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Alt Ref NoCFR OC 5/1
Extent97 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: Pan-Orthodox Conference, Rhodes, 1961 - Preliminary Papers And Correpondence
DateJune 1951-September 1961
DescriptionPapers and correspondence leading up to the conference which aimed to continue the work of the propsed Mount Athos pro-synod of 1932.

Includes: correspondence between Rev H. M. Waddams and Rev. Floyd W. Tomkins, Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA (ff. 1-3); extract translated into English from 'Orthodoxia' March 1951 of letter sent by the Oecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople to Christophoros/Christopher, Patriarch of Alexandria suggesting the holding of a conference (ff. 4-6); letter from Margaret Dampier regarding articles concerning the Oecumenical Patriarch summoning a synod (f. 7); summary in English from the official organ of the Phanar 'Orthodoxia' May 1951 concerning the visit of a delegation from the Oecumenical Patricarchata to the Patriarchs of Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria (ff. 8-10); extract translated into English from 'Apostolos Barnabus' May 1951 concerning the pan-orthodox synod proposed for 1952 (f. 11); extract translated into English from 'Orthodoxia' July-September 1952 regarding the postponment of the pro-synod (f. 12), draft report 'Patriarchates of the Near East from a correspondent May 1954 outlining differences between the Oecumenical Patriarch and both the Patriarch of Moscow and Alexandria for various reasons (ff. 13-15); translation in English of 'Subjects to be Discussed at a Pan-Orthodox Pro-Synod together with encyclical letter 889 10th December 1956 from Dorotheos of Athens to the Bishops of the Church of Greece (ff. 16-18); extract from a letter to Canon Waddams to Prof. Basil Anagnostopoulos 18th March 1957 regarding relations between the Orthodox church and the World Council of Churches (ff. 19-20); correspondence involving Harold Embleton regarding translations (ff. 21-2); note regarding the suggested move of the Oecumenical Patriarch to Mount Athos (f. 23); English translation of 'Orthodoxos Skepsis' no. 11, 15 June 1958 by H. S. Alivisatos outlining his opinion on the agenda for the pro-synod (ff. 24-28); English translation of 'Orthodoxos Skepsis' No. 14-15 15th August 1958 by Ger. I. Konidaris offering his opinion on the agenda for the pro-synod (ff. 29-31); 'Meeting of the Pan Christian Relations Committee' at Halki, 21 March 1959 by the Rev. J. R. Satterthwaite outlining the present situation of relations and plans for a conference (ff. 32-35); correspondence regarding a pan-orthodox conference at Rhodes in 1960 (ff. 36-38); 'Visit to the Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem 23rd May 1960' [a second sheet appears to be misssing] (f. 39); English translation of 'Pantainos' no. 15-16 1st September 1960, 'The Panorthodox Conference at Rhodes' by G. Ph. Triantaphyllakis outlining the historic position of the Orthodox churches and the background to the postponement of the conference (ff. 40-42); in French 'Ethnos', 3 June 1951 (ff. 43-4); in French 'Kathimerini', 27 May 1961 (f. 45); English translation of article in 'Ethnos' 23 May 1961 'The Council of Rhodes will Prepare for the Prosynod' (f. 46); in French 'Enoria', 15 April 1961 (f. 47); 'Notes of a conversation with Prof. Basil Ionnides on 4th April 1961 on recent press articles' by M.C. King regarding representation at the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in New Delhi November 1961 (f. 48); various articles in Freench regarding the panorthodox conference (ff. 49-54); 'Restricted letter of 13th June 1961 from Athens Embassy to the Foreign Office on Possible Orthodox Representation at the Vatican Council' as well as New Delhi assembly (f. 55); letter from E. Barnes (f. 56); letter from Paul Anderson to John [Satterthwaite] regarding the situation of orthodoxy in Paris (ff. 57-8); 'The Pan-Orthodox Conference of Rhodes', time of convening, the agenda and representation from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, 19 June 1961, (ff. 59-67); memorandum of discussions with the archbishop 12 July 1961 regarding ecumenical relations (f. 68); in Greek (ff. 69-76); letter from David Tustin (f. 77); letter from British legation to the Holy See to Chancery (f. 78); letter to J. Willebrands (f. 79); correspondence between John Satterthwaite and John Findlow, British Embassy, Athens regarding the panorthodox conference (ff. 80-81); in French 'Vima' 1 August 1961, 'An interview with the Oecumenical Patriarch' regarding the panorthodox Rhodes conference (ff. 82-84); Memo of conversation with Bishop James, 4 August 1961 (f. 85); letter to John Satterthwaite from Maximos, the Metropolitan of Sardis and note from John Satterthwaite to the archbishop regarding the Archbishop of Canterbury's visit to the Oecumenical Patriarch (ff. 86-7); letters regarding Anglican representation at the Rhodes conference (the Most Rev. Campbell MacInnes, Archbishop of Jerusalem and Rev. John Frindlow, Chaplain of St. Paul's Athens) (ff. 88 and 90-95); note regarding conversations with Basil Anagostopoulos concerning Orthodox Church matters (f. 89) and letter to the conference from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 19 September 1961 (ff. 96-7).

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