RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 12/1
Extent113 ff.
TitleAnglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Jerusalem Meeting, September, 1969
Date7 December 1968-12 December 1969
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers circulated, notes, reports and resolutions of the meeting of Anglican members in Jerusalem, 16-18 September.

Including; letter from Paul Anderson regarding the agenda (f. 1); memo by Paul Anderson regarding topics on which documentation is needed for the Pan Anglican Commission (ff. 2-3); letter from S.L. Greenslade regarding the approach to dialogue with the Orthodox (ff. 4-5); letter from Paul Anderson (f. 6); letter to S.L. Greenslade regarding Orthodox divisions (f. 7); letter to Colin Davey (f. 8); letter to H. R. T. Brandreth regarding copies of the Bucharest report (f. 9); letter to John Satterthwaite (f. 10); letter from Paul Anderson following visits to Prague and Warsaw (f. 11); press release regarding appointments to the AOJDD (f. 12); note to the archbishop and letters regarding Australian commission appointments (ff. 13-15 and 23); letter from Paul Anderson regarding Anglican/Catholic and Orthodox/Catholic relations (f. 16); correspondence between William Wolf and John Satterthwaite regarding preparing a paper (ff. 17 and 20); letter from Henry Chadwick a meeting (f. 18); notes regarding American membership of AOJDD (ff. 19, 21, 24-5, 29 and 32-3); letter from Paul Anderson (f. 22); letter from G. Delbridge regarding being a representative (f. 23); note regarding topics to be discussed with the Orthodox (f. 26); file note and letters to H.R.T. Brandreth and E. Hardy regarding papers and topics for the commission to consider (ff. 27-8, 30-1, 36 and 50); letter from Bishop Dean (f. 34); letter from Colin Davey regarding topics for discussion (f. 35); letter to Paul Anderson and report regarding Anglican-Orthodox consultation in the USA (ff. 37-8); letter from Paul Anderson regarding relations with protestant churches (f. 39); correspondence with the Archbishop of Wales regarding a Welsh observer attending the conference in Jerusalem (ff. 40-1); letter from Graham Delbridge regarding meetings (f. 42); note and letter to Philip Strong, the Archbishop of Brisbane regarding expenses (ff. 43-5 and 58); notes of meeting between Paul Anderson, H.R.T. Brandreth and John Satterthwaite regarding the future approach to discussions and correspondence regarding the meeting (ff. 46-7); letter to John [?] developments (ff. 48-9); file note regarding meeting papers (f. 50); note by Henry Chadwick on theological disputes (ff. 51); letter from Eugene Fairweather regarding several papers (f. 52); letter from Ernest John regarding the situation in India (f. 53); letter to Meliton, Metropolitan of Chalcedon regarding the new Orthodox Centre in Geneva (f. 54); letter from John Zimmerman regarding conference arrangements (f. 55); letter from Paul Anderson regarding views (f. 56); letter from Graham Delbridge regarding the Orthodox church in Australia (f. 57); letter to W. Pennel (f. 58); letter from Donald Allchin regarding Romania (f. 59); telegram (f. 60); letter from Harry Carpenter, the Bishop of Oxford reporting on the meeting (ff. 61-2); resolution by the commission and letters regarding the filioque (ff. 63, 79, 88 and 97-9); press release regarding the conference (f. 64); letter from Edward Every regarding the situation in Jerusalem (f. 65); letter from Roger Beckwith regarding additional members of the commission (f. 66); letters of thanks (ff. 67-9); file note regarding budget (f. 70); letter to E.R. Hardy regarding Anglican orders (f. 71); correspondence with Edward Hardy regarding developing his paper (ff. 72-4 and 93); letter from Rev. E. Hardy regarding a paper (ff. 75-6); correspondence regarding the withdrawl of the Bishop of Ossory from the commission (ff. 77-8); letter from the Bishop of Oxford regarding the filioque (f. 79); letter from Edward Hardy regarding the declining significance of the issue of Anglican Orders (f. 80); letter to the Bishop of Ipswich regarding African representation on the commission (f. 81); file notes (ff. 82-3 and 99); extract from press release "unity proposals are not dead" (f. 84); letters and newspaper clipping regarding Henry Chadwick (ff. 85 and 94); note for the archbishop and correspondence with fellow Anglicans and Orthodox clergy regarding the outcome of the Jerusalem meeting (ff. 86, 89-90, 95-6, 100, 102, 106 and 110-1); letter from Paul Anderson regarding papers (f. 87); letter from the Bishop of Oxford regarding resolutions (f. 88); letter from E. Hardy regarding humour (f. 91); letter from Basil [Anagnostopoulos] regarding the resumption of Anglican-Orthodox dialogue (f. 92); letter from Rev. E. Hardy regarding a paper (f. 93); letter from Henry regarding withdrawing from the commission (f. 94);l etter to Rev. John Howe (f. 97); letter to the Bishop of Oxford (f. 98); letter from Graham Delbridge regarding Australian Orthodox consultations (ff. 101 and 107); leeter from the Archbishop of Wales accepting membership of the commission (f. 103); correspondence with Basil Anagnostopoulos regarding the Orthodox composition of the AOJDD (ff. 104-5); letter to Bishop Antim Tirgovisteanul regarding topics discussed at the Jerusalem conference and regional conferences of the Anglican commission to beheld in 1970 (f. 108); copy of a letter from Archpriest George Grabbe regarding the conference and the present state of Anglican-Orthodox relations (f. 109) and book reviews from 'Journal of biblical literature, July 1969 (ff. 112-3).

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