RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 4
Extent16 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: Moscow Conference of Heads Of Autocephalous Orthodox Churches
DateSep 1948-Jun 1950
DescriptionPapers concerning Conference of the Heads of the Autochephalous Orthodox Churches held in Moscow, 8-18th July 1948, to discuss ecumenical relations particularly the validity of Anglican orders.

Including: 'The Orthodox Church Conference at Moscow, July 1948 - Resolution on the Oecumenical question', Sep 1948, outlining the grounds for refusing an invitation to the World Council of Churches assembly in Amsterdam (f. 1); review of a pamplet entitled 'The Oecumenical Movement and the Russian Orthodox Church, by Archpriest G. Razoumovsky, October 1948' (ff. 2-3); review of a pamplet entitled 'The Church Calendar', by A. Georgeiewskii, Moscow 1948, outlining a dispute within Orthodoxy regarding the move to the use of the Gregorian calendar (ff. 4-5); in French 'Le Calendrier de L'Eglise - A. Georgiewskii - Moscow 1948 (f. 6); review of a pamplet entitled 'Pour la resolution de la question au sujet de la hierarchie de l'eglise Anglican, by V.S. Vertograd', November 1948, which discusses the theological position taken on the Anglican church compared to the final conference resolution (ff. 7-8); English translation of 'The Moscow Resolution on Anglican Orders 1948' contains an outline of the theological position of the Orthodox church behind the resolution (ff. 9-12); English translation of 'Resolution of the Commission on the Validity of Anglican Orders, Adopted at the Moscow Conference July 8th-16th 1948' (ff. 13-14) and 'Summary of Archdeacon Parthenius' comments on the correspondence between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Patriarch of Russia on Anglican Orders', 21 June 1950 taken from Pantainos 11 December 1949 (ff. 15-16).
RelatedMaterialMajor Portions of the Proceedings of the Conference of the Heads of the Autochephalous Orthodox Churches, held in Moscow, July 1948, YMCA Press Ltd.., Paris France.

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