RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 105/2
Extent75 ff.
TitleIndividual Orthodox Churches: Cyprus: Church And Political Situation
DescriptionPapers relating to Cyprus, including: the request for self-determination, ethnarchy and Enosis, 1948-55, appeals to the Archbishop of Canterbury after the expulsion of Father Stamatopoulos 1955 and after the passing of death sentences on Michael Karaolis and Andrew Demetrion, 1955-56.

Including: letter from Philip [?] (f. 1); memos on Cyprus (ff. 2-3 and 29-35); correspondence involving Sir Kenneth Grubb (ff. 4, 9 and 66-7); 'Meeting with Mr. Rossisis Ethnarchic Council of Cyprus...' (f. 5); correspondence involving Alexander Pallis (ff. 6-8 and 61-2); letter from Gobat (f. 10); correspondence involving Charles Peake (ff. 11, 13 and 23); 'Extract from speech made by Prof. Daskalakis...' (f. 12); letters from Donald [?] (ff. 14 and 22); 'The political activity of the Cyprus Church (ff. 15-18); correspondence involving Irinos, Bishop of Samos (ff. 19-20); letter from Anthony Aldridge (f. 21); correspondence involving George Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 24, 26-27 and 38); letter to R. Selby, Foreign Office (f. 25); file notes (ff. 28, 36, 47, 58 and 60); letter to Archimandrite Kotsonis (f. 37); telegram from Theocharis Schisas (ff. 39-40); correspondence involving Theocharis Schisas (ff. 41-3, 48-50 and 70-2); 'Statement made on the 28th July, 1955, by Archbishop Mr. Makarios with regard to the expulsion from Cyprus of Archimandrite Stamatopoulos' (f. 44); letters from Arch. Anargyros Stamatopoulos (ff. 45-6 and 51-2) ; letter from Ronald Hayles (f. 53); letter from the Archbishop of Athens (f. 54); in Greek (ff. 55-6); translation of letter (f. 57); letter to W. Morris (f. 59); 'Statement on Cyprus issued by Sir Kenneth Grubb...' (ff. 63-5); telegram from Socrates Georgiades (ff. 68-9); letter to Weston Henry Stewart Bishop in Jerusalem (ff. 73-4) and letter to Charles Jeffries (f. 75).

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135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
DS/UK/6516Makarios III (1913-1977); Archbishop of Cyprus; Cypriot statesman1913-1977
DS/UK/5361Stewart; Weston Henry (1887-1969); Bishop in Jerusalem1887-1969
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