RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 8/1
Extent104 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: 4th Pan-Orthodox Conference, Belgrade, 1966
Date13 October 1965-15 September 1966
DescriptionPapers, reports and correspondence relating to the resumption of dialogue between the Orthodox and Anglican Churches and to a paper by Professor l. Voronov on Anglican Orders in light of Russian Orthodox Theology.

Including: letter to H.H. Clark, Primate of all Canada, 13 Oct 1965, regarding the appointment of Prof. Fairweather to the Papal Ecumenical Institute (f. 1); Letter from John Satterthwaite to H.H. Clark, 11 Feb 1965, regarding the appointment of Prof. Fairweather to the Joint Doctrinal Commission (f. 2); note for the Archbishop of Canterbury, 5 Jan 1966, regardig a letter from the Consul-General in Istanbul (f. 3); note of phone call from Metropolitan Athenagoras, 13 Jan 1966, regarding the make-up of the Inter-Orthodox Comission (f. 4); letter from Athenagoras of Thyateira to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 12 Jan 1966, regarding the make-up of the Inter-Orthodox Commission (f. 5); English tranlation of protocol 125, from Athenagoras of Constantinople, 16 Feb 1966, regarding the timing of the next committee meeting (f. 6); in Greek (f. 7); note for file, 23 Feb 1966 regarding the postponement of the 4th Pan-Orthodox Conference (f. 8); letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Oecumenical Patriarch, 8 Mar 1966 regarding the meeting of the Orthodox/Anglican joint Doctrinal Committee (f. 9); John Satterthwaite's note of conversation with Oecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul 25 Mar 1966, regarding the reasons behind the conference postponement (f. 10); English translation of letter from Athenagoras of Constantinople to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 23 Mar 1966 (f. 11); in Greek (f. 12); note of conversation with Moscow Patriarch, 10 May 1966, regarding an informal meeting with members of the Russian Orthodox Church (f. 13); 'Note of informal conversation during the visit of the Patriarch of Rumania, 21 Jun 1966' regarding the validity of Anglican Orders (ff. 14-16); Note for the Archbishop of Canterbury, 27 Jun 1966, regarding a conversation with Bishop Antim (f. 17a); note for file, 21 Jul 1966, regarding the situation with the Russian Orthodox Church (f. 17b); note regarding the start of inter-orthodox comission discussions (f. 18); letters from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Metropolitan Athenagoras (ff. 19-21); extracts from Canon Satterthwaite's letter to Prof. Anagnostopoulos (f. 22); text of telegram from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Patriarch German (f. 23); letter to the Bishop of Ipswich regarding Voronov's article (f. 24); correspondence between Patriarch Athenagoras and the Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 25-6); telegram from Athenagoras, Archbishop of Thyateira (ff. 27-9); 7 papers commenting on 'The problem of Anglican Orders in the light of Russian Orthodox Theology' by Prof. L.Voronov (ff. 30-1, 32-5, 36-8, 39-40, 41-2, 43 and 44-6); 'Inaugural address to the delegates of the Pan_Orthodox Conference in Belgrade for the dialogue with the Anglican Church' by Athenagoras (ff. 47-58); 'memo on meeting of the pan Christian Relations Committee in the Phanar' regarding the date for future meetings (ff. 59-60); letter from Prof. Anagnostopoulos to John Satterthwaite (ff. 61-2); letter to Rev. Peter Mason (f. 63); letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Athenagoras (f. 64); in French letter from Cyrille Patriarche of Bulgaria (ff. 65-7); in French 'Les recommandations du synode permanent de l'eglise orthodoxe Roumaine concernant les taches et la procedure de travail de la commission interorthodoxe de Belgrad, en vue du dialogue theologique avec l'eglise Anglicane' (ff. 68-76); 'The decision, concerning dialogue with the Anglican communion, of the inter-orthodox theological commission which met in Belgrade from 1-15th September 1966' regarding the agenda for discussions (ff. 77-82); 'report of the inter-orthodox theological commission convened in Belgrade 1st-15th September 1966 for the dialogue with the Anglicans' (ff. 83-9) and English translation of a report by Archbishop Basil of Brussels on the meeting of the Inter-Orthodox Commission for dialogue with the Anglicans (ff. 90-103).

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