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Alt Ref NoCFR OC 6
Extent37 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: 2nd Pan-Orthodox Conference, Rhodes, 1963
Date12 July 1963-25 November 1963
DescriptionPapers and reports concerning a possible Pro-Synod and dialogue between the Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches.

Includes: English translation from 'Ethnos', 12 July 1963, 'A PanOrthodox Synod after 13 Centuries' regarding the propsed Pro-Synod (f. 1); English translation from 'Eldinios Voras Thessalonikis' 19 July 1963, 'The Ecumenical Patriarch and the Possibility of the Convocation of a PanOrthodox Pro-Synod' (ff. 3-5); note from John Satterthwaite, 16 Sep 1963, regarding various matters concerned with the Orthodox church (f. 6); English translation from 'Pantainos' no. 9, 1 Sep 1963, 'The Rhodes Conference' by Parthenios of Carthage, regarding the opposition of the Church of Greece to the propsed conference (ff. 7-8); in Greek 'EIEHTHEIE', 1963 (ff. 9-11); in Greek 'MHNYMA' (ff. 12-15); English translation from 'Ethnikos Kyrix', 18 Sep 1963, 'A Delegation of the Holy Synod will leave Tomorrow for Constantinople' regarding relations between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic church (ff. 16-17); English translation of 'Kathimbriri', 25 Sep 1963, 'The Rhodes Conference' regarding the Church of Greece's non-attendance at the confernce and vatican relations (f. 18); English translation of 'Akropolis', 29 Sep 1963, 'According to yesterday's announcements from Rhodes the Pan-Orthodox Conference Decided to open a dialogue on equal terms with the Vatican', (ff. 19-21); English translation of 'Messinvrini', 9 Oct 1963, 'The Message of the Reconciliation of the Christendom' regarding dialogue with the Roman Catholic church (ff. 22-23); English translation of 'Kathimerini', 10 Oct 1963, 'The Patriarch Athenagoras Visualises a Common Christian Front' regarding the opening of dialogue with the Catholic Church, (ff. 24-5); English translation of 'Ethnikos Kyrix' 16 Oct 1963, 'The Hierarchy Accepts on Certain Conditions of the Rhodes Conference' regarding dialogue with the Catholic Church (ff. 26-7); English translation of 'Messimvrini' 18 Oct 1963, 'The Pope has sent a letter to the Patriarch' regarding the opening of dialogue with the Catholic Church (f. 28); 'Some notes on the relations of the Orthodox Churches with the Roman Catholic Church', regarding the opening of dialogue with the Catholic Church (29-30); English translation of 'Pantainos' no. 10-11, Oct-Nov 1963, 'The Orthodox Church and the Summoning of a Pro-Synod', by Archimandrite Nicodemus Yaliatsatos, regarding the agenda and arrangements for a Pro-Synod, (ff. 31-3), 'Memorandum on Orthodox Conference in Rhodes September 1963', 1 Nov 1963, by John Satterthwaite, regarding sending observers to the second vatican council and dialogue with the Vatican (f. 34); English translation of 'Messimvrini', 30 Nov 1963, 'Towards a Dialogue Between Greek Orthodox and Anglicans' regarding the validity of Anglican Orders (f. 35) and English translation of 'Ahinaiki', 25 Nov 1963, 'The Conference in the United States Helped Forward the Relations Between Orthodoxy and Anglicans', regarding future Orthodox and Anglican conferences for dialogue (f. 36).

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