Tindall (ff. 72-7); letter to the Bishop of Winchester (f. 78); correspondence between the Archbishop of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 79-80); letter from F. Tindall (f. 81); file note (f. 82); loetter from Roger [?] regarding a publication (f. 83); letter from [Zayah] (f. 84); file note (f. 85); correspondence between H. Brandreth and the Bishop of Winchester (ff. 86-7); letter to Nomikos Vaporis from C. Davey (f. 88); minutes 'session IV - May 22' (ff. 89-99); letter extract (f. 100); note to the archbishop (f. 101); notes for H. Brandreth (ff. 102-3) and letter from H. Brandreth to R. Runcie (f. 104).

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GB/109/8515Chitty; Derwas James (1901-1971); Rev; church historian1901-1971
GB/109/9176Hodges; Herbert Arthur (1905-1976); Professor of Philosophy1905-1976
GB/109/12132Davey; Colin Hugh Lancaster (1934-2013); Anglican Secretary of ARCIC1934-2013
287Carpenter; Harry James (1901-1993); Bishop of Oxford1901-1993
DS/UK/5999Waddams; Herbert Montague (1911-1972); Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1911-1972
NA2420Brandreth; Henry Renaud Turner (1914-1984); Anglican clergyman and historian1914-1984
GB/109/13705Every; Edward (1909-2006); Canon of St. George's Jerusalem1909-2006
GB/109/12145Moore; Michael Mervlyn Hamond (1935-); General Secretary, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1935-
GB/109/10930Tindall; Frederick Cryer (1900-1995); Canon of Salisbury1900-1995
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
516Runcie; Robert Alexander Kennedy (1921-2000); Archbishop of Canterbury1921-2000
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