RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 2/1
Extent116 ff.
TitleAnglican Relations: Balkan Visits
Date28 March 1935-20 March 1939
DescriptionCorrespondence concerning arrangements for and reports on deputations from the Church of England to various Orthodox churches in the Balkans to discuss theological issues to facilitate the Orthodox acceptance of the validity of Anglican orders.

To Yugoslavia/Serbia (Belgrade) and Romania (Bucharest), May-June 1935, that included the Bishop of Lincoln, Canon John Douglas, Canon Sharp and Rev. Philip Usher (ff. 1-36); including 'A Summary of Conversations Between Anglican and Serbian Orthodox Representatives at Sremsky Karlovci on May 25th 1935', (ff. 17-20); letter to Bishop Nicolai of Ochrid (ff. 21-23); letter to Confrere (ff. 24-5); letter to Monsieur le Redacteur Glasnik (f. 26);letter to Prof. Archimandrite Jusin Popovic (ff. 27-8); letter to Irenay, Bishop of Novi Sad (ff. 29-30); letter to Irenay, Bishop of Dalmatia (ff. 31-2); letter to Nicholai, Bishop of Ochrida (ff. 33-4); letter to P.H. Sittars, Belgrad (ff. 35-6); letter from Harold Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 37); letter from Archimandrite Justin (f. 38); letter to Archimandrite Justin (f. 39);

To Serbia and Greece, May 1936, including 'Some Notes on Political and Ecclesiastical Affairs in Yugoslavia and Greece' by [Philip Usher?] (ff. 40-59).

Proposed to Greece (|Athens), Poland (Warsaw) and Bulgaria (Sofia), 1939, (ff. 60-116). Much of the correspondence relates to the possible composition of the deputation and is between the Bishop of Gloucester and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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