RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 38/1
Extent142 ff.
TitleFrance: Taize - general correspondence
Date6 Aug 1946-23 Mar 1962
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers relating to the Protestant Community of Taize near Cluny.

Includes a letter from Rev H.R.T. Brandreth reporting on a visit to the community, 6 Aug 1946; an article by Rev Herbert Waddams and Rev John Satterthwaite on the visit by two members of the community to St James' Church, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, 12 Feb 1956; notes from a Council for Foreign Relations correspondent on four religious orders in Protestant Churches - the Selbitz Brotherhood, the Community of Taize, the Maria Sisterhood and the Community of Grandchamp, 17 May 1956; letter from Rev Max Thurian, 14 Dec 1957; Satterthwaite memorandum concerning a discussion with Brother Gerard Huni about 'Iona Week', 29 Jul 1958; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Huni concerning the publication of the Taize Rule in English and the Anglican/French Reformed Churches Theological Conference at Bievres, 26 Aug-30 Sep 1958; correspondence between Rev John C. Dickinson and Waddams proposing a visit by Taize members to Cambridge and the CIMADE conference, 19 Dec 1958-1 Jan 1959; file note on Satterthwaite's meeting with Brother Laurent after his first visit to England, 21 Apr 1959; report on the statement by Roger Schutz, Prior of the Community, on the future Oecumenical Council, 3 Jul 1959; correspondence with Rev Father Barnabas, Society of Saint Francis on his visit to the Taize Community, 18-21 Aug 1959; correspondence between Laurent and Satterthwaite concerning developments in the Taize community, including a three month visit to the USA, 8 Aug-13 Oct 1959; extract of a report on the Tazie Community's new ventures, 20 Nov 1959; letter and report from Schutz on an oecumenical discussion held by the Taize Community in anticipation of the forthcoming Vatican Council, 29 Jan 1960; a letter from Leslie Hunter - Bishop of Sheffield and a fundraising request concerning the establishment of a conference centre apart from the main Community for Cormatin-Encounters, 16 Feb 1960; list of places in the UK to which books published by the community had been sent, 13 Jul 1960; letter to Satterthwaite from Father Jean Paul, including a history of the community, 23 Jul-7 Nov 1960; letter from Satterthwaite to Schultz concerning press attention given to meetings with Roman Catholics at Taize, and related correspondence between Hunter and Satterthwaite 14 Nov-6 Dec 1960; memorandum of a discussion between Satterthwaite and Pastor Herdt of the French Reformed Church about how the Taize Community were viewed by the Church of England, 6 Feb 1961; letter from Schutz in response to a declined invitation to their September conference, 17 May 1961; correspondence regarding Thurian's attendance at the Westminster Abbey Service on St Peter's Day, 26 Jun-17 Jul 1961; signed greeting to the Archbishop of Canterbury from bishops and priests attending a conference at Taize, 13 Sep 1961.

Also contains correspondence concerning the Taize Community sending two 'Brothers on mission' to live in Sheffield and the future relationship between the Church of England and the community, including a meeting between Satterthwaite and Rev Father Dalby of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist; a meeting between Ramsey and Thurian in New Delhi; a group visit by Superiors of Anglican Communities to the Taize Community in Feb 1962 with associated reports; discussion of the role of the Bishop of Sheffield in relation to Anglicans at Taize. Correspondents include Dalby, Schutz, Michael Ramsey-Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Michael Halliwell, Rev J. Howard Cruse - Provost of Sheffield, Brandreth, Hunter, Roderic N. Coote - Bishop of Fulham, the Abbot of Nashdom, Paul Hume-Director of the Society of the Sacred Mission, Newark, Rev Stephen F. Bayne from the Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy: the consultative body of the Lambeth Conference, 26 Sep 1961-23 Mar 1962.

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