RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 25
Extent152 ff.
TitleFinland: General situation
Date8 Feb 1934-20 Aug 1979
DescriptionCorrespondence and reports concerning the situation of the church in Finland.

Includes a Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) resolution passed expressing their sympathy upon hearing of Dr Jaakko Gummerus, Bishop of Tampere's death, 8 Feb 1934; correspondence with and a report from Rev C.H. Jones, the CFR official correspondent on parish life in Finland, 18 Mar-5 Apr 1935; letter from Arthur Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester, 7 May 1935; reports, including an annotated draft, about the Church in Finland, 1938-1939 and 1939-40 by Bishop Aleksi Lehtonen; an appeal in relation to the military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland from Erkki Kaila the Archbishop of Turku to the Christain Churches of the World, and subsequent correspondence from Rev John A. Douglas, 10 Dec 1939-9 Jan 1940; Douglas' correspondence concerning the intercession service for Christian Finland led by Cosmo Gordon Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury in St Paul's Cathedral on 1 Feb 1940, including the text of the message for broadcast and press, details of foreign clergy to be invited, Lang's address, letters of congratulations from Headlam, Dr Aleksi Lehtonen, the Bishop of Tampere and Kaila, and a report by Lehtonen 20 Jan-19 Feb 1940; letter and report on 'The religious aspect of the Finnish war' by Professor E.G. Gulin, 5 Mar 1940; letter from Lehtonen referring to a letter to be sent for use in British newspapers, 25 Mar 1940; translation of a sermon preached in a Finnish church on Good Friday, 5 Apr 1940; article on 'The Swedish-speaking Church in Finland' by Professor G.O. Rosenqvist, 27 May 1942; notes by Lehtonen, 13 Apr 1943; translations of articles from the Swedish Church Year Book, 6 Feb 1945; copy of an article about Finland in 1946 sent by Dr Pimenoff; correspondence with Rev C.H. Jones, Chaplain of the English Church in Stockholm, 17 Mar 1947-10 Feb 1948; summary of the situation of the Church in Finland by Lehtonen, 14 Feb 1948; letters to Rev Herbert Waddams from Rev Sydney Linton, including a translation of an account of the October meeting of the Finnish Church Assembly a translated article about social work in the Church of Finland, 4 Sep 1948-7 Feb 1949; newsletters from Finland, Feb-Oct 1949; letters from John Boys, Bishop of Lebombo concerning complaints against the Finnish Church Mission in the Diocese of Damaraland, 3 Nov-15 Dec 1949; report on the Church of Finland's new Catechism, 10 Jun 1950; summary of various personalities in the Church of Finland by Linton, 13 Mar 1951; news report from Linton, including references to the enthronement of Ilmari Salomies as the new Archbishop of Finland, Jul-Oct 1951; memorandum and guestlist for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Finnish Missions to Seamen, 1 Dec 1952; letter to Rev W.H. Macartney from Heimer Virkkunen sending thanks for the reception of a group of Finnish Youth leaders in London, 2 Sep 1953; article about the Church of Finland and divorce, 18 May 1953; letters and reports from Linton, including a discussion of the foundation of a new Finnish-speaking diocese in the distruct of Vasa, the debate concerning divorce, a report on the election of Parish clergy forwarded by Linton, the Finnish Church Assembly, the admission of women to the priesthood, and Finnish Lutherans in Canada, 28 Oct 1953-7 Jun 1957; extracts from letters from P.J. Chandler in Cyprus reporting on relationships with Swedish, Danish and Finnish Lutherans, 3 Aug-27 Nov 1964; letter from Rev David Tustin to Toy clarifying the level of communion between the Church of England and the Church of Finland, 7 Aug 1964; extract of a letter from Rev E. Staples concerning conversations with the Church of Finland, 4 Feb 1968; Rev Michael Moore's correspondence with Rev E.R. Hardy at the University of Cambridge Divinity School concerning communion with the Church of Finland and the Pullach Report, 31 Jul-2 Sep 1972; Moore's correspondence with the Bishop of London and Bill Down - General Secretary of the Mission to Seamen concerning an applicant for a period of service with the mission from a Chaplain of the Finnish Seamen's Mission in London, 12-19 Jul 1976; correspondence concerning possible exchange of vicarages scheme with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, 10 Dec 1976-1 Feb 1977; correspondence about the International Evangelical Church in Finland, Taivallahti with Rev Eric Staples and Moore, 10-15 Feb 1979; notes by Christopher Hill on the relations between the Church of England, the Church of Sweden and the Church of Finland by Christopher Hill, 20 Aug 1979.

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